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Cantih's Kickstarter Coverage, vol. 4 - MANLINESS! CONQUEST! (and a bit of pants-shitting terror)

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Just video games this week, though one of them is still a board game. (YOU CAN NOT ESCAPE THEM!)

Wildman - ends February 15th - @ $281k (25%)

This is a hybrid ARPG/RTS by Gas Powered Games (creators of Dungeon Siege, Supreme Commander, Demigod. And the successor to Cavedog, creator of Total Annihilation). Think of it like Brütal Legend, but pull out the God of War half and replace it with Diablo. Lacking Double Fine's writing, but done by a company that has solid experience in both of the genres it's merging.

I'm telling you about it because there's a bit of a brouhaha, and you need to know about it. GPG has been working on Age of Empires Online for Microsoft for the past couple of years. MS recently decided to end active development of the game, leaving it static. This left GPG without it's income stream, and now they're launching a Kickstarter to get back into business. A day or two into the start of the campaign, news came out that GPG was laying off all it's staff. There's a video on the matter in the kickstarter updates, and you should go look at it, but I'll break down the three theories that are circling around the internet. First is that this is an evil corporate moneygrab, greedy execs doing business as usual. Second is that things aren't so bad for GPG, and the whole thing is a marketing stunt to tug at your heartstrings and get money out of your wallet. Third is that GPG is on the ropes, and that this is a legit last ditch effort to save the company and developers. Considering how the money hasn't stopped coming in, there seems to be plenty who believe the last is true (or that are susceptible to the second). Considering that Square-Enix and Obsidian made Dungeon Siege 3 because GPG sold the property to raise funds to pay it's employees, I'm leaning against the first theory being particularly true. I'd say wait and see a bit before giving money, but don't disregard the project out of hand.

It will cost you $20 to get a digital copy of the game, though at this time there are 2,400 discount Digital Collector tier slots left, which gets you a ton of extras, including early beta access, and three digital copies of the game. (That's pretty close to next year's BG raffle, hmmmmmmm.)

Release - March 2014

Small World 2 - ends February 15th - @ $79k (41%)

This is a digital version of the board game Small World. The goal of the campaign is mainly to update and improve the existing iPad version of Small World (all existing owners will be upgraded if the goal is met, pledge or not.) and port it to new devices. The first stretch goal at $300k adds the game to Android tablets (I'd like to see a Steam version, like Ticket to Ride). Other stretches hinted at will be whole expansions to the game. As for the gameplay itself, well I'll let a better man than me run you through it.

I'm telling you about it because unless you're Hasbro, boardgames rarely get ported to the digital realm. Which is a damned shame, as MTGO has taught us that being able to hop online and find opponents anytime anywhere is really damn handy. It also makes setup way easier, and you won't lose any fucking pieces. Also, it's just a really fun game. I should note, that if you are already familiar with Small World, and have money to blow, this campaign is also a way to get a really deluxe version of the board game (we're talking wood, metal, and minis here.)

It will cost you $15 for a digital copy of the game, but the $30 tier gets you all the expansions (and if I'm reading it right, any stretch goal expansions.) In addition, you need the $30 tier to get BOTH the digital kickstarter powers and races. Also, for owners of the boardgame, at $30 you get actual physical versions of the new kickstarter powers and races to add to your game at home. The higher tiers are a bit of a maze of have/don't have, international/US, and partial or full game upgrade. Tread carefully, or wait for a pledge guide to be made.

Release - August 2013 (November to March 2014 for anything physical.)

Homesick - ends February 18th - @ $1.8k (23%)

This is a first person exploration/puzzle game. Yes, another. Look, remember Myst, and the genre boom it caused because the type of game wasn't super involved to make? We'll we're seeing it again, with a bunch of new players using it to get them into the business.

I'm telling you about it because it looks good, and the creator seems to have the experience needed to make a visually stunning game, which is the whole point of the genre. The goal is modest, and the price of the game is fair, but the project needs several hundred more people backing it to get off the ground.

It will cost you $10 to get a copy of the game. I personally wouldn't bust for the higher tiers.

Release - July 2013
Now for updates, quite a lot of them too.

