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    Bard (2017/1/6)


    There are a couple of plans in the pipeline that the development team is working on for bard.
    Right now they are looking into adding new gear that has the “All songs +” property so that song effects can become more powerful through slots other than just instruments. They are aiming to implement this as soon as possible, but as an adjustment to precede this, they have also decided to increase the effect values of certain songs. The team will need a bit of time to get everything ready, but we’ll keep you posted once there is more information.

    RMEA Shurikens (2017/1/7)

    Thanks for the suggestion about adding special shurikens.

    While this is definitely an interesting idea, the development team does not have any plans to introduce something like this. Since ninjas are able to boost their damage output through Daken, it would result in a direct damage boost on top of what katanas are already capable of. In the event that we were to introduce RMEA shurikens, we would have to lower the stats on katanas to balance everything properly, and we feel that this is not a desirable change.

    Voidwatch Materials for Relic Reforging (2017/1/7)


    Thanks for the feedback about the materials needed from Voidwatch to upgrade relic armor to item level 119.

    To start, I’d like to share the development team’s thought process about item drops from battle content. Essentially, obtaining rewards is split into two different categories: shared rewards that you lot on with other party members and personal loot drops. Voidwatch, as many of you are all aware, falls into the latter category. In the former situation, you could be lotting against 17 other people when an item drops, and personal rewards have been balanced the way they are at the moment since you do not need to worry about losing the item because of a roll. There is also a possibility that all members of an alliance can obtain the same item at the same time. Therefore, increasing the drop rate of these materials could potentially flood the market.

    Considering the stats on the upgraded relic gear, the development team feels there is proper balance and think that addressing the drop rates directly would be difficult to accomplish without disturbing this balance.

    With that said, however, they have made Voidwatch much more accessible for solo players/low-man groups and removed a lot of the hurdles for participating in this content. While many players have chosen to focus on Voidwatch only during campaign periods due to the light alignment boosts, it’s possible to farm these materials by using just a single cell, and we encourage you to use these if you are finding that there are no materials on the auction house.

    Enfeebling Magic (2017/1/10)


    We are currently looking into making a comprehensive adjustment to monster stats in response to feedback concerning enfeebling and enhancing magic. We’re still conducting surveys and verification, so please stay tuned for details.

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    Frazzle (2017/1/11)

    We have received a few questions regarding the spell Frazzle. Enemies have separate stats for resisting status ailments and resisting elements. The former refers to traits such as “Resist Blind”, and the latter includes the resistance of spells such as Frazzle.

    A monster with high darkness resistance may be able to be hit with Blind if it has little Resist Blind, but may still resist Frazzle. This is intended by design.

    This is a surprise to me. Does this mean even if we raise our Darkness resistance to 999, it won’t make a difference in resisting Sleep or Blind? Does that mean we should stop casting Barblizzara when we’re trying to avoid Paralyze? Or is this just the settings meant for monsters?
    As you mentioned, these are the settings used when determining how player spells affect monsters. For players, both the elemental resistance and the ailment resistance is considered when status ailments are cast on them. Thus, equipment with elemental resistances and the various Bar- spells from White Mages all contribute to resisting status ailments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Camate
    Farewell, adventurers!
    Dear adventurers,

    It’s been nearly eight years since I began my adventures with Square Enix, and the journey has been filled with quests of memorable experiences that have taught me a great deal and shaped me into the person that I have become today. The next quest in my life is now upon me, but unfortunately the path for this one leads me away from Square Enix and into new opportunities, and it is here that I must say my farewells to the community as a member of the North American community team.

    Both FFXI and FFXIV hold a special place in my heart, and I’m hoping that throughout my years on the community team my passion for these games has been clearly conveyed. I’d like to say thank you to everyone in the community for giving me the opportunity to share this passion and be part of something amazing.

    Though I leave you all as a community team member, I will once again be returning to the community I came from as a fellow player. There’s tons of excitement to look forward to from here on out, and I wouldn’t miss it for the world!

    See you in Vana’diel!

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    Omen (2017/1/18)

    We thank the players for their feedback on "Omen". We have decided on the following adjustments to the enemy ability "Pain Sync":

    1. Stop continuous use
    After using this ability, the next ability will be chosen from a list not containing "Pain Sync". With this, players may strategize when to attack the enemy. Furthermore, we will adjust the rates of skill usage so the ability "Winds of Promy." will be used more often.

    2. Reduce damage dealt
    Currently the ability does 100% damage. We are thinking of changing it to be about 40% instead.

    3. Decrease overall use rate
    When monsters are below a certain HP threshold, they increase ability use. We will lower this threshold. We will also be adjusting the Regain effect on the monster.

    In addition to all these adjustments, we are considering lowering the maximum HP of the Notorious Monster "Glassy Thinker".

    Fire in the Hole (2017/1/18)

    Adelheid dies quite easily in this Past Bastok Quest. Do you think you can adjust this?
    We will look into adjusting this quest so that Adelheid will not fall in battle as easily.

