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Thread: Optimal Video Settings?     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Optimal Video Settings?

    I'm hoping to get some help on what might be the best mix of video settings in 14 for my setup. Here's what I'm running.

    i5 2500k (not overclocked)
    Radeon HD 6850
    8g ram

    I'll be testing things out but if anyone's running something similar and can give some advice that'd be great. Benchmark score was either 3780 or 3870, so the upper middle range.

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    Don't bother trying to optimize your setup for the current engine, it's horribly designed and no one gets the performance they should be.

    Wait for the 2.0 engine which (fingers crossed) won't be made of spaghetti and lego blocks.

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    Yeah, I wouldn't mess with it too much. Just be sure Ambient Occlusion is off and the general draw quality or whatever it's called isn't above 8 and the game should run as good as it's going to get on that setup.

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