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    Zodiac Braves : (NA Central) FFXIV:ARR Free Company

    ~Welcome to the Zodiac Braves recruitment thread~

    Recruitment information

    Zodiac Braves is a new Free Company recruiting members in anticipation of ARR in the coming months. We will be starting on a new server so that all of our members will be able to experience the newly created Eorzea together for the first time.

    Yes, we are new and currently small in numbers, but that reason alone should not dishearten anyone from being interested. I personally assure you my commitment to making this a thriving Free Company is unwavering.

    Our Goals

    The goals set for Zodiac Braves are numerous, (including: instancing, raiding, questing, crafting, and many social aspects) and are no doubt the same as yours as individuals. We as a community will be there for our members when they want to take on tasks to big for themselves. To make that possible, teamwork will be a continuing effort. Working together in such a tight-knit group will not only better our chances of overall success, but in the process form bonds of friendship between our members that endure beyond the game.

    Who we're looking for

    Prior to launch, other than our Free Company rules, requirements for acceptance are minimal. We welcome members from all types of gaming backgrounds and hope to gather members with a wide variety of goals in mind for ARR. Whether endgame oriented or maybe a casual player leaning towards the social aspect, we encourage all to apply. Noted are a few stipulations for acceptance.
    -Must be 18 years old or over
    -NA based individuals preferred although all timezones welcome
    -Must have access to Raidcall*

    *Only required for events that necessitate the need for precise timing. Talking not mandatory; being able to listen in is required. (We do recommend it be used as much as possible for the benefits it brings to the community overall) With that said, we are aware that the game will also be released on the PS3 without voicechat possibilities. We are not about to cast aside any member that wishes to use this platform, but in terms of raiding do feel it is a necessary tool for organization and the managing of events. We do have users that will be using the PS3 but also connecting to us on raidcall via laptop. We do suggest that as one solution.

    Basic Information

    Website: www.zodiacgaming.us
    Focus: Progression, Crafting, Social
    Voice Chat: Raidcall
    Time Zone: Central (GMT -6)

    How to apply

    Anyone interested can visit our website or msg me/post here for more information~ Thank you for your time.

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    Hello all. I thought it would be a good idea to give an update to those who might be starting to look for a pre-launch FC or those still looking for a community to call home, that Zodiac Braves is still recruiting to fill our ranks as we gear up for the ARR launch. Since my initial post a little over three weeks ago we've grown 6x larger in size and near the 30 member mark. /rejoice! :D The forums are alive and we're all having a blast getting to know each other.

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    Regardless of how active this forum is, I thought I'd update this seeing as its been almost 2 months. We're now approaching phase 3 of the beta and are still going strong. We sit at around 50 members currently with my goal of 60 pre-launch. If anyone is interested contact me here, or on my FC website. Or apply! Thanks for your time.


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