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Thread: Wyvern Breath Testing     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ophannus View Post
    the TP Bonus +20% doesn't seem to work for Healing Breath.
    I was always under the impression that Healing Breath was more of a JA the wyvern was using that happens to consume TP. Fencer's TP Bonus is applied to Weaponskills, does it to apply to Chain Affinitied Blue Magic too? If it doesn't then there's your fair assessment of why it doesn't apply to Healing Breath.

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    Maybe WS that aren't mob targeted don't benefit from TP bonus? Go use Moonlight/Starlight with a club on WAR and see it if heals more SW than DW.

    Edit: It *might* be a JA, but I've never seen it paralyzed, even when the wyvern is hit with a pretty strong one, so that makes me think it's actually a WS.

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    I don't know about fencer and don't feel like testing this second since I don't have quesasyshroom but tp bonus gear/atmas doesn't affect blu spells.

    I did play with tp bonus atmas though... did not effect healing breath. It did however effect wild carrot from rabbit pet. On the other hand it didn't effect carbuncle heals... so not sure if that means anything.

    Edit: No fencer did not effect queasyshroom

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    Did Wyvern tests with Martel and we found some changes and solved some of the older questions. I'll try to make this post dense so that enough information is available for BG-Wiki; that means I'll recap on old information. In addition, I'll be using [] to denote flooring rather than writing out the flooring (This is modern math bitches!).

    • Wyverns now gain HP each level up via XP. They did not previously.
    • We checked the level of the Wyvern at 99 and each level up using Empathy. We used Resheph's Tarsal Slam to find the value (DMG+1HP = Total HP). Furthermore, DRG's 2hr makes the Wyvern immune to physical and magical damage with the exception of Tarsal Slam (And, by conjecture, other similar HP dependent damage). Thus, an easy way to test is to just 2hr when the NM does.
    • Equipment with "Enhances Breath" grant the same value to Healing Breath and Elemental Breath. That is, if an equipment is (5/256) within the Healing Breath Equation, the piece will use the same value within the Elemental Breath Equation
    • The new 2hr does NOT grant HP to the Wyvern.
    • The new 2hr seems to affect the Deep Breathing Multiplier within the Elemental Breath Equation. This multiplier is set to "1" when no abilities are active. When DB is active, this multiplier gains +1 (For a total of 2); when the 2hr is up, this multiplier gains +1 (For a total of 2 or 3 if DB is up); further enhances are available and detailed within the Elemental Breath Formula.

    Here are some of the damage data collected:
    Elemental Breath
    Armet+2 (Augment) and 1 DB: 636 DMG 2.1
    Armet+2 (Augment) and 2 DB: 742 DMG 2.45
    Armet+2 (Augment) and 3 DB: 848 DMG 2.8
    Armet+2 (Augment) and 4 DB: 954 DMG 3.15
    Armet+2 (Augment) and 5 DB: 1060 DMG 3.5
    Armet+2 (Augment) and 5 DB and 2hr: 1363 DMG 4.5
    Armet+2 and 2hr: 606 DMG 2
    Note: Base damage is 260. With Armet, the damage is 303. Thus, the numbers to the far right indicate X within the equation (303*X).

    Wyvern Base HP
    Spoiler: show

    LV99: 1474HP [Contributed by Folypaws; Confirmed with Martel[
    Empathy+1: 1562HP
    Empathy+2: 1650HP
    Empathy+3: 1739HP
    Empathy+4: 1827HP
    Empathy+5: 1916HP

    Calculating Wyvern HP
    Spoiler: show

    Total Wyvern HP = [[Base HP + Additive HP Gear]*(Wyvern HP% Gear)]

    Elemental Breath Formula
    Spoiler: show

    Elemental Breath Damage = [[(fHP)*(Breath Multiplier)]*(Deep Breathing Multiplier)]

    fHP = ([Wyvern HP/6] + 15)
    Breath Multiplier = Σ(1 + Enhances Breath Equipment)
    Deep Breathing Multiplier = Σ(1 + DB + Additional DB Merits + Augment DB +2hr)

    DB = 0 When Deep Breathing is not active/1 When Deep Breathing is active
    Additional DB Merits = 0.25 per merit after the first (ex: Set to 1 if you have 5/5 DB merits)
    Augment DB = 0.1 per merit including the first (ex: Set to 0.5 if you have 5/5 DB merits)
    2hr = 0 When DRG's new 2hr is not active/1 When DRG's new 2hr is active

    See "Enhances Breath Modifier: Equipment" for details regarding Enhances Breath Equipment

    Healing Breath Formula
    Spoiler: show

    HP Recovered = [[(Wyvern HP)*(Breath Multiplier)] + 42]

    Breath Multiplier = Σ(HBV + Enhances Breath Equipment + Deep Breathing Modifier)

    Deep Breathing Modifier = (DB + Additional DB Merits + Augment DB)

    DB = (50/256) When Deep Breathing is active
    Additional DB Merits = ??? per merit after the first
    Augment DB = (5/256) per merit including the first

    Healing Breath Valuer (HBV)
    Healing Breath 1: ???
    Healing Breath 2: ???
    Healing Breath 3: (45/256)
    Healing Breath 4: (53/256) [Contributed by Foldypaws]

    See "Enhances Breath Modifier: Equipment" for details regarding Enhances Breath Equipment

    Enhances Breath Modifier: Equipment
    Spoiler: show

    Lancer's Torque: (5/256)
    Glassbelt: (5/256)
    Armet (NQ/+1): (30/256)
    Armet (+2): (43/256)

    Remaining Questions
    • Check to see if the update changed the effect of "Augments DB" within the Healing Breath Formula
    • Find the effect of additional DB merits towards Healing Breath
    • Find the Healing Breath Value (HBV) of Healing Breath 1-2
    • Find the effect of DRG's new 2hr towards Healing Breath
    • Find the Wyvern's HP for Pre-99 levels or an Equation for each level
    • Determine why each Empathy+1 level gains 88 HP except for Empathy+3 (Gains 89)
    • Find better names for these damn terms

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