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    Omen (2017/1/20)

    Hello, everyone!

    I have some additional information about adjustments to Omen.

    When your aim for your Omen run is only to acquire job cards, the mid-boss can be a wall that certain parties cannot overcome, and we are aware of the hurdle that this has become. In order to alleviate this, we will be adding a new route option where there will be no mid-boss or final boss. This route can be selected when you go to warp to the third area.

    This new route will yield the same amount of job cards as if you cleared all the way through the final boss. With this new route, you’ll now be able to customize to your objective more easily by selecting either a job card farming route or one where you can encounter the mid-boss and final boss.

    We'll keep you updated on progress and when this will be implemented.

    Automaton Skill Books (2017/1/21)

    Hello, everyone.

    While we understand how great it would be to have automaton skill books, it would not be so cut and dry as the other books that are available. For these books to work as they should, information needs to be taken from the automaton, which means that you would need to have your automaton out in order to use these books. This would be inconvenient as you would be unable to use them on the spot like you can with the current skill books.

    Regarding food, it's actually quite difficult to apply these kind of effects to your automaton buddy.
    Instead, we've implemented the Percolator attachment that allows the following: "Functionality: Increases skill gain rate." The Percolator has extremely high stats compared to food so we highly recommend using this automaton attachment.

    We hope this helps and we encourage more feedback concerning this topic about our automaton friends.

    Domain Invasion Treasure Coffer Campaign (2017/1/23)

    This campaign provides extra drops from the content Geas Fete while participating in Domain Invasion. This varies by area. In Escha-Zitah, “Eschite Ore”, in Escha-Ru’Aun, “Job Specific Weapons”, and in Reisenjima, “Various Reisenjima Equipment” may be obtained.

    Restoring 119 Abjurations (2017/1/24)

    Can we revert IL119 abjuration equipment back to its cursed state, like we can with the others?
    The IL119 cursed equipment cannot be reverted once uncursed. We created the exception for the equipment from earlier levels due to those items being used as ingredients in higher level crafting.

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    Map Markers (2016/1/26)

    Is there an upper limit to the number of map markers we can have? Will the ones I made earlier disappear if I make too many in another map?
    There is a limit for each map, but there is no overall limit. The data for each map is managed seperately, so there is no need for concern. However, this data is stored locally, so if you log in from a different environment, whether it be a different computer or a reinstall, you must reload saved data from the server to restore these markers.

    Sword Strap (2016/1/27)

    How are the delay reductions on itesm like this considered? Is it separate from equipment and magic haste?
    The delay reduction on items like this are different from the “Haste” property, as they reduce the base delay value, and thus may decrease TP gain, similar to the Job Traits “Martial Arts” and “Dual Wield”. It is counted separtely from equipment and magic haste, and can be applied even when these values are capped.

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    Combat Balance (2017/1/31)

    We would like to explain our plans for adjusting combat balance moving forward.

    First, as we informed you some time back, we plan on adjusting enfeebling magic, songs, and geomancy due to an imbalance between them. We wish to try our best to equalize these options. In this regard, Geomancy was displaying certain unintended effects, so we plan on lowering it to the intended value.

    Of course, that will affect the tactics used by players, which largely center around Geomancy at the moment, so players may ask if certain monsters will become impossible from this adjustment. We are closely monitoring this balance, and in the next version update, we will be adjusting monsters and lowering certain stats. Both attack and defense will be considered in these adjustments, so after applying the adjusted buffs or debuffs, we don’t believe the situation will change much from where it is right now.

    As for the spells “Frazzle” and “Distract”, we plan on increasing the duration of their effects to 5 minutes, and increasing the base potency of "Frazzle III" and "Distract III". With this adjustment, even when half-resisted, it is possible it will result in a duration longer than what an unresisted spell will currently do (The potency is not affected even during half or quarter resists).

    Monsters will have reduced magic evasion as well, and we will try not to add too many monsters in the future with high darkness resistance (though we won’t say there won’t be any darkness-aligned monsters at all). This also applies to the new “Ambuscade” content in February, so we hope players try it out there.


    Hello, Fujito here. I feel I also need to explain a bit regarding Geomancy.

    What happened to Geomancy spells?

    In the past, we had publicized a list of specific numbers for the effects of Geomancy spells. These numbers had had some adjustments since it was first posted, but the list is currently up-to-date for most of the spells.

    The exceptions here are spells related to magic accuracy and evasion. The listed values in the post are correct, but when calculating the effects of the spells in-game, we discovered that they were larger than intended due to an error in how the values were calculated.

    This magnification of the spell effects would not be highly noticeable during normal use, but when combined with Geomancy abilities and equipment, this difference would be multiplied, causing a large increase from the intended effect.

    In essence, our adjustments to Geomancy are intended as a bug fix.

    The above issues should have been something we discovered when we first implemented Geomancy. We are deeply apologetic to the players that we have delayed for so long in recognizing this.

