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    Best abilities for HQing

    Hey guys,

    Very soon gonna hit ARM50 and would like to inquire which abilities people would recommend for HQing finished items, im probably going to get most other crafts to 36 before wasting +3 mats on HQs but when i do i would like to have a general knowing of which abilities my action points are best used on :D

    thanks in advance...

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    Falcom is better than SE. Change my mind.
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    Top 2:

    Perfection - Next action has 100% success rate
    Hand of Gods - Lowers chance of success, but little to no durability lose (Great for Careful spawn)

    The rest are up to you. I personally use Tender Touch/Maker's Muse to help lower my chances of losing durability.

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    My experience with tender touch is bad, i always find i lose more dura if anything :/ am going to get Hand of Gods asap will only take a day hopefully

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    perfection and ingenuity work.

    It reduce lvl of recipe.

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    Praying Works.

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