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No one expects the PS4 Inquisition

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When Dragon Age: Inquisition launched in 2014 it was a game that got a lot of hype. Lots of people on the internet and on my twitter timeline were saying how good it was. Alas, for reasons I can't remember I was spent and couldn't afford it. Shortly after the new year, the EA or Origin twitter account started asking people which games they'd missed for Christmas, and I replied with DA:I.

I thought it was just them trying to connect with players - social networking, you know? Moments later I got a DM from them, which included a code for, among other games, DA:I. I was so shocked and confused I asked my office's IT to allow me to install Origin just so I could see what the code was! And indeed, the code added some games to my Origin account (DA:I, Battlefield 4, FIFA & Titanfall).

Now, I have a problem with DA:I. Oh no, no... the game's fantastic. I love it! However, save for MMOs and certain FPSs, I'm not that much of a PC gamer, and some games I very much prefer to play them on my Playstation. I started DA:I a few times, but never really stuck with it (*spoiler* made it as far as when you change bases *spoiler*). I know I can connect my Dualshock to the PC and play like that, but... for some weird quirk I like it better being on the Playstation. I'm crazy, I know. So when last year (2 years later) I saw DA:I on sale on PSN, I bought it but it went straight to the backlog (a topic for another time, I guess).

I launched DA:I on PC a few days ago to test my new motherboard/CPU and played the initial section (until title logo appears... some 30 minutes into the game?). And then I had a thought: how will it run on PS4? I know PC can reach 60fps while PS4 didn't go over 30fps. A thing to note is cutscenes are locked at 30fps on PC, too (I'm sure there's a patch or hax somewhere to unlock it, but I'm talking defaults here). So, I launched DA:I on PS4. Weirdness follows.

Note: if you're a "PC Master Race" herpderper, you might wanna go elsewhere.

DA:I on PS4 looks almost identical to its PC counterpart, at least in my eyes. Sure, there's small pop-in with small rocks and whatnot, as well as other minimal details here and there, but nothing that has made me stop and say "fuck this". Framerate isn't bad, either. Maybe it's a monitor vs TV thing, but 30fps doesn't look bad on PS4. Maybe it's because there's no sudden 60 to 30 jumps for every cutscene? I don't know. And finally, surely due to whatever extra settings it has to handle on PC, it loads way faster on PS4. Loading screens on PC can take two to three times (!) as long. It's the weirdest thing...

So I am now playing on PS4, reached the part where I have to talk to the time-fucking mages (way before you *spoiler* change bases *spoiler*) and it's pretty much great! I am enjoying it as much as (if not more than) the PC version. Call me crazy. My Origin account still has over 120h of DA:I, though most of those are from my stepson (Oh, the joys of adolescent free time!). I am looking forward to finally going beyond my limit in this game.