    The Adjustment Plan

    Of course, adjusting it now raises the concern that enemies will become too strong, so naturally we will also be adjusting monsters. Specifically, since magic accuracy/evasion was the issue, these stats will be adjusted, as well as related parameters (combat skills/resistance values etc). In short, monsters will become less resistant overall.

    This adjustment will be applied to all areas and monsters that were added since the introduction of Geomancy in the expansion “Seekers of Adoulin”.

    This will also affect other support jobs, and we are also proceeding with adjustments to a Red Mage’s enfeebling spells as well as Bard’s song effects. We are planning a more detailed explanation in the future, so we hope you stay tuned.

    For now, we have explained why we are adjusting Geomancy and its related effects. We apologize again for the inconvenience this has caused.

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    Bard Songs (2017/2/1)

    As we informed players in the past, we are planning on adding new equipment with the attribute “All Songs+”, and it is scheduled for the next update. We are also simultaneously adjusting the effects of “Song+” properties. Specifically, we are going to standardize its effect by making the effect “+10%”. The affected songs are as follows:

    Minne/Minuet/Madrigal/Prelude/Mambo/March(Honor included)

    We will also be raising the skill and effect cap for these songs.
    The property “Song+” will also now affect the “Carol” songs.

    We believe this adjustment will increase the performance of songs all around. Please be sure to try it out.

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    Trusts (2017/2/2)

    Did you add snapshot to Trusts?
    Trusts do not possess the Trait “Snapshot+”. We added the “Haste+” property to Trusts when wearing ilevel equipment to allow them to match up with the standard “Haste+” effects present on such equipment. Since “Snapshot+” is not a standard stat on these items, there are no plans on adding it to Trusts.

    Black Chocobo Suit (2016/2/3)

    I’ve been trying this item out, but I feel as though the amount of normal items I get have gone down. Is this a hidden effect? If so, it feels like using the Blue Race Silks would be the better option.
    Indeed, the Black Chocobo Suit increases the chance of obtaining rare items in exchange for reducing the probability for items that are more easy to find. It is useful if the player wishes to narrow down the items he wishes to dig up, so please make use of it as necessary.

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    Astral Cube (2017/2/6)

    I missed out on the Astral Cube this time, will it be available again?
    It will have to wait until March or later, but we will be bringing it back.

    Omen (2017/2/7)

    How often are objectives displayed? It seems inconsistent to me, which makes preparation difficult.
    The messages are first displayed 20 seconds after the instance is created. After that, it will be displayed every minute. However, there are separate timers for both when the area is created and when the first member enters the instance, so your time to complete the objectives will be safe. There is no need to feel like you are being rushed in when you see that your instance is ready (Though your reservation will be cancelled if nobody enters within 3 minutes).

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    Adapa Shield (2017/2/8)

    The proc rate of the Reprisal effect seems to be 1% or lower, is this normal?
    The shield was designed to have a high block rate. The activation rate on the added Reprisal effect was set with consideration of how often the player might be attacked. The intent is that the effect is something you get through a stroke of luck once in a while.

    Ambuscade Voucher (2017/2/9)

    Will the new items be made available on these Vouchers?
    The items added since the introduction of the Ambuscade Vouchers will be made available through a separate new item to be added in the future.

    Synthesis Food/Support Effects (2017/2/9)

    How are my craft results affected if my food or support effects wear off in the middle of a craft?
    The “Synthesis Image Support” and Food effects that improve your crafting ability are applied the moment the player character sits and begins synthesis. However, this does not apply to food that increases skill up rates, which is checked alongside the skill up flag at the end of synthesis.

    For effects other than skill up rates, there’s no need to worry even if the effect cuts off mid-synth.

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    Heirroom Necklaces (2017/2/10)

    An option to reobtain the heirroom necklaces from the Adoulin Missions was discussed in the “31st Freshly Picked Vana’Diel”.

    We touched on the following topics:

    -High cost of verification
    The NPC involved in acquiring these necklaces is responsible for handling the flags for the Adoulin Missions, so adjustments require us to verify that all flags will operate properly. This verification workload is comparable to one version update, so we end up needing to decide between the former or the latter.

    -Add a New NPC?
    There is no problem doing this from a system perspective, but we feel that this item is deeply tied to the storyline so we don’t wish to cheapen that. We may decide on a different path if all else fails.

    -Like what?
    Adding items with similar functions.

    Eschuteon (2017/2/13)

    Is it possible to lose this shield while synthesizing with it? If so, when we do further quests does that mean we’ll have to start all over if we break it at any point?
    When synthesizing for the Eschuteon, the shield itself cannot be lost. However, area changes such as getting on a boat, teleporting, or entering content defaults the system to the player losing the items, so we advise players to please be careful.

    Can you add a message telling us when Craftsmanship increases and allow us to trade Crafting Sets at the same time?
    Adding a message for Craftsmanship may be difficult, but we will try to add in a function to allow trading the Crafting Set at the same time.

    Omen (2017/2/14)

    Hello, everyone.

