The Profit Linkshell is recruiting once again beneath new leadership, but the idea of our LS is the same. I spent quite a bit of time in linkshells where the leaders got the majority of stuff and the “Ls bank” was a mythological amount of gil in the hands of one of the leaders of the shell…

YTG originally started Profit, and I believe with it started the first LS (on Ragnorak) that paid its own members for the events we run rather than deposit it all into this mythological LS bank. While YTG is no longer playing Profit has been continued beneath new leadership.

Right now we do a lot of merc work – this is anything between ADL, Emp weapons, Einherjar, Limbus, V2 Salvage, etc. Members are paid as soon as the gil is ready for the event they attended (items sell, etc.) We are going to be getting into Skirmish & Wildskeeper Rieves soon as well. Gil can range all the way up to several million per event (depending on the event you go to). There is no attendance requirement in Profit.

Drops in an event (unless we have a buyer for that specific piece) go by a bid system. Bids generally start anywhere between 50k-1m. The highest bidder gets the item. This gil is then paid out amongst the attending members.

Profit’s larger LS events usually run in the evenings (CST/EST) time, but we do run smaller events such as Limbus and emp mercing during the morning and afternoons. (Emp mercing is usually a 2-5m payout per person). So there is quite a bit to do amongst different time zones.

Please apply at
You will generally get an answer within 3 days, as we leave the recruitment open for any discussion about the applicant amongst the members.