Ehdrigohr - ENDS TODAY, ONLY FIVE HOURS LEFT - @ $17k (375%) [+$7k]
Another stretch goal was broken, so yet another adventure has been added. The project is about $3k away from unlocking a full campaign scenario. There's another two adventures for every 3k beyond that, but with the time left I'd be very surprised if they were unlocked. More game lore was revealed in the updates, so you can go get a good strong look at what you're buying into. Lastly, a +$10 option was added that allows you to create a character that will become part of an NPC book about a region of the game (basically the Night's Watch on The Wall).


Radio the Universe - 2 days left - @ $72k (600%) [+$9k]
Still no updates content wise, but a pair of paypal pledge buttons were quietly added, if you prefer that method. Remember, there's extra content for the $25 kickstarter version of the game, and you only have two days left, then you miss out on it.


GameStick - 10 days left - @ $445k (442%) [+$78k]
A couple of big bombs dropped. The MicroSD stretch goal was swapped with the latter additional color goal, so now the thing is only $5k away from it. In addition, an optional dock that adds a bunch of functionality (especially if you plan on hacking the GameStick) was announced. It includes wireless charging of the controller by laying it on top, another SD card reader (this one full size), an ethernet jack, three USB ports, an HDMI port, and and active power slot. Aside from the processing power & touch controller, this addresses most of the functionality issues between it and the OUYA. The dock is the same size as a controller, so still just as portable, and you can get one bundled with the GameStick and controller at a $109 tier pledge ($10 more than the OUYA price.)


Akaneiro - 12 days left - @ $98k (49%) [+$30k]
First of all, the game has been Greenlighted on Steam, and it should be launching very soon. In celebration, they'll be adding a Gaben pet to the game. Yes you heard me, now see it too.
It says exclusive, so you may need to back if you want it, and you get it starting at the $30 tiers. In addition, OUYA support will be a stretch goal in Linux's place. Linux has been moved inside the $200k base goal.

Paypal has been added as an option, but I would not recommend using it until AFTER the base goal has been broken. Also, more karma/in game currency was added to each pledge tier. There's also a ton of Alice: Madness Returns swag littered here and there in the tiers and add-ons, way to much to list. If you want some, go have a look, but much of it is limited.


Hegemonic - 14 days left - @ $46k (153%) [+$6k]
Two stretch goals have been hit, adding reference cards into the game box, and making the player stat boards dual layer, with the business sections cut out so the pieces slot in and don't move around. The next major one is $9k away, and will add gameplay in the form of more factions with powers you can play


Noctemis - 14 days left - @ $7.7k (154%) [+$2k]
The Wii U stretch goal has been broke, and they've gotten a license and will now be testing on the platform. Vita and 3DS is only a few hundred dollars away. There will be a gameplay video later this week. There's also a surprise video today, but even with my late publish it's still not up.


Worra Realms - 19 days left - @ $1.9k (97%) [+$600]
This has just nearly reached it's goal, with 28 of the full sets left. A pair of gameplay videos were added, as well as several new tiers, at $15 & $25, allowing you to get a play mat, hex mat, or both.


Beyond the Gates of Antares - 38 days left - @ £93k (31%) [+£30k]
Funding proceeds apace, it may seem low, but >1 month projects always have weird funding curves. More rules info has made it's way out into the open for public discussion. The only change in tiers is that the ~4k pound tier doesn't just get you in the game as a character, but your appearance will actually be made into a mini. If you've got Wop money and have ever wanted a mini of you for Wargame/RPG play, this may be the opportunity for you.


Finally, Anima finished at $110k. There were still stretch goals to go, but there is some hope. They've started up a paypal campaign extension on their website http://www.gateofmemories.com/pledges/ and further funding will unlock stretches. $120k remains the same. $140k adds voice, more scenes, and a boss. $200k adds a character, more missions, and promises a console release. $250k adds three more bosses, and $300k adds co-op to the game, in addition to a vs. mode and an animated opening and ending. As it's not a proper kickstarter though, this is the last of it you'll hear from me. But I do recommend you get in on it if you haven't, it would be nice to see the game get bigger and better.

Pathfinder finished at $1.09 million, just shy of adding a bonus mini. The only real stretches added was another designer to The Emerald Spire, and the accelerated development of Gnomes as a player race (they'll now be in during the early enrollment beta period).

That's all five of the projects from the first post closed. Four successful, one failed.


That's all for this week.

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