    As promised, I wanted to follow up about obtaining job cards from Omen!

    By completing main and additional objectives in Omen, players earn points which aren't shown in any menu or logs.
    Once players accumulate a certain amount of points, players will receive a card based on the job they were playing at that time.

    The new Omen route we introduced in the February version update will grant bonus points and players can also earn points by defeating enemies as well.
    With this system, players are able to earn more job cards by taking other routes, so we leave it up to you, my fellow adventurers, to decide which route will take you to reach your desired goals~!!

    Ambuscade (2017/2/15)

    When are we going to see the newer sets added to the vouchers or new vouchers being released. There are quite a few sets out now that can't be gotten with the current vouchers.
    Hi there!
    For Ambuscade, instead of using existing vouchers, we're planning to add new vouchers soon which can only be exchanged for the newer items.

    Thanks for your inquiry!

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    Gil Repository (2016/2/16)

    Back in June we were told there were plans to increase the storage limit, has there been any progress on this?
    We are working on increasing the limit that can be held. The amount it will be increased to is still under consideration, but we hope players can stay patient a bit longer for it.

    Combat Balance (2016/2/17)

    Hello. After the February 10th (Friday) update, we received some feedback and discussion regarding the changes to combat. We will answer some of the topics touched on below.

    Is combat right now working as the developers envisioned?

    The adjustments we have made this time have had the effect we intended. However, because it was not balanced with some gimmicks in certain encounters in mind, some high level content has become more difficult. The development team recognizes this and we plan on addressing it.

    Attempting content with the same setups as before has become more difficult.

    Up until now, using Geomancy to affect magic accuracy/evasion would result in capped stats (in other words, 95% magic hit rate and 95% magic evasion rate), so naturally compared to that, difficulty has increased.

    Of course, adjusting only Geomancy after taking advantage of these methods had become the norm would result in a massive increase in difficulty, so we lowered monster battle skill/magic skill/magic evasion.

    Even with Geomancy stacked on top of that, however, the same situation cannot be replicated now. The combat balance before forced unintended stable situations for combat. Now it is necessary to compensate for magic accuracy using equipment, whereas with magic evasion the intent is to not let players completely resist all magic as they could up until now.

    Combat Balance has been changed significantly after the update.

    We had told players before that after the update, applying buffs/debuffs as appropriate should result in around the same level of relative strength as before. By this, we did not mean to say that players could simply challenge the content with the same setups and be guarenteed the same results. We wanted to say that by compensating for the lost Geomancy potency via other means (such as equipment or using other buffs/debuffs) the same relative strength between the monster and the player could be achieved. Since the previous combat balance was caused by unintended values of Geomancy potency, we hope players will understand that we cannot guarentee that level of performance when the party’s support is limited to a Geomancer alone.

    Originally the plan was to simply adjust the effects of Geomancy, but as explained in the previous answer, that would completely cripple the popular tactics employed by players, so we adjusted monsters, enfeebling magic, and songs. By adjusting party setups accordingly, players should still be able to tackle the content effectly.

    Couldn’t you have just buffed other classes to the level of Geomancer?

    There were cases where Geomancy was so powerful, doing this simply wasn’t feasible. If you buff players, you also need to buff the monsters, and eventually we would need to use methods such as creating monsters which have a guarenteed hit rate on certain status ailments. We don’t believe this is something anybody wants.

    Furthermore, in consideration of future battle content and the effects it would have on how equipment is designed, it was thought it would be best to instead take care of the parts which were working against the intended design.

    Tranquil Heart (2017/2/22)

    There was an error made in the past when explaining the Job Trait “Tranquil Heart”. Previously, we had said that it considered the same type of enmity decrease as equipment, but when the data was rechecked, we found there was an error in that answer.

    In fact, Tranquil Heart counts separately from equipment, and will continue having an effect even when the player is capped from equipment at -50. The effect the multiplicative with equipment, meaning that at the upper limit of -25 from Tranquil Heart and -50 from equipment, players will have (1-0.5)×(1-0.25)=0.375, in other words 37.5% of enmity generation they would otherwise have.

    We apologize for the incorrect information we had provided.

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    Combat Balance (2017/2/27)

    As we mentioned before, we will be adjusting some of the notorious monsters in the next version update due to how the changes we made in the last update affected their difficulty.

    The target will be the high CL content within “Geas Fete”. We plan on adjusting some of the gimmicks present that make these monsters difficult to take down.

    Ambuscade (2017/2/28)

    We will be introducing new vouchers for Ambuscade content in the March update. The Flamma/Tali’ah/Mummu/Ayanmo/Mallquis Armor sets (HQ included) will be available from these tickets.

    Reclamation (2017/3/1)

    I tried trading Miasmic Pants for reclamation points, but the NPC would not take it. Why not?
    One of the rules for trading in items for reclamation points is “No items with enchantments”.

