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    This has rekindled my desire to finish watching the first volume.
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    You wouldn't know that though because you've demonstrably never picked up a book nor educated yourself on the matter. Let me guess, overweight housewife?
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    Anyone one of those that watches murder docs on netflix? I am so confused about one thing in the "Why Did You Kill Me?" one. Spoilery question:

    Spoiler: show
    So once they tracked down Sotelo, he told them the truth of what happened. Didn't deny he drove the car, said who was in the car, said who shot her. etc. And later on the brothers confirm his story to be completely accurate. But in the doc, the detective said they would let him go free for telling him all the info he gave, which he did.

    So why did he suddenly get arrested and jailed like 10 years later for it?

    Like, not sad he was arrested, but that seems weird and curious how the law works in something like that.
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