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MP. Ugh.

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Time to get the pitchforks, boys! Dip them in gasoline and then light them on fire! We’re going on a rally to complain about more gaming stuff! We got about 1 minute until the fire consumes the wood handle of the pitchfork and we’re left weapon-less. Who are we gonna complain to? No idea! It’s the hip thing these days.

What’s this about single player games being dead? Does it have something to do with Visceral Games being shut down because something something… something. Has anyone looked at the top games this year? Horizon, Nier:Automata, Cuphead, Persona 5. Those are just a few of the most talked about and loved games from the past months and they’re all single player.

Remember the time, around the middle of the PS360 era when suddenly every game needed a multiplayer component? Having MP was suddenly the “hip” thing to do… and it wasn’t because the games needed it. No. It was because on top of the extra game time having a multiplayer mode can provide, they’re also the door to create opportunities to sell extra stuff to the player. No, I am not saying this was when micro-transactions were born but rather this is when it feels like everyone and their mother decided this was a good idea. Games like Uncharted 2 suddenly had a multiplayer mode. Did it need it? Nah… but at least it was good. Remember Mass Effect 3’s multiplayer? Me neither. And fucking God of War: Ascension got a multiplayer mode… cheezus.

Thank God for single player games. A multiplayer game can be played for a long time, but few actually leave an impression. Games like any of the ones mentioned above (in paragraph 2) are games that do leave an impression… and they did it in one good long single player experience. Well, except for Nier:Automata. Beautiful multi-playthrough mindfuck of a game. Oh, and Undertale. I loved Undertale. Better than Ocarina of Time, some say. Bring on the pitchforks!

Now I’m back to playing FFXIV, a sub-based MMO, and Destiny 2, a game with silly lootboxes with colors and emotes that people made way too much a fuss about when what they should really be really mad (yes) at is the fact that THEY’RE SUSPENDING TRIALS FOR TWO WEEKS BECAUSE OF A FUCKING EMOTE GLITCHING PEOPLE OUTSIDE WALLS.

Man I hope a friend pays me the $20 they owe me so I can buy The Witcher 3 on PSN.


  1. Kaslo -
    Kaslo's Avatar
    Excuse me, Cuphead can be multiplayer!
  2. Sagacyte -
    Sagacyte's Avatar
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaslo
    Excuse me, Cuphead can be multiplayer!
    You're quite correct. My limited exposition to that game, via Youtube let's plays, has been exclusively people playing solo... hence my mistake
  3. PaulBackstrom -
    PaulBackstrom's Avatar
    With multiplayer: the error came out.