    HQ Adoulin Rings (2017/3/1)

    After turning the ring HQ, do you have to start from the NQ ring again if you want to switch?
    Because the NPC that gives the Adoulin-related Rings and the NPC that turns it HQ are different, obtaining a different HQ ring will require receiving a new NQ ring* and then made HQ again. However, if an HQ ring is discarded, the same ring can be reobtained in its HQ state.

    *Trading Rings is handled by the NPC “Ploh Trishbahk” for the cost of 300,000 Bayld.

    Analysis Crystals (2017/3/2)

    We will work on changing the exchange screen for these items so that players may enter the amount they wish. We will look into making this possible for HQ Crystals as well.

    Stormwaker (2017/3/3)

    The casting order for spells seems to have changed. I have a scanner equipped, and right now it is casting Stoneskin before Phalanx. It used to be hat it casted Phalanx before Stoneskin.
    This is working as intended.

    The Automaton checks the Master’s Main Job to determine its casting order. If the Master is on a job that requires close-range fighting, Phalanx will be prioritized over Stoneskin.

    Omen (2017/3/7)

    Hello, everyone!

    In the upcoming March version update, alliances will be able to take on Omen! This will be added as a way for players to help each other for the clear.

    Please note that when entering Omen as an alliance, the enemies' HP will not scale based on the number of participants nor will this apply to the amount of loot.
    Therefore, players will need to lot against more players when entering as an alliance.

    That being said, we encourage players to think carefully about their manpower before tackling their Omen runs based on the purpose of specifically going for the loot or the clear.

    I hope this won’t mean that objectives will change to “Do 18 skillchains” or something.
    The additional tasks will not be harder than the ones for 6-person parties. There is no need to worry about the tasks becoming harder if you enter with 18 people.

    Forging A New Myth (2017/3/9)

    There seems to be situations where this battlefield becomes impossible to clear involving the NM “Zahak”. Is this intentional?
    First, an explanation of the quest battlefield “Forging A New Myth” (Spoilers below).

    The NM’s HP is kept at 1 until certain conditions are satisfied. In order to cut off the heads of the NM “Zahak”, certain conditions must be met:
    1. Performing a Critical autoattack hit
    2. Doing damage with certain Abilities
    3. Damaging with Weapon Skills
    All have a certain rate of cutting off a head. Furthermore, cutting off the last head requires the use of a weapon skill, which is guaranteed to remove it.

    This means if there is only one head left and you are in a situation where you can’t do damage, you must find ways to gain TP other than damage.

    If the player understands these conditions when entering the battlefield, we believe a dead-end scenario should not be possible. We hope this information will be helpful.

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    Battle Content Impact on Conquest (2017/3/17)

    Does content such as Wanted, High Level Mission Battles or Voidwatch affect Conquest influence?
    Any battles within a region are counted for Conquest.

    As a side note, the way Beastmen gain influence in a region is not based on the amount of times a player is KO’d, but rather the amount of times players return to a home point after being KO’d (This takes place whether Signet is obtained or not).

    We looked into which areas where KO rate for players was abnormally high, and we’ll consider some countermeasures for these areas. We will need to figure out how to change areas based on what different kinds of battlefields are found in them, so please give us some time to figure it out!

    Regal Captain’s Gloves (2017/3/17)

    Why isn’t Dragoon on this item?
    This item was designed with the concept of “For Jobs that cannot increase accuracy via Job Traits”.

    There are other items designed with Dragoon in mind, so we hope you try those out!

    Jacknife (2017/3/22)

    Can you change the way clamming works? With the new Escutcheon quest, a large increase in people clamming has occurred, and it seems that like Chocobo Digging, there is a limited number of items to go around.
    Thank you for your feedback. Because Clamming has never been particularly popular, there seem to be many mysteries for how it works. I will explain some parts of it below.

    There is no specification for a limited number of items from clamming like there was for Chocobo Digging. However, we believe you may have mistakenly believed this due to the special way the item list is generated.

    The item lists change with the location where clamming is performed and the tides (Two patterns exist, one for Full Moon to New Moon and another for the opposite). In some cases, the chance to obtain an item may even be 0%, and players might mistakenly believe “They’ve all been taken!”

    For the item “Jacknife”, three of the clamming points on Purgonurgo Isle will always be hotspots. If you are having trouble obtaining this item, you might need to try a different Clamming Point…and may need to move again if you’re still having trouble!

    Cursna (2017/3/28)

    Regarding the spell “Cursna”, we rechecked the data and realized we made an error in the previous announcement.

    The success rate of “Cursna” depends on Healing Magic Skill, with 26% at 500 skill, and will continue to improve beyond that, with 30% at 600 skill. By the way, at 1000 skill, you can expect a 43% effect.

    Forthcoming Ambuscade Update (2017/3/29)

    I'd like to share additional information concerning the forthcoming Ambuscade update that Matsui touched on.

    •Starting from the next version update, players will be able to store upgraded high-quality gear with the Porter Moogle!
    •Players will be able to use both Hallmarks and Gallantry when reforging existing equipment.
    •The usual Tarutaru will be handling the new upgrades. You'll be upgrading the gear by turning in the material and equipment at the same time!

