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    [Introduction] Where's the introduction forums?! (Also Hey!)

    Hey guys, just wanted to say hello and introduce myself.

    I'm new to FFXI and enjoying it so far, even though I haven't much of an idea of what to do.

    Basically, my brother gave me this game somewhere around 2005 (It's on the xbox360 btw) and I never got to playing it.

    Now I wanted to start playing it a bit, but I honestly have no idea what to do.
    Thankfully I found a kind stranger who gave me the tip to get a Signet for crystals, and that I should go kill some monsters.

    This is great and all, but after a while I'm starting to think I should be doing some more than just plain killing monsters

    Anyway, to make this a bit of an actual introduction, here's some info about me;

    Name: Gerald
    IGN: Craften
    Age: 21
    Location: The Netherlands, South-Holland.

    I have some questions about the game, and if anyone could answer these for me I would be pretty happy.
    - What should I be doing in this game? I have found a ''tutorial quests'' npc near the Westgate of (I forgot the city I started in, the first one in the list...San D'oria?) and I've been doing those, but is that all I need to be doing right now?

    - How do I make money, what do I need money for?

    - Is there a social guild/linkshell(That's what it's called right) that would ''adopt'' me and guide me around a bit, or at least be there to have someone to talk to.

    - What server is the most active? Is it feasible to stay on Sylph?

    Thanks for some of the answers in advance, looking forward to becoming active in both this community and in FFXI!

    Edit: Also, it turns out I'm an idiot for not seeing the ''New members posting'' thread. Sorry.

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    Well, I don't know if you even check here anymore, but here goes:

    • Level up lol. As an MMO, you need to level up as you go in order to access areas more easily. Sure you can waltz around Lv75+ areas as a Lv20, but what good would that do you other than for exploration's sake? Things start opening up to you once you are 80 and beyond as empyrean armor and the likes become available.

    • As a lowbie, saving those crystals and selling them in stacks are quite nice. Save beastment seals, don't waste gil on HQ low level gear as those 1-2 points of def do nothing that warrants the cost. Looking at you leather bandana +1. You'll need gil to upgrade your gear later of course, as well as keeping yourself stocked with food/meds depending on job. If you can somehow manage starting funds, fishing for moat carp can bring in the steady gil. Check out ffxi wikis to find out more.

    • Check out for server activities. Judging from the list, sylph is among the lower spectrum of active. If you find it empty during the times you play, it may be best for you to try to get into the other more populated servers.

    Can't help you regarding LS. Most of the ones that shout to recruit seem helpful at first, but always flake out weeks into it. Check server-specific forums for people that advertise their shell and see if you would mesh. Maybe even try asking which server has the most active EU population.

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