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A Good Cause with Tekki and the Chicago Marathon!

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Im posting this on behalf of Tekki and his great cause! If you have a good cause or an awesome project you are working on that youd like to get out there, just send me a PM and we can help you get the exposure you deserve!

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Hey guys!

Last year I had the opportunity to run the Chicago Marathon. I went from couch to marathon last year, inspired by my wife's family of runners.

This year I am doing the same, and more! I will be running the Chicago marathon again, and the Lake Side Ultra (30 mile+) shortly after.

I decided this year that I will be running for a good cause, by raising money for St. Jude research hospital. These guys are great. They help kids and their family fight cancer and other life threatening diseases.

So help me out!

Whats in it for you?! Sonomaa and I have some give aways for XIV and non XIV fans alike. Throughout the month, every $10 donated will get you a ticket into the July drawing.

1st prize: XIV Heavensward Standee or $50 Steam/Amazon
2nd prize: Whatever is left from above!
3rd: 60 Day Time card for XIV!
(If you play something else, I can arrange to get you something equivalent for your own game)

Pics of the standee:

Better idea of how to use the standee. I've done this in the past with old ones, and it works well with this. Dont construct it, just take the main elements and mount them on your wall!


How to enter:

Simply use this link


Donate, and please either add a note related to this give away or PM me or Sono! Again, every $10 will get you a ticket.

Last thing. Traction is king when it comes to helping me donate, so if you could share my link as well, that goes a long way!

I am $520/$1500 goal, so less then a grand to go until October! I hope to be at least half way by July!