    Omen Objectives (2017/3/30)

    I didn’t get credit for skillchains that killed the enemy, what gives?
    Skillchain damage-related objectives in Omen are not counted if the weapon skill creating the skillchain or the skillchain itself defeats the enemy.

    Another odd thing is with Trusts, when AAEV closed the skillchain with CDC, I did not get credit, yet got credit with Amchuchu’s Dimidiation. Why this inconsistency?
    Originally, “Trust Weapon Skills do not count” was the setting we wanted. However, since we feel many players seem to be relying on Trust Weapon Skills, we will change the settings so that they will all count. Thus, the ones that are not counting right now will be changed so that they do.

    We hope you can wait for us to implement this change!

    Mount Zhayolm (2017/3/30)

    I had thought any area we could Mount in, we could Dig in, but I was disappointed when this wasn’t the case.

    Can you change Mount Zhayolm at least?
    Chocobos have no means to dig into terrain covered with hard rock, so areas like Mount Zhayolm are excluded. Maybe if there was a Chocobo with a super hard beak…but unfortunately, no such breed exists. We hope for your understanding.

    Job Points/Gifts (2017/3/31)

    We apologize for this late response. Currently, we have no plans on expanding on Job Points or Gifts. We apologize to players who have mastered all their jobs, but we wish players will play jobs in various different ways. If we add too many useful Job Points, we feel we may exacerbate the current situation where players will be left out based on their Job Point and Gift progression. We feel it is better we keep things the way they are for the moment.

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    Addle (2017/4/5)

    Song+ has no effect on Noctourne. Does that mean equipment does not affect Addle either?
    The cast speed down and magic accuracy reduction of the spells “Addle” and “Addle II” are both affected by the ability “Saboteur” and Enfeebling Magic enhancing properties on equipment. The latter enhances enfeebling magic by a percentage corresponding to the value found on the equipment.

    Weapon Drawing (2017/4/6)

    I’d really like some kind of adjustment to this issue. Maybe if it could be applied to monsters too it wouldn’t be a big deal, but this is a demerit that only applies to players. I hope the same idea can be applies to other fields where players are at a disadvantage.
    “Character stiffness” as it were, is a basic setting of the game by design. With few exceptions, we make it so that players actions are completely displayed. As a basic rule, we don’t plan on changing it.

    Monsters can finish casting a spell regardless of range, yet players will be interrupted.
    Monsters can have their spells interrupted the same way as for players.

    Monsters can run up and down certain ledges but players cannot.
    As a basic rule the maps are designed to give the advantage to the monsters. If you make the playing field even or even advantageous for the player, it would be easy to exploit critical flaws allowing for situations where only players are allowed to attack.

    Furthermore, pet movement uses the same settings as monster movement, so adjustments to the latter would impact players as well.

    Petrification (2017/4/7)

    I was soloing Omen, and I found that Entomb would have its petrification broken due to using Diaga to pull. I tried multiple different times and I found Dia would break petrify each time. When I tested with the Break spell later, Dia did not break petrification. What’s going on?
    Petrification has not be adjusted. Petrification is lifted when a certain amount of time elapses or a certain amount of damage is done. It is somewhat similar to stoneskin, where a certain amount of HP damage will cause the effect to wear off. In the case of “Entomb” specifically, this damage is set as 1 point.

    Ambuscade Eminence Objectives (2017/4/10)

    Can you make monsters in Abyssea count for these objectives or lower the number necessary?
    Because the issues with congestion are related to these objectives, we don’t plan on adjusting these objectives in a uniform fashion. That being said, we realize that with certain Expert objectives that the applicable beastmen can be a bit scarce, so we may consider adjusting the number necessary here.

    Dark Resistance (2017/4/12)

    Death, Kaustra, and Leaden Salute, as well as Frazzle are all in a bad place due to the strong dark resistance in recent enemies. Currently there’s a heavy reliance on light-element abilities, is it possible to re-examine this?

    This is seen especially with the Omen bosses. Magic strategies are also not very useful on these enemies.
    As we mentioned during our adjustments to Geomancy, the magic evasion of certain monsters were already adjusted.

    In regards to specific resistances, we should note that certain monsters have resistances tied to what family of monster they belong to. The Notorious Monster “Ou” for example, is a Caturae, which has high resistance against Darkness. In this case, we have no plans on lowering it.

    Sluice Gate (2017/4/12)

    Hello, everyone!

    From a story persepective, the Sluice Gate at (M-10) of Rala Waterways is a secret passage!
    However, this passage is only permitted to be used by high-ranking townspeople, such as members of the Twelve Orders of Adoulin, and it is not available to adventurers or ordinary townsfolk.

    I was very curious about this as well so thank you for the inquiry!

    Heirloom Necklace (2017/4/14)

    We had announced earlier that we were planning on adding alternatives to the Heirloom necklaces rewarded from the Adoulin Missions, but we wish to note that currently we have many other priorities to take care of, so it may still take some time before these are implemented.

