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FFXIV - How do I get started with Retainer Ventures?

How to Unlock An Ill-conceived Venture (Limsa Lominsa) Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks (X9,Y11).An Ill-conceived Venture (Gridania) New Gridania (X11,Y12).An Ill-conceived Venture (Ul'dah) Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X9,Y10). Classes To perform ventures, your retainer must first be assigned a class. Any class works, but you must have the appropriate main hand to equip onto the retainer. You can buy the proper weathered mainhand from that class' main city ( i.e. Gridania for polearms ). Classes that you yourself…

BG - Are you the guys that are world first on everything?

No. BG started as a FFXI LS on Bahamut server in 2003. The site administrator of theorderls.com was Ondori. Some of their members went to WoW when it came out on Azshara US in 2005-2006 then moved to Mal'Ganis. Drama happened in the WoW guild and many joined Aurara. FFXI BG continued under Sendoh then Sonomaa. The site administrator of bluegartr.com is Ragns. --- A Realm Reborn Some of the people from WoW joined together to create OrderoftheBlueGarter (without the missing "e" which was a FFXI limitation)…

FFXIV - Where do I get all the FATE Atmas?

Central Shroud - Atma of the Maiden Southern Thanalan - Atma of the Scorpion Upper La Noscea - Atma of the Water Bearer East Shroud - Atma of the Goat Eastern Thanalan - Atma of the Bull Middle La Noscea - Atma of the Ram Western Thanalan - Atma of the Twins Outer La Noscea - Atma of the Lion Lower La Noscea - Atma of the Fish North Shroud - Atma of the Archer Central Thanalan - Atma of the Scales Western La Noscea - Atma of the Crab Note that Atmas will be added to your inventory as you get them.

FFXIV - Where can I find all the FFXIV release notes?

Patch 2.1 Notes (12/14/2013) Patch 2.15 Notes (01/20/2014) Patch 2.16 Notes (02/19/2014) Patch 2.2 Notes (Full Release) (03/26/2014) Patch 2.21 Notes (04/09/2014) Patch 2.25 Notes (04/24/2014) Patch 2.28 Notes (06/05/2014) Patch 2.3 Notes (Full Release) (07/08/2014) Patch 2.35 Notes (08/19/2014) Patch 2.38 Notes (09/16/2014) Patch 2.4 Notes (Full Release) (10/28/2014) Patch 2.41 Notes (11/18/2014) Patch 2.45 Notes (12/09/2014) Patch 2.5 Notes (1/20/2015) Patch 2.51 Notes (2/24/2015)

FFXIV - Where do I find Teleport Aetheryte?

Presented in order of the ingame Teleport menu. [Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks] Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks x:9 y:11 [Middle La Noscea] Summerford Farms x:26 y:16 [Lower La Noscea] Moraby Drydocks x:24 y:35 [Eastern La Noscea] Costa Del Sol x:31 y:30 [Eastern La Noscea] Wineport x:21 y:21 [Western La Noscea] Swiftperch x:34 y:31 [Western La Noscea] Aleport x:26 y:25 [Upper La Noscea] Camp Bronze Lake x:30 y:23 [Outer La Noscea] Camp Overlook x:19 y:17 [Wolves' Den Pier] Wolves' Den Pier x:6 y:5 [New Gridania]…

FFXIV - Where do I FATE?

Recommended based on popularity at the time of writing. Level 1-8: Whichever zone you're doing your Rank 1 hunting log in. Level 9-20: Western La Noscea between Swiftperch and Aleport. Level 18-30: South Shroud, close to Quarrymill. Level 28-34: Eastern La Noscea, Bloodshore. Level 33-42: Coerthas Central Highlands. Level 40-50: Northern Thanalan.

FFXIV - How do I obtain new mounts?

Ahriman - 90 days paid subscription veteran reward. Receive via moogle mail ingame. Behemoth - 270 days paid subscription veteran reward. Receive via moogle mail ingame. Cavalry Drake - Reach Trusted (4) rank with Amalj'aa tribe and purchase for 120,000 gil from Amalj'aa vendor ( X: 23 Y: 14 ) at Southern Thanalan. Company Chocobo - See the How do I get a chocobo FAQ. Coeurl - Have a Collector's Edition tied to your SE account. Receive via moogle mail ingame. Gilded Magitek Armor - Earn 500 commendations…

FFXIV - Ultima Extreme Mode

Access 1. Complete the quest "The Ultimate Weapon." (Main Storyline Quest) 2. Initiate the quest "The Ultimate Ballad" (Mor Dhona within the new structure (X:22, Y:8), Alys) Phase 1: Engage the enemy Skill Set 1. Vicious Aetheroplasm: Roughly 900 damage. Additional effect: Vicious Aetheroplasm stacks        Vicious Aetheroplasm: Five stacks = KO        Mitigation: Make Ultima use Vicious Aetheroplasm against a different PT member 2. Vulcan Buster: AoE damage centered around Ultima. Additional…

FFXIV - Garuda Extreme Mode

Access 1. Complete the quest "Primal Nature" (Western Thanalan (X:11, Y:13), Urianger) 2. Initiate and complete the quest "Gale-force Warning" (New Gridania (X:9, Y:11), Vorsaile Heuloix) Phase 1 Skill Set 1. Vortex 2. AoE Feather attack 3. Mistral 4. Plume summons Behavior and Patterns Vortex around edge of the arena. AoE feather attack from her initial position. Mistral from the same position (Short recast; must LoS before this move occurs). Summon plumes and feathers. Phase 2 Skill Set 1. Chirada…

BG - How do I add my Lodestone ID to my BG profile?

Go in your edit profile page and type the number you see in your Lodestone page like this: