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An Open Letter to the Final Fantasy XIV Community on the start of the launch of Heavensward

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This is an open letter to the community of Final Fantasy XIV, the game that a large portion of us know and love.

Hey everybody, its Sonomaa, you know me, Im the admin of the BG forums, Im on twitter, I make funny posts and stuff and Im here to talk to you about the new expansion and something thats going to happen.
Id like you to listen really closely on this, Im going to try to be as nice as possible and use my kindest words.

When Heavensward launches were going to have a lot of new people and a lot of returning people. A lot of people who quit after turn 5, some that quit the moment they beat turn 13. More than a few who are starting fresh with their new Au Ra instead of fantasiaing, and plenty who had a mac and decided to take the plunge.

With that comes new players, new friends to be made, and new things to do in dungeons and trials and raids.
It means that there will be new learning curves, new things to dodge, new weapons to get, new armor to equip.

Im getting a little long winded here so Ill try to get to the point.

Dont be that person.

You know who I mean, the person that gets in the dungeon, looks at the newer players fresh gear gear or the returning players Darklight and calls them a scrub.
Dont be that person. Be the one who can look at the situation and react accordingly, the one who teaches, the one who helps.
Every player in this community matters, every single one. No one is more important than any other person, we are all equal and we are all awesome.
So dont be the person who looks at someone who isnt as far along as they are and talks down to them.
Be the person who helps lift them up.

Its a new world to explore, do it with a smile and let it shine bright into the Heavens.


  1. Celestialstrife -
    Celestialstrife's Avatar
    Well said!
  2. Aerides -
    Aerides's Avatar
    Well said Sono. It's pretty simple to me:

    New players = SE continues to invest in the game, Eorzea forever

    No New players = Earlier death of Eorzea than any of us want

    Act accordingly
  3. Shuichi -
    Shuichi's Avatar
    Well said Sono! Well said!
  4. Cairthenn -
    Cairthenn's Avatar
    If you can't not be that person, follow in my footsteps and just leave the dungeon and spare everyone the trouble.
  5. Sonomaa -
    Sonomaa's Avatar
    And if you really dont want to do dungeons with new people then find a group of people and do it exclusively with them :3
  6. avelle -
    avelle's Avatar
    If there was a like button I would press it, repeatedly.
  7. Zetanio -
    Zetanio's Avatar
    OMG scrubs gtfo.