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Music Friday: Winter Voyage

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Merry Christmas! Yeah, a couple of days ahead... consider it a Christmas gift! I know, I know... at least it's not a pair of socks, eh?

Destiny is sporting a neat music theme for the holidays this year. Remember this is the first year that Destiny has actually celebrated "Christmas" with the new The Dawning event. In-game there's a small and cute quest about giving gifts to some of the more prominent personalities in the Tower, and every day there will be gifts waiting for Guardians - don't get too excited, though (they're just a few planetary materials).

Perhaps more exciting is the return of the Sparrow Racing League, with two new tracks and a bunch of new cool Sparrows to race with. I love the SRL, and wish it were a more permanent thing - why not make it a monthly (or bimonthly) thing like Iron Banner?

Oh and we now have scoring for Strikes (dungeons). All actions (shooting, killing, grenades, streaks) are worth points, and these in turn accumulate for high scores and bounties that reward gear and weapons, including a chance at the year 3 version of the sexy Icebreaker sniper rifle.

In between racing Sparrows and killing aliens I make a pit stop to wish you all a very merry Christmas! May you have a wonderful time with your families and have some well deserved rest.

See you next week!
- Sagacyte