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Music Friday: Cleigne Battle

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Please don't tell me you were expecting something other than a Final Fantasy XV theme? You should know me by now!

Of note: the video contains a battle happening in the region of Cleigne. It's a few random mobs and some imperial soldiers. At this point I still avoid big spoilers but this shouldn't be too much of a deal. As usual, avoid the post-video recommendations.

The beginning hours of Final Fantasy XV (or maybe dozens or hundreds, if you like doing side quests) are spent in three regions of the game's main continent, the third of which is Cleigne - house of a few mountains, a couple of imperial bases, a swamp and a lighthouse. Each of these regions has its own battle theme. Two weeks ago I featured the battle theme from the first area (and still my top battle theme from XV), so now I share another.

Yeah, I still have a thing for battle themes. Also, for some reason, this theme sort of reminds me of a Pokémon battle theme...

Much more people are sharing their experiences with Final Fantasy XV - what they loved and what they did not. You have probably seen mentions of "Chapter 13" and stuff about storytelling and whatnot. I still refrain from getting into spoiler territory, but soon I'll write my pieces about it all.

A new year is coming. Changes are, too...

Game on,