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    FFXIV V1.0 to ARR question

    Registered when FFXIV first came out and played until the trial period was over. Allowed my account to be deactivated at that point while the great ‘rebuild’ of FFXIV was under way, with the intent to re-activate the account when it was released.

    I would periodically access the FFXIV server without ‘loggin in’ to insure I got the latest updates when they came out, thinking I would need that when ARR finally was released.

    My last ‘visit’ to the server, after the new year, resulted in a message that the server was down indefinably and that I should delete V1.0 from my PC and wait for ARR to be released.

    Question: What has been said about how a deactivated account get the game software for ARR when it’s released? Online download after re-activating/registering your membership? For those that purchased the game (V1.0), is ARR a ‘free’ upgrade?

    I assume this info. has been asked and then answered somewhere along the line… but so far, I have not found the answer.

    Anyone have a handle on the answer to this question?


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    You wouldn't know that though because you've demonstrably never picked up a book nor educated yourself on the matter. Let me guess, overweight housewife?
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    upgrading to arr is free, when it's up you'll log in and download everything.

    Also, in the future please use this for posting simple questions/answers:

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