I decided to worldshift to Bahamut on a whim today.
My character was born in Ragnarok, and I shifted to Ramuh to join the pet LS MonstersInc there, Ramuh became Bahamut. For some reason or other, I went back to Ragnarok but all my friends there have quit and I think I missed Bahamut...

so 2 years later...
I'm back in Bahamut.

I don't know if MonsterInc is still around or not.. but I'd really like to find a nice casual social-ish LS that actually does new content and so on. Would also be nice if they had people active around Japan-time.. any takers?

I'm Spira on Ragnarok and used to be Arciel on Ramuh/Bahamut.
Someone took the name so I'm now Arciele.
I'm not the most active player due to law school but i expect to play much more when SoA hits

Predominantly a SMN, BST and SCH player. Will also be playing RUN.