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    Solidarity - NA EST Morning-Afternoon Active/ EU Friendly playtimes Free Company

    http://files.enjin.com/375813/Site I...Solid Base.png
    [Website] - [Forum] - [Application]

    Server: Gilgamesh - NA/EU Fresh Start
    Style: Mixed Play Styles | PvE End-Game Focus
    Communication: Ventrilo Server | Website Forum
    Time Zone: All Accepted (NA Based Morning Priority/EU Prime Time)
    Event Times: Within the window of 11AM-5PM EST (GMT-5) Weekends

    Free Company Objectives

    Solidarity was founded as a community for NA morning and EU prime time players with a "casual" but "dedicated" play style. By "casual" we mean players that have other commitments in real life such as their job, family or other interests, and whose play time may be fairly random. By "dedicated" we mean players that will immerse themselves fully in each game we play and give 100% to the FC. That said, Solidarity has varying objectives and levels of commitment required, so before joining our FC please make sure you are happy with that styles objectives.

    The primary goal of our FC leaders is to ensure that Solidarity is a friendly and stable MMO community for players to enjoy playing in. Yes we are very organized, and yes we are very clear about our FC's rules and what is expected of everyone, operating on a hybrid democracy. We do take fairness VERY seriously and we will always go out of our way to ensure everyone in the FC is getting a good deal, but at the same time we expect contribution in return. The more you put into Solidarity the more you will get out. We are not a FC for loners or players just after a tag or chat room. We are a FC for team players, and mature adults who are helpful, outgoing, and hopefully have a good sense of humor!

    For our style of FC to work we do have to be clear on a few points. If you prefer to play games mostly 'solo' and do not like group activities or helping others or contributing then this is not the FC for you. If you live/play outside of our main activity window then you will likely miss out on much that this FC has to offer, and again this FC may not be for you. Finally, should you start to find that your play-time or play style is out-of-sync with the rest of the FC, while you will always be welcome, please do not try to change the focus of the FC to suit your own needs, and instead maybe consider that you might be happier in another FC that better suits you. This does NOT mean that the FC will not adapt and evolve over time, but it does mean that any major shift in focus will not happen unless our leaders agree, and feel it is the right decision for the majority of our members.

    If you're in this game because you want to progress, become a better player, challenge yourself and be within a real community of people who actually get to know each other, then Solidarity is the place for you.

    What can we offer?

    -A friendly relaxed community
    -An ideal chance to meet new friends
    -A place to enjoy the game and not have to worry about pressure, rude or ignorant players
    -A leadership team that has structured the FC for the long term
    -A FC where you are not just a number. Everyone brings something to the table.
    -A chance to take on whatever the game has to throw at us and having a blast doing it.

    Our expectations

    -Play your class well.
    -Play well with others.
    -Show your commitment.

    If you like what you've seen so far, please check out our website. Your level and class does not matter. What does matter is that your attitude is right. You are more than welcome to start completely fresh, or bring over your 1.0 character. If you're a new player reading this, you are also more than welcome to join us.

    Check us out at:

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    We're approaching launch with a solid member base, looking out for people interested in WAR tanking and Arcanist jobs. If you're looking for a community to support your odd hours of play come check us out!

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