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A couple of days ago I wrote a series of tweets regarding Fortnite’s Battle Royale mode, released as a free to play game for the Playstation 4 and other platforms. Basically, I find it quite entertaining. I was not in the “battle royale” bandwagon, despite having read about the success of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) which was the game that made this genre take off in the past weeks, but I had a legitimate amount of fun playing this “last man standing” experience. However I was concerned that the game didn’t have any incentive to pull you over. There’s no levels you can get. No player customization to attach you to your avatar. No rewards for playing again and again. The game was fun, sure, but it could be so much more engaging.

Today I found out that such systems are coming to Fortnite. I am very much looking forward to them! Such a silly thing, no? Giving the player a progression system with customization and rewards works wonders to keep players interested into your admittedly repetitive product. Psychology. Speaking of mind games: I found it interesting that the developers of PUBG recently spoke out about their… “not excitement” about Fortnite’s releasing a Battle Royale mode – a mode that, it felt, they thought was their exclusive thing.

Look, fellas, PUBG may be the more “complete” game. It may have more players. It may be more complex. Have a bigger map, vehicles and best weapons… but at this point Fortnite has two big advantages:

1 - It’s free to play.
2 - It’s on Playstation 4.

Right now my drugs of choice are Destiny 2 and Final Fantasy XIV, two games that demand a lot of your time – a currency that’s ever scarce in adult life. Thinking of buying another game to compete with that, knowing that I may not have enough time for it? Doesn’t sound too appealing. A F2P game with a cool premise I can just download and pop in here and there during the weekend? Yeah. No contest.

Have you given Fortnite Battle Royale a shot? Have you tried any of these Battle Royale genre games? I like it. I really do. I played duos and managed to finish 8th. I’m not sure if I’ll be able to ever “be the last one” but I’ll sure s heck sweat every inch of the map I must cover to escape the storm and my fellow men.


  1. Zetanio -
    Zetanio's Avatar
    They ripped off the entire game and made it cartoon-y.

    It's not very good.
  2. Krazy -
    Krazy's Avatar
    They're using the money I spent for early access for the PvE portion of the game to make this crap. Meanwhile, PvE isn't even half done, has terrible class balancing, awful lag (increased a ton after BR went free to play), the entire skill tree needs to be re-worked and the level progression reeks of some shitty mobile game. So, in short, fuck Epic Games and especially this terrible game mode.
  3. carlweathers -
    carlweathers's Avatar
    It's really nuts how much of a paradigm shift they've done switching their interest from the PVE game to this. They must have struck gold, because I'm seeing ads for this everywhere and stuff. I haven't actually played Fortnite, but I hope it does well. On paper, I think Fortnite should do better because I think Epic has access to better talent and tools. PUBG has sold over 18 million copies, so the headstart has them have a ridiculous lead.

    Bluehole giving their competitor so much free publicity was a complete blunder.

    The biggest loser in all this is Daybreak games. They had the time and money and they couldnt capitalize on it.
  4. Zetanio -
    Zetanio's Avatar
    Fortnite is p trash.