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BG Newsletter #13

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BG Member Of The Week: Lyall

Q. How long have you been a part of BG?
A. I have officially been a member since January of 2011, but I've been lurking here since before the Great Salvage Ban of '09.

Q. What is your favorite video game and why is it your favorite?
A. I'm definitely a "never forget your first" kind of person, so my favorite game is the original Legend of Zelda on the NES. I've done basically everything there is to do in it barring a three-heart no-sword challenge. I was so stoked it was an Ambassador Title for the 3DS because it meant I'd be able to once again play it anywhere.

Q. Let's face it, while BG is a lot of things, it is pretty well known for Final Fantasy. Do you have a favorite Final Fantasy character?
A. Steiner is the best character ever created.

Q. What's something you find interesting about yourself?
A. I was lucky enough to have cut my teeth in a raid environment that was very "Leave it on the field." Being able to curse your friends out for being brain-damaged without them taking it to heart is a wonderful thing and I try to foster that thick-skinned mentality in as many places as I can. People usually just get offended, though, for obvious reasons.

Q. What is something that has you excited for next year?
A. Because I am a consumer sheep, I'm way too excited for the New3DS (and it really should have been called the Super Nintendo 3DS) and Majora's Mask. I'm also pretty excited for Heavensward.

Weekly Trivia Question 1: Train engines that ran on steam lasted up to 40 years. Roughly what is the average of the diesel locomotives?
Weekly Trivia Question 2: We all know Cid Highwind... but can you name the other Cids? (Excluding just "Cid")

Scroll to the bottom of the newsletter for the trivia answer.

Major Game Releases Arriving Next Week:

Star Wars: The Old Republic - Shadow of Revan
Release Date: 12/09/2014

Mina: If you told my 10-year old self that a Star Wars MMO would be one of the least enjoyable MMOs I would play in the future, I would have slapped you upside the head. Now it's hard to think of a way to make this game appealing to me at all. I'm glad that there are some people who enjoy it, but it will probably never be for me.
Sonomaa: The most powerful franchise in movie history and they cant even properly make an MMO for it. Yeah sure TOR is semi popular in its F2P state now but it should be rivaling WoW and crushing fools. In reality its a silly game that even people who play it regularly seem to feel the need to defend how blah it is past a decent single player story. Good luck TOR, may the force be with you.
(BGer of the Week) Lyall: I played TOR for a bit when it was first released and didn't really appreciate how much they altered the semi-firm canon from KOTOR 1+2. Now that Disney's destroyed extra continuity though, maybe I should poke this and see what's going on with the game. Thanks, Disney!

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris
Release Date: 12/09/2014
PS4 Xbox One PC

Mina: Hmmm... looks okay? I'm hesitant to put my money towards this until I get better feedback. Any game that relies heavily on the coop being good makes me nervous.
Sonomaa: The first Lara Croft actionish game was pretty fun, I Co-Oped it with a friend and had a blast, more of that seems like a great idea, sign me up on a steam sale.
(BGer of the Week) Lyall: After Gauntlet left me a bit disappointed this year, it's nice to see another game taking up the genre. It's always nice to see Lara back in the blue top, too. 4-player co-op has a mysterious power over me so I'll probably be picking this up for me and three friends at some point.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy
Release Date: 12/09/2014

Mina: I remember picking up Phoenix Wright on day 1 just because the premise of it sounded interesting to me. Been buying up every game related to the series since then including repurchasing them on my iOS. However, I'll pass on the trilogy collection. I already own these games multiple times over. My opinion on them as games don't change though. If you've never played them before... wait... what is Sono saying?
Sonomaa: Ive never played a Phoenix Wright game, Im sure Im going to regret admitting that very very soon. Im sorry please dont hit me, I hear the games are fantastic though OH GOD NOT THE FACE.
(BGer of the Week) Lyall: Remember that point about being a consumer sheep? I'm looking forward to owning these games again (and again, and again...)

Random Comic:
Penny Arcade. As if I would have to tell you that. To be honest I wondered if I should never bring it up at all or just get it out of the way quickly. Who, if you pay attention to web comics at all, hasn't heard of Penny Arcade? Some can say their product is predictable and maybe you don't like some of the writing but I don't think we can deny the fact that the art is very good and even if it seems like their product has been made as marketable as it possibly can be, it's better than a lot of what's out there. Regardless of opinions, they are a noteworthy webcomic about video games. Now I'll stop worrying about when I should bring them up.

Threads of Interest:

In case you didn't watch it or in case you want to see how BG reacted to the Game Awards show, look no further!
Game Awards show Dec 5th: http://www.bluegartr.com/threads/124...5th-at-6pm-PST

The Playstation Experience happened and we're pretty damn excited about some stuff... and less about other stuff. Looking at you FF7.
Playstation Experience 2014: http://www.bluegartr.com/threads/124...-(December-6-7)

Was a really kind thing that BGers dug out some money from their piggy banks to help a small boy out. Pats on the backs to everyone who donated and cheers for the little man's recovery!
Help a Child Eat Bacon!: http://www.bluegartr.com/threads/123...ild-Eat-Bacon/

Video of the Week:

Thanks to Takiwaki for posting this up on our forums:
We need more footage of no man's sky. More please.

Weekly Trivia Answer:
Spoiler: show
1. Diesel locomotives had an average lifespan of 15 years.
2. Cid Pollendina (FF4) Cid Previa (FF5) Cid Del Norte Marquez (FF6) Cid Kramer (FF8) Cid Fabool IX (FF9) Cidolfus Demen Bunansa (FF12) Cid Raines (FF13) Cid nan Garlond (FFXIV) Cidolfus Orlandeau (FFT) Cid Randell (FFTA)


  1. 6souls -
    6souls's Avatar
    I like TOR, but it is really easy to get bored quickly. You have to be pretty hardcore into it to not lose interest within 2-3 months. I would says it's a good game to drop $30 on a two month sub maybe once or twice a year to get caught up with their canon storyline.
  2. Zetanio -
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    Once again I haven't been interviewed.
  3. Tyrath -
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zetanio
    Once again I haven't been interviewed.
    Get in line, bro.