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    Astral Cube (2017/2/6)

    I missed out on the Astral Cube this time, will it be available again?
    It will have to wait until March or later, but we will be bringing it back.

    Omen (2017/2/7)

    How often are objectives displayed? It seems inconsistent to me, which makes preparation difficult.
    The messages are first displayed 20 seconds after the instance is created. After that, it will be displayed every minute. However, there are separate timers for both when the area is created and when the first member enters the instance, so your time to complete the objectives will be safe. There is no need to feel like you are being rushed in when you see that your instance is ready (Though your reservation will be cancelled if nobody enters within 3 minutes).

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    Adapa Shield (2017/2/8)

    The proc rate of the Reprisal effect seems to be 1% or lower, is this normal?
    The shield was designed to have a high block rate. The activation rate on the added Reprisal effect was set with consideration of how often the player might be attacked. The intent is that the effect is something you get through a stroke of luck once in a while.

    Ambuscade Voucher (2017/2/9)

    Will the new items be made available on these Vouchers?
    The items added since the introduction of the Ambuscade Vouchers will be made available through a separate new item to be added in the future.

    Synthesis Food/Support Effects (2017/2/9)

    How are my craft results affected if my food or support effects wear off in the middle of a craft?
    The “Synthesis Image Support” and Food effects that improve your crafting ability are applied the moment the player character sits and begins synthesis. However, this does not apply to food that increases skill up rates, which is checked alongside the skill up flag at the end of synthesis.

    For effects other than skill up rates, there’s no need to worry even if the effect cuts off mid-synth.

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    Heirroom Necklaces (2017/2/10)

    An option to reobtain the heirroom necklaces from the Adoulin Missions was discussed in the “31st Freshly Picked Vana’Diel”.

    We touched on the following topics:

    -High cost of verification
    The NPC involved in acquiring these necklaces is responsible for handling the flags for the Adoulin Missions, so adjustments require us to verify that all flags will operate properly. This verification workload is comparable to one version update, so we end up needing to decide between the former or the latter.

    -Add a New NPC?
    There is no problem doing this from a system perspective, but we feel that this item is deeply tied to the storyline so we don’t wish to cheapen that. We may decide on a different path if all else fails.

    -Like what?
    Adding items with similar functions.

    Eschuteon (2017/2/13)

    Is it possible to lose this shield while synthesizing with it? If so, when we do further quests does that mean we’ll have to start all over if we break it at any point?
    When synthesizing for the Eschuteon, the shield itself cannot be lost. However, area changes such as getting on a boat, teleporting, or entering content defaults the system to the player losing the items, so we advise players to please be careful.

    Can you add a message telling us when Craftsmanship increases and allow us to trade Crafting Sets at the same time?
    Adding a message for Craftsmanship may be difficult, but we will try to add in a function to allow trading the Crafting Set at the same time.

    Omen (2017/2/14)

    Hello, everyone.

    As promised, I wanted to follow up about obtaining job cards from Omen!

    By completing main and additional objectives in Omen, players earn points which aren't shown in any menu or logs.
    Once players accumulate a certain amount of points, players will receive a card based on the job they were playing at that time.

    The new Omen route we introduced in the February version update will grant bonus points and players can also earn points by defeating enemies as well.
    With this system, players are able to earn more job cards by taking other routes, so we leave it up to you, my fellow adventurers, to decide which route will take you to reach your desired goals~!!

    Ambuscade (2017/2/15)

    When are we going to see the newer sets added to the vouchers or new vouchers being released. There are quite a few sets out now that can't be gotten with the current vouchers.
    Hi there!
    For Ambuscade, instead of using existing vouchers, we're planning to add new vouchers soon which can only be exchanged for the newer items.

    Thanks for your inquiry!

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    Gil Repository (2016/2/16)

    Back in June we were told there were plans to increase the storage limit, has there been any progress on this?
    We are working on increasing the limit that can be held. The amount it will be increased to is still under consideration, but we hope players can stay patient a bit longer for it.

    Combat Balance (2016/2/17)

    Hello. After the February 10th (Friday) update, we received some feedback and discussion regarding the changes to combat. We will answer some of the topics touched on below.

    Is combat right now working as the developers envisioned?

    The adjustments we have made this time have had the effect we intended. However, because it was not balanced with some gimmicks in certain encounters in mind, some high level content has become more difficult. The development team recognizes this and we plan on addressing it.

    Attempting content with the same setups as before has become more difficult.

    Up until now, using Geomancy to affect magic accuracy/evasion would result in capped stats (in other words, 95% magic hit rate and 95% magic evasion rate), so naturally compared to that, difficulty has increased.

    Of course, adjusting only Geomancy after taking advantage of these methods had become the norm would result in a massive increase in difficulty, so we lowered monster battle skill/magic skill/magic evasion.

