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Zetanio Loves League: World Championships 2015

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Yes folks!


It's Worlds' season again for League of Legends.


This blog now assumes you've read the beginner's guides I linked in my previous blog post here.

If you haven't, go ahead and read that first.

Done? Good



Because I'm a lazy person I missed putting this up before the first week of Worlds was completed.

1. Groups and Current Standings
2. Meta Shifts
3. End of Season 5 - Rewards

1. Groups and Current Standings:

Group A

Counter Logic Gaming 2-1
KOO Tigers 2-1
yoe Flash Wolves 1-2
paiN Gaming 1-2

Group B

Cloud9 3-0
Fnatic 1-2
ahq e-Sports Club 1-2
Invictus Gaming 1-2

Group C
SK Telecom T1 3-0
Edward Gaming 2-1
H2k-Gaming 1-2
Bangkok Titans 0-3

Group D
Origen 3-0
kt Rolster 2-1
Team SoloMid 1-2
LGD Gaming 0-3

Surprises: Origin and Cloud 9 are currently undefeated in their groups. C9 is coming off of a monster run at the end of the regular NA LCS season but even so they were the 3rd seed from North America and not expected to be this dominant. Origin was second seed in the EU LCS but showed a glimmer of this commanding gameplay in their 2-3 defeat to Fnatic for the EU LCS finals. The reason these are such huge surprises is because of a few other dramatic situation. LGD, the number one seed in China and touted as a world class squad is 0-3, having lost to a demoralized TSM squad and a middling kT squad. In one of the more spectacular drops in play seen in League so far they've just fallen apart as a team. C9's group would also seem to have come apart after appearing to hold very little chance for them to succeed. Fnatic, a team that was undefeated in the EU LCS Summer Split (A feat never done in the EU or NA LCS), is 1-2. A team that looked unstoppable has come up short and shown much less of the cohesive overpowering play style we have come to expect.

Not Surprises: SKT T1 is 3-0. The best team in the World hasn't really been challenged yet. Also, both International Wildcard teams are playing at a lower level than the rest of the competition. While paiN gaming did throw an upset out there, they have yet to buck the trend of IWC teams winning one game or less at Worlds.

2. Meta Shifts:

Darius - He's better, stronger and scarier than he was before and while he's been misused a bit at Worlds by several teams, a few have found a great spot for him as an early pick counter to Yasuo/Fiora tops that have become very popular in the current meta.

Morde - We've seen him once since the rework and he won TSM's only game. He'll be banned forever because of his abusive dragon control and pushing abilities.

Immobile Mids Return - Veigar and Anivia have cropped up in mid again. I love seeing the little BLM monster snare 4 people with his E (which now has a more reasonable activiation time). They are niche picks in the current meta monopolized by Viktor, Ahri, Azir and Orianna but they will likely become more prevalent as Worlds develops.

Elise - Spiderlady is awesome again. Missed ya Spiderlady.

3. Season 5 Ends:

It looks like Season 5 will draw to a close on Tuesday of next week. If you want rewards, check out THIS GUIDE to make sure you get all your shinies.

I'm gonna miss my Victorious skin again this year because I'm a terrible terrible player and my team feeds.

I'll try to get a pre-Knockout stage blog in during next week.

If you have any questions, concerns or opinions. Go fuck yourself. I don't care.

Kindest Regards,


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