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GamingGeekly: The Week Ahead (October 11 - 17)

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  1. Draylo -
    Draylo's Avatar
    Really debating on getting Legend of Legacy, kinda interests me since it looks like Bravely default but idk.
  2. Charismatic -
    Charismatic's Avatar
    Word to the wise: That Arland Trilogy does [I]not[/I] include the Plus versions (the re-releases on VITA)
    Atelier Rorona Plus is also on PS3 but the others are not.

    What does this mean?

    Not much for Totori and Meruru since the plus versions were basically GOTY editions basically (all DLC included etc) but there were a couple of tiny new things added, nothing to be concerned abou.
    But for Rorona? Huge difference.
    The original Rorona not only looks like a different game but also plays like one and is [I]far more strict[/I] than the Plus version.

    Basically, just know that buying that collection means you get old and busted Rorona and not the new hotness.
  3. Omniyoji -
    Omniyoji's Avatar
    Tower Records movie looks interesting. I was fortunate enough to live close to one growing up. Was sad when they left. The building is still here but its some whack shoe store :/