    Even with Geomancy stacked on top of that, however, the same situation cannot be replicated now. The combat balance before forced unintended stable situations for combat. Now it is necessary to compensate for magic accuracy using equipment, whereas with magic evasion the intent is to not let players completely resist all magic as they could up until now.

    Combat Balance has been changed significantly after the update.

    We had told players before that after the update, applying buffs/debuffs as appropriate should result in around the same level of relative strength as before. By this, we did not mean to say that players could simply challenge the content with the same setups and be guarenteed the same results. We wanted to say that by compensating for the lost Geomancy potency via other means (such as equipment or using other buffs/debuffs) the same relative strength between the monster and the player could be achieved. Since the previous combat balance was caused by unintended values of Geomancy potency, we hope players will understand that we cannot guarentee that level of performance when the party’s support is limited to a Geomancer alone.

    Originally the plan was to simply adjust the effects of Geomancy, but as explained in the previous answer, that would completely cripple the popular tactics employed by players, so we adjusted monsters, enfeebling magic, and songs. By adjusting party setups accordingly, players should still be able to tackle the content effectly.

    Couldn’t you have just buffed other classes to the level of Geomancer?

    There were cases where Geomancy was so powerful, doing this simply wasn’t feasible. If you buff players, you also need to buff the monsters, and eventually we would need to use methods such as creating monsters which have a guarenteed hit rate on certain status ailments. We don’t believe this is something anybody wants.

    Furthermore, in consideration of future battle content and the effects it would have on how equipment is designed, it was thought it would be best to instead take care of the parts which were working against the intended design.

    Tranquil Heart (2017/2/22)

    There was an error made in the past when explaining the Job Trait “Tranquil Heart”. Previously, we had said that it considered the same type of enmity decrease as equipment, but when the data was rechecked, we found there was an error in that answer.

    In fact, Tranquil Heart counts separately from equipment, and will continue having an effect even when the player is capped from equipment at -50. The effect the multiplicative with equipment, meaning that at the upper limit of -25 from Tranquil Heart and -50 from equipment, players will have (1-0.5)×(1-0.25)=0.375, in other words 37.5% of enmity generation they would otherwise have.

    We apologize for the incorrect information we had provided.

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    Combat Balance (2017/2/27)

    As we mentioned before, we will be adjusting some of the notorious monsters in the next version update due to how the changes we made in the last update affected their difficulty.

    The target will be the high CL content within “Geas Fete”. We plan on adjusting some of the gimmicks present that make these monsters difficult to take down.

    Ambuscade (2017/2/28)

    We will be introducing new vouchers for Ambuscade content in the March update. The Flamma/Tali’ah/Mummu/Ayanmo/Mallquis Armor sets (HQ included) will be available from these tickets.

    Reclamation (2017/3/1)

    I tried trading Miasmic Pants for reclamation points, but the NPC would not take it. Why not?
    One of the rules for trading in items for reclamation points is “No items with enchantments”.

    HQ Adoulin Rings (2017/3/1)

    After turning the ring HQ, do you have to start from the NQ ring again if you want to switch?
    Because the NPC that gives the Adoulin-related Rings and the NPC that turns it HQ are different, obtaining a different HQ ring will require receiving a new NQ ring* and then made HQ again. However, if an HQ ring is discarded, the same ring can be reobtained in its HQ state.

    *Trading Rings is handled by the NPC “Ploh Trishbahk” for the cost of 300,000 Bayld.

    Analysis Crystals (2017/3/2)

    We will work on changing the exchange screen for these items so that players may enter the amount they wish. We will look into making this possible for HQ Crystals as well.

    Stormwaker (2017/3/3)

    The casting order for spells seems to have changed. I have a scanner equipped, and right now it is casting Stoneskin before Phalanx. It used to be hat it casted Phalanx before Stoneskin.
    This is working as intended.

    The Automaton checks the Master’s Main Job to determine its casting order. If the Master is on a job that requires close-range fighting, Phalanx will be prioritized over Stoneskin.

    Omen (2017/3/7)

    Hello, everyone!

    In the upcoming March version update, alliances will be able to take on Omen! This will be added as a way for players to help each other for the clear.

    Please note that when entering Omen as an alliance, the enemies' HP will not scale based on the number of participants nor will this apply to the amount of loot.
    Therefore, players will need to lot against more players when entering as an alliance.

    That being said, we encourage players to think carefully about their manpower before tackling their Omen runs based on the purpose of specifically going for the loot or the clear.

    I hope this won’t mean that objectives will change to “Do 18 skillchains” or something.
    The additional tasks will not be harder than the ones for 6-person parties. There is no need to worry about the tasks becoming harder if you enter with 18 people.

