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Order of the Blue Gartr: Gilgamesh Free Company Coil Adventures with Galkas Are Food! (10/15/13)

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So the BG Free Company has been busy. We have 3 total coil groups in the FC, 2 of which have started, one of which is very lazy and really really really likes crafting. All is going well and were having a blast! Below is a writeup for our first coil group, the ever lovable and sometimes annoying Galkas Are Food!

Below writeup by Weltall from BG Forums, I know, its not very good, but he will get better!


Galkas Are Food Roster:

PLD: Welt All
PLD: Luk Ayers
SCH: Wolfer Al'tonko
WHM: Lolololol Lolololol
SMN: Gray Poupon
DRG: Soul Side
BRD: Zantetsuken Vasomething
BRD: Cemmirri Sama

Group Formation:

Our group was a little behind on gear check from the start. Originally, Soul Side was supposed to be our WHM, and Cemmirri was a WAR who switched to BRD 3 days before our first run; thousands of Mytho tomes were lost forever! We found Lolololol Lolololol, going forward "Lola", in the mean streets of Ul'dah. On Skype, we said to ourselves, "Could this WHM really be the one we are searching for? Is his name synonymous with wipe? Is this force strong enough?". So far, so good :smile:


Please, tune in and follow on Mondays at 7:45 EST PM ('_'b

Tank POV: http://www.twitch.tv/welt_all
RNG DPS POV: http://www.twitch.tv/prisheburningblade
Healer POV: http://www.twitch.tv/debehser

Turn 1:

  • ADS: There is no video of this available. The fight is really easy. Our strategy is to just ignore the adds and kill the main ADS. Luk, as the off tank, will take the adds to the back of the room and use Hallowed Ground when the 2nd add spawns. Tonko focuses on healing Luk while Lola takes care of everyone else.

  • Trash: Watch out for the Golem aoe!

  • Caduceus: This is the Turn 1 boss. There are a couple of strategies which can be used depending on your PT layout and DPS' gear. Up to today, we have been splitting into 2 groups of 4 when the boss splits into 2 mobs and feeding slimes to each. At most, you should only have 1 stack on each mob if everyone is doing his or her job properly. During our next raid, we are going to attempt to defeat this boss without feeding any slimes post split.

Here is video of one of our Turn 1 fights. I know I know, I will move the camera in the future. I had it setup in the middle for Street Fighter streams :mad:


Turn 2:

  • Trash Nodes: You can see in the video below the route we take to the boss. The nodes should not be an issue and go down fairly easily. Luk and I practice voking off each other at 4 stacks. Cemm and Zant are the silence rotation.

  • ADS: ADS is the main boss this time around. At first, this boss gave us some trouble. I would advise taking a step back, talking out the strategy, and assigning signs to each player. Another tip is for the off tank to always watch for Silence as a backup. Once you get the fight down, it is even easier than Caduceus from Turn 1.

Video from one of our Turn 2 ADS fights:


Turn 3:

If you haven't heard, Turn 3 is a bunch of trash! Use it for Spiritbonding!

Video of Turn 3 was confiscated by the Government. Editors note: and/or contained too much bad language

Turn 4:

It took our group 2 nights of attempts to finally down this turn. Square did an excellent job of fine-tuning this fight with the available gear. Every party member plays a critical role, as with most of the turns in this raid.

Listed below are some of the reasons for random wipes:

  1. Phase 3 Dreadnaught hate; allow your tank a brief moment to stabilize hate!
  2. Phase 4 Spinner Rooks; these need to die fast, but the main tank on these must also try to avoid Pox! This can be avoided by circle tanking or running straight through the mob if there is only 1 remainng. The non-Dreadnaught tank should keep hate on all of Phase 4.
  3. Phase 6 Dreadnaughts + adds; we use DRG LB to kill the Spinner rook and then proceed to the first Dreadnaught.

Video of Turn 4 kill:


Loot so far:


  • Nothing Q_Q






  • Nothing Q_Q




And thus ends the first report of BlueGartrs free company on Gilgamesh! Stay tuned for more adventures from Vandoles coil group and the lazy coil group that hasnt started yet.

As with the BG traditions of the past, Loot whore of the month is Lola! Or Lolololol Lolololol! The best accidental invite to the BG Linkshell weve ever had!


  1. lols -
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    we dont make mistakes, we have happy accidents. - bob ross.
  2. Weltall -
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    More on Lola in the next update @[email protected]
  3. Toxictaru -
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    Lola is mine. I claimed him. RP walkers for life yo.
  4. Skai -
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    Welt not getting any loot yet sounds about right, lol.
  5. Lucavi -
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    Lucky fuckers hogging my Lola. <3
  6. Weltall -
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    Skai...where the hell have you been!?
  7. XalienLevi -
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    Thanks for these videos. No obnoxious music playing lol. Clear and concise call out of abilites etc.Directing my free company mates to this!
  8. Skai -
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    Been focusing on school a lot lately. Between full time work and part time school, ain't got much time, though only enough to browse around.
  9. Toxictaru -
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