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Music Friday: Wildstar Main Theme

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Hello! Let’s all tread together the treacherous path of the final day of the work week joined by some great music!

So, this week I downloaded the Wildstar client and planned to save it for a moment when I wasn't raiding in XIV or during the wonderful couple of hours in which my ISP is controlled by monkeys thus making it impossible to play on PSN. And so, last night I booted the client, created my NCSoft account (or rather recovered the password for the account I don't ever remember creating) and launched the game.

Well, then. I understand Wildstar's recent jump to a Free To Play (F2P) model has given them a considerable boost in population... or at least I assume that based on the myriad of reports on Twitter about servers exploding. On the bright side, while I waiting on the login screen I got the opportunity to listen to the "Main Theme" of the game, which I liked! It's grand, insane and... campy (is that a fitting word?). Horns, guitars, it's a cool mix! It fits well with the cartoonish and adventurous spirit of the game.

The theme does make me want to dip my feet in the planet Nexus. Just hoping the connection issu... hey, it seems to have logged in! Awesome, now let's...

Oh, dear...

Game on!

- Sagacyte