    Forging A New Myth (2017/3/9)

    There seems to be situations where this battlefield becomes impossible to clear involving the NM “Zahak”. Is this intentional?
    First, an explanation of the quest battlefield “Forging A New Myth” (Spoilers below).

    The NM’s HP is kept at 1 until certain conditions are satisfied. In order to cut off the heads of the NM “Zahak”, certain conditions must be met:
    1. Performing a Critical autoattack hit
    2. Doing damage with certain Abilities
    3. Damaging with Weapon Skills
    All have a certain rate of cutting off a head. Furthermore, cutting off the last head requires the use of a weapon skill, which is guaranteed to remove it.

    This means if there is only one head left and you are in a situation where you can’t do damage, you must find ways to gain TP other than damage.

    If the player understands these conditions when entering the battlefield, we believe a dead-end scenario should not be possible. We hope this information will be helpful.

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    Battle Content Impact on Conquest (2017/3/17)

    Does content such as Wanted, High Level Mission Battles or Voidwatch affect Conquest influence?
    Any battles within a region are counted for Conquest.

    As a side note, the way Beastmen gain influence in a region is not based on the amount of times a player is KO’d, but rather the amount of times players return to a home point after being KO’d (This takes place whether Signet is obtained or not).

    We looked into which areas where KO rate for players was abnormally high, and we’ll consider some countermeasures for these areas. We will need to figure out how to change areas based on what different kinds of battlefields are found in them, so please give us some time to figure it out!

    Regal Captain’s Gloves (2017/3/17)

    Why isn’t Dragoon on this item?
    This item was designed with the concept of “For Jobs that cannot increase accuracy via Job Traits”.

    There are other items designed with Dragoon in mind, so we hope you try those out!

    Jacknife (2017/3/22)

    Can you change the way clamming works? With the new Escutcheon quest, a large increase in people clamming has occurred, and it seems that like Chocobo Digging, there is a limited number of items to go around.
    Thank you for your feedback. Because Clamming has never been particularly popular, there seem to be many mysteries for how it works. I will explain some parts of it below.

    There is no specification for a limited number of items from clamming like there was for Chocobo Digging. However, we believe you may have mistakenly believed this due to the special way the item list is generated.

    The item lists change with the location where clamming is performed and the tides (Two patterns exist, one for Full Moon to New Moon and another for the opposite). In some cases, the chance to obtain an item may even be 0%, and players might mistakenly believe “They’ve all been taken!”

    For the item “Jacknife”, three of the clamming points on Purgonurgo Isle will always be hotspots. If you are having trouble obtaining this item, you might need to try a different Clamming Point…and may need to move again if you’re still having trouble!

    Cursna (2017/3/28)

    Regarding the spell “Cursna”, we rechecked the data and realized we made an error in the previous announcement.

    The success rate of “Cursna” depends on Healing Magic Skill, with 26% at 500 skill, and will continue to improve beyond that, with 30% at 600 skill. By the way, at 1000 skill, you can expect a 43% effect.

    Forthcoming Ambuscade Update (2017/3/29)

    I'd like to share additional information concerning the forthcoming Ambuscade update that Matsui touched on.

    •Starting from the next version update, players will be able to store upgraded high-quality gear with the Porter Moogle!
    •Players will be able to use both Hallmarks and Gallantry when reforging existing equipment.
    •The usual Tarutaru will be handling the new upgrades. You'll be upgrading the gear by turning in the material and equipment at the same time!

    Omen Objectives (2017/3/30)

    I didn’t get credit for skillchains that killed the enemy, what gives?
    Skillchain damage-related objectives in Omen are not counted if the weapon skill creating the skillchain or the skillchain itself defeats the enemy.

    Another odd thing is with Trusts, when AAEV closed the skillchain with CDC, I did not get credit, yet got credit with Amchuchu’s Dimidiation. Why this inconsistency?
    Originally, “Trust Weapon Skills do not count” was the setting we wanted. However, since we feel many players seem to be relying on Trust Weapon Skills, we will change the settings so that they will all count. Thus, the ones that are not counting right now will be changed so that they do.

    We hope you can wait for us to implement this change!

    Mount Zhayolm (2017/3/30)

    I had thought any area we could Mount in, we could Dig in, but I was disappointed when this wasn’t the case.

    Can you change Mount Zhayolm at least?
    Chocobos have no means to dig into terrain covered with hard rock, so areas like Mount Zhayolm are excluded. Maybe if there was a Chocobo with a super hard beak…but unfortunately, no such breed exists. We hope for your understanding.

    Job Points/Gifts (2017/3/31)

    We apologize for this late response. Currently, we have no plans on expanding on Job Points or Gifts. We apologize to players who have mastered all their jobs, but we wish players will play jobs in various different ways. If we add too many useful Job Points, we feel we may exacerbate the current situation where players will be left out based on their Job Point and Gift progression. We feel it is better we keep things the way they are for the moment.

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