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    KCNM Kindred Crest BCs: Findings and Strats

    Okay well it's been almost a week and still no real thread on KCNMs so I guess I have to be "that guy" and make one. Kinda goes to show how popular they are. There was a thread all about "A Palborough Project" KCNM earlier here for reference. All KCNM are any level, no caps.

    Post any drops, drop rates, strats for easy wins, etc.

    List of KCNM: Name of BC : Area : Time Limit : Party Limit
    Phobos Orb (30 crests)
    *Kindergarten Cap : Horlais Peak : 15 minutes : 3 members

    *The Palborough Project : Waughroon Shrine : 15 minutes : 3 members

    *The V Formation : Balga's Dais : 15 minutes : 3 members

    Deimos Orb (50 crests)
    *Last Orc-Shunned Hero : Horlais Peak : 30 minutes : 6 members

    *Shell Shocked : Waughroon Shrine : 30 minutes : 6 members

    *Avian Apostates : Balga's Dais : 30 minutes : 6 members

    *Dragon Scales : Chamber of Oracles : 30 minutes : 6 members

    *Whom Wilt Thou Call : Sacrificial Chamber : 30 minutes : 6 members

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    Did Kindergarten Cap as a three BST team.

    You get a big boss fungar, and some small ones (3?) Easy to win. Have one BST gather up the babies and kite them to the entrance, while the other two BST's and Pets pound the heck out of the Boss. The Kiter has the most risk, as a beatdown is possible if they cannot get a a new pet out fast enough. But with practice I can easily see that be handled.

    Used one or two Ladybugs and some treats on the fight.

    Most notable drop was a dagger that had three resist stats on it, missed the name. Otherwise a lot of crafting mats, some felwell, and such.

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    *The V Formation : Balga's Dais : 15 minutes : 3 members

    One guy runs in and aggos all the birds, other pulls the boss out and kills it. You can do it like Kiter, DD, Healer or even duo it like Kiter, NIN/dnc or DNC soloer. All the small birds will do is attempt helldive with knockback. You can cancel out a lot of them by just running. A few will hit but not for much damage. Just be sure the kiter aggroes all without getting active hate, so the healer or soloer can heal him without any hate when he runs by.

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    Dragon scales:

    WAR Dahak is getting very high spike in base damage/attack when there is significant difference in it's and THF Dahak HP. With 50%+ difference it was critting for 280 on ochain w/o berserk up and with prot V, phalanx (On start it was doing like 50 per crit).
    It did a 1500 crit on WAR too ^^ We wiped because of this + chaos blade. When I realize above next attempts were very easy. We went RDM WHM PLD. First I made pretty big hate on both then I started to kill them with auto-attack on WAR and Atonements on THF. Took 15-17 min this way.

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    Last Orc-shunned hero:

    Completely overkilled this one since we knew very little about it. Went in with PLD WARx2 WHMx2 RDM.

    4 NM Orcs (WHM, WAR, DRG, RNG, recommend kill in that order). All immune to sleep but all other enfeebles work fine. Had PLD super tank them all and just kill 1 by 1. Have ~12-15k HP each.

    Kill the WHM first as it will run to the aid of others once they're at low HP. Don't drag far away as it will run back to the others to use Benediction if they're out of range. Can all use their respective 2 hours, EES 1-shotted our WAR on 3/6 runs so left RNG til last.

    Took us around 7-8 mins on average to clear, would have been much quicker if we'd replaced the 2nd WHM and RDM with another DD and a BRD

    Apparenlty drops Jingang feet but went 0/6. 4/6 on Draca Couse, rest of the drops were junk, currency (2-3 singles) and seals (2x BLU body, 1x SCH head, 1x THF feet, 2x COR head).

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    Avian Apostates :

    4 Yagudos (Brd, Sam, Mnk and Nin in that order)

    Evasion job or Pld for super tank them (they are immune to sleep) and kill them one by one. The yagudo Sam like to spam Sweep and the Mnk can double Double Kick sometime for above 1400 dmg. They all can 2h but nothing dangerous really, watch out for Mijin Gakure (600~900 dmg).

    Drops Striker Sword or Menhit Leggings (feet HMP+4) very easy BC.

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    Dragon Scales:
    Red dragon will use void song or w/e one fucks you up proportional to buffs on. Did 1.6k w/ 12 buffs and ~100 w/ 2 buffs.
    We had NIN kill black dragon solo, THF and MNK on red dragon. Red dragon is fairly evasive, so pizza is recommended. Apart from buff dispel rape move, very easy BC.

    Last Orc-Shunned Hero:
    Same set up as above, MNK and NIN focus down WHM, RDM binds RNG, THF kites WAR and DRG, then MNK and NIN kill w/e is closest. Very easy, doesn't require much thought/specific jobs.

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