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    Yinnyth uses a flask of Panacea. Yinnyth's amnesia effect wears off.

    I was doing some neo Nyzul, and we got to a boss fight vs. Gurfurlur's little brother. He used pleiades ray giving us every status effect imaginable, and since I was just the cor, I figured I wasn't really a top priority for getting my ailments removed. So I dug through my satchel for some meds and found some panaceas, then popped one. Slow and amnesia wore off.

    Don't get your hopes up too high though. After the run, I took my last panacea to caedarva to test against an imp. Got him to amnesia me, and the panacea only removed bio, not amnesia. So there's 3 possibilities I see here:

    1. Panacea does jack for amnesia and it was just coincidence that it happened to wear off exactly at the same time as my slow.
    2. There are different tiers of amnesia and Gurfurlur's amnesia was weak enough to be removed by a panacea.
    3. (most likely) panacea has a % chance to remove amnesia just like holy waters for doom.

    I'm out of panaceas myself, and there's none on AH, so I can't really test. If someone's willing to drop ~100k gil on panaceas to test it, I'd be very interested to see the results.

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    a thread for panaceas

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    Well, it would make sense, given 'panacea', etc.. I think I have a few; I can play around later if nobody else gets the chance. Though even if it does work, it's hardly practical.

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    They're a Lv.98 synthesis, so you'll only ever be able to tier 1 them. I don't think they'll ever be profitable enough to motivate someone to synthesize multiple stacks at that rate, but it's still interesting to know.

    Ecphoria Ring works every 5.5 minutes.

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