    Race Change (2017/4/18)

    There are currently no plans to introduce a race change service.

    As a side note, there are also no plans on allowing players to send Relic, Mythic, Empyrean or Aeonic weapons through the delivery system.

    Cooking Guild Points (2017/4/18)

    Within a month, if items were turned in every day, you would earn about 350k-400k points for the Cooking Guild, compared to the 450k-500k you would earn for another guild. Over a year this is a difference of a million points- quite a handicap.

    Suggestion 1: Increase GP rewards by 20-30% for Cooking
    Suggestion 2: Reduce the cost of items and Analysis Crystals for Cooking by 20-30%p
    GP gain is determined by the NPC price of the delivered item. Because the Cooking Guild already receives a 50% bonus compared to others, we currently have no plans on adjusting it further.

    We have received feedback about how the Eschuteon quest varies in difficulty by guild, but the items requested by the quest varies by the skill chosen, so the intent was never for the quests to be aligned perfectly with each other.

    Naturally, if the end result of the quest resulted in a reward that was the same across all the quests, there would be a need to make adjustments, but since the Eschuteon varies by skill as well, we don’t think it is necessary to compare different guilds with each other in this context.

    Ambuscade Congestion (2017/4/20)


    First, I would like to apologize for not sharing this information sooner. When we first made the announcement on the Japanese forums, we saw a large amount of feedback regarding it. Therefore, before moving forward with posting the exact same information, we wanted extra time to confirm that the suggestions made to alleviate the queue times for Ambuscade were just suggestions and not finalized.

    That being said, the development team is currently examining every possible measure to alleviate the congestion issue; however, we are not able to make any further adjustments to the system itself.

    We presented two possible solutions which may make an impact; however, we felt that these options would be poorly received by players. The first option was to place a time based restriction on challenging Ambuscade, similar to what we currently have for Omen. The second option was to remove the equipment and their upgrade materials from the list of rewards altogether.

    Why only these two options?

    There were many suggestions from our players, operations team, and the dev. team; however, when considering the options, we needed to make sure it is something that we can accomplish, and something that will make a clear impact to alleviate the situation. As a result of considering various options, the two suggestions we made above met these conditions.

    We felt both of these options aren't viable for players, and as we can see here on this thread, there are far more comments against such changes. Therefore, we will not move forward with these measures. We will continue to look for other possible solutions; however, please note that the final decision we make may not be the outcome everyone can agree on.

    Again, I apologize again for not bringing up this matter sooner, but we wanted to confirm these points before posting. We ask everyone to continue leaving feedback and possible suggestions, so we can relay them to the dev. team investigate.

    Also, to give you all a better understanding to the situation, here are some common questions we've seen thus far.

    • If you were to place a time based restriction on entry, do you have plans to ease the materials used for other content obtained from Ambuscade?

    We have no plans to make adjustments to other corresponding battle content. For example, we have already made adjustments to the effect of cells for Voidwatch, adjusted the price of the Phase Displacer, removed the restriction on how many can be purchased, and adjusted how many can be purchased at one time. For this reason, we believe the difficulty has been eased. With this adjustment, the difficulty to create Empyrean weapons have also been lower than what we originally assumed. Therefore, we do not have any plans to consider any further adjustments to ease these, as they may lose their purpose entirely.

    • Would increasing the number of NPCs used to enter resolve this issue?

    This adjustment would be only be a visual one, and would not change the number of players that can enter the content on the system end. Instead, by having more NPCs available, we worry that more players will talk to these other NPCs at the same time, causing the queue times to be longer than it is now. At the very least, this would not change the current situation.

    In addition to this, we are not able to increase the amount of players that can enter at once on the system end. This goes without saying that we do require additional resources and staff to do this, but furthermore, the major factor for this content relies on the base foundation of the system. Please note that any type of system-side adjustments to reduce queue times is near impossible.

    • Isn't it possible to lower the amount points needed to obtain items?

    The attributes set on these items were set based on the difficulty and effort required to obtain them. For this reason, we have no plans to adjust this; however, we are able to take another approach, such as adding other ways to obtain items like Abdhaljs Seals. While it does not directly affect the point requirement, it does have the same effect as lowering the points. It is a very subtle change, but we believe we can expand a bit more into making these type of changes.

    ...Worst case scenario, revamp Ambuscade to not be an instanced battlefield...
    This would mean removing Ambuscade and creating a new form of battle content from the ground up. Next, it would be difficult to assess if that new content would be able to hold the same numbers of players that Ambuscade can. Additionally, some content, like Limbus, does not use a layered area system like Ambuscade. One area alone is being reserved for the group participating so if we were to use this type of arena, congestion would become much greater than it is now.

    There have been other suggestions on the Japanese forum as well, so let me share some of the questions and answers which were posted there.

    Q: Currently the Abdhaljs Seal increases the amount of Hallmarks players can obtain from an Ambuscade victory.

