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    what program/app is the best to use for organizing music in the Atrix?

    im starting to miss my ipod/itunes from my old iphone 3g, surprisingly

    also, how do i save texts or make screen shots?

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    If you have it rooted, ShootMe is good for screenshots... I believe you can backup texts with Titanium Backup, DoubleTwist for music... although i didnt like it much, i know a lot of people do

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    If you use Gmail, the program "SMS Backup" (there are a couple, the right one has two postcards and a small white-and-red envelope as the icon) is awesome. It automatically sends every text you get and send as conversations in your Gmail under an "SMS" tag.

    I keep all my texts automatically backed up this way, and tell my phone to auto-erase them from the phone after 100 or so, so it doesn't take up much space and I can access them in Gmail any time.

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    I use backup to gmail. not only does it do texts it backs of mms and your call log. texts and call log can be restored(mms should happen at some point as well)

    Its a paid app but for what it does I like it.

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