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    Paying for windows, install on two systems?

    So I have a laptop that has official Windows 7 and a PC that doesn't, if I pay the cheap upgrade price of $39.99 to upgrade my laptop to Windows 8 will I be able to also install it on my pc and have it legit there also? How will I go about it? Just reuse the code I will get when I buy W8? I have never bought official Windows so I don't know anything about this.

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    technically the license is for 1 PC, not 2, so youd need to purchase it a second time

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    But is there a way I can get around it? Like just copy the whole install to another harddrive and put that in the PC?

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    Install on both, use the same key. If it tells you you can't activate on the second one, it'll give you a phone number to call and register with microsoft. Do that, and it'll activate the second one.

    It's an automated system that just requires you to type in a series of numbers.

    They just assume you deactivated the old machine but they'll likely never follow up on it.

    But really, if it's just two machines, I'm pretty sure they'll both activate with no problem.

    Don't copy the install from one hard drive to another. That would be dumb.

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    Ok, I'll try that and hopefully it will work. What would happen if I copied the install?

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    I'm considering going legit because of the plans for cloud storage being united with your windows, I already have a 25GB SkyDrive but it doesn't work so well compared to DropBox yet and I'm hoping W8 will make it better. However, with a cracked copy it is unlikely you'll be able to use the cloud storage because they'd be able to tell you're not on an official copy or you won't be able to use it at all.

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    There's really no legal way to install it on two computers, without paying for two copies. Why do people seem to think they can? If you don't want to pay for it, then just crack it with the tool linked above.

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