    Would it be possible to just give a set amount of Hallmarks?
    Currently, players can earn up to 3,600 Hallmarks using the Abdhaljs Seal. If we were to set it so the item offers 1,000 Hallmarks, those who enter the Intense Ambuscade with the "Very Difficult" settings would earn significantly fewer Hallmarks. If we set it to offer 3,600 Hallmarks, those entering the normal Ambuscade with the "Very Easy" settings would earn too much.

    The main concern here is the difficulty in balancing the amount of rewarded Hallmarks.

    Q: Since the Ambuscade content changes monthly, would it be possible to try out the different suggestions made by the dev. team to see how it may affect the congestion?
    We discussed this internally to see if it would be a good idea to hold a trial period as well.
    However, even if we did this for a month, it may inconvenience players, so we're still debating if this would be the right approach.

    We can consider the trial periods if the majority of players are willing to try out this approach, so please continue to give us your feedback concerning Ambuscade trial periods in order to help us alleviate the congestion problem.

    We encourage the discussion to continue and thank you for your continued feedback.

    Voidwatch (2017/4/20)

    How do the Blue and Red Alignments affect the drop rates for Empyrean materials?
    We tend not to disclose all the mechanics behind how items drop, but we will share with you some information regarding “Red Alignment” and “Heavy Metal”.

    Red Alignment affects the drop rate of “Heavy Metal”. By using the item “Rubicund Cell” to increase Red Alignment by 150%, the item “Heavy Metal” will be added to the list of potential drops! Increasing the alignment further will have no effects on the drop rate of “Heavy Metal”.

    Red Mage (2017/4/20)

    We thank the players for the various suggestions made to improve Red Mage. We will be sure to share them with the development team. When adjusting Red mage, we try to balance it alongside the Bard, Corsair, and Geomancer jobs. The Red Mage is a job that can apply an unlimited number of buffs and debuffs simultaneously, unlike the other 3 jobs, and it tends to have a shorter recast time, and we take this into consideration when adjusting the job.

    The Red Mage holds the role of the all-rounder, so we wish to avoid making it so that it can become a specialist in all aspects, which would push out other jobs.

    In regards to the spell “Frazzle” specifically, as we had mentioned in the past, we will be avoiding adding too many monsters that resist dark in the future to improve its usability.

    /itemsearch (2017/4/21)

    Can you not make it so that /itemsearch allows partial item names? Makes it easier for people like me who always forgets item names too.
    The current command was designed to be lightweight by doing one-to-one matches utilizing the autotranslate system. The suggestion made would change the way this command would be handled, and would put quite a strain on the client each time a search is performed.

    Campaign NPCs (2017/4/21)

    I would like if you could make it so that area-specific troops (such as the Red Rose Condoittieres of Vunkerl [S] or the First Legionnaires of Crawler’s Nest [S]) will be deployed to the Northlands.

    Normally, the possible troops in the Northlands (such as Valaineral’s Royal Guards or Gariri’s Scorpion Casters) will be deployed, but the current settings for the game make it such that if even one region of a nation’s surrounding area is beastman-controlled, there will be no troops deployed. For example, on my server the Bastok army never sends troops to the North because the Pashhow Marshlands are occupied almost every week. If in such cases you instead made it so that area-exclusive forces are sent to the north to compensate, it would make it a lot easier to regain control of these areas.

    I write a lot of this partly because I love fighting alongside these NPCs, and I think this would be a way to let NPCs that normally don’t appear as much get to see more action.
    Thank you for your feedback. Your suggestion would require quite a large specification change. If we were to estimate, such a change would be approximately equal to two version updates. It’s quite a workload, so I’m afraid doing so would be quite difficult.

    Oboro Weapon Delivery (2017/4/24)

    Do you think you can allow us to deliver these items within an account?
    It would be difficult for us to implement this, as due to the way Oboro weapons are obtained, the game tracks multiple flags during the acquisition process. These flags may cause various issues when delivering the item. To avoid this risk we believe it is better to maintain the current settings.

    Barkarole Earring (2017/4/25)

    Why is this item an exception to reacquisition among the Adoulin Quest rewards?
    It is actually possible to reobtain this item. Speak to the NPC “Zaffeld” in Eastern Adoulin, and see if it initiates the event necessary to reobtain the item! If you continue to run into issues, it is possible you are either in a temporary cooldown period due to quest progression, and you must wait a day to reobtain the item. If you still run into issues we ask that you submit a bug report.

    Jug Synthesis Recipes (2017/4/27)

    Sugary Broth, Poisonous Broth, and Sticky Webbing can only be synergized. Will you not be adding normal synthesis recipes for them?
    We’ll look into it. Thanks for your feedback!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sicycre
    Hi, there!

    I just wanted to provide confirmation that the effects of the Chocolate Rusk are the same on the Tiny Rusk:

    Synthesis failure rate -4%
    High-quality success rate +2
    This effect description will be added to the Tiny Rusk in an upcoming update! Thanks for the feedback!

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