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    Bravura: Quest Rush - 2D Action RPG

    Hello everyone,

    I'm currently working on a new iOS title which is kinda the spiritual successor of "Battleloot Adventure", an RPG that my studio, Digital Tales, released last year.

    The game is basically a 2D, side-scrolling action game with RPG elements to it (classes, buffs, unique skills). It revolves around achieving hi-scores by running through stages helping folks in need, slaying monsters and completing quests. It's the "standard rpg experience" condensed in 60-80 seconds of mayhem.

    The player controls a Brave Hero, and recruits Companions along the way. These supporting characters perform a variety of supporting actions, such as soaking damage, attacking from a distance or casting enhancements.

    As you can imagine, the game has been ispired by "Half Minute Hero" on the PSP. And I guess my FF appreciation is showing when it comes to Companions.

    - - -

    We just released the first of a series of early gameplay videos, which covers most of touch interactions related to quest completition. Our goal is to create a video for each "core" gameplay mechanic, meaning Quests, Combat and Companions.

    Now, since I'm on game design duties, I could use every bit of feedback I can get. That may also include alpha/beta versions access for BG folks, as well.

    So if anything about this game interests you, feel free to post any opinions or questions.

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    Does it get any faster? I'd like to see an increased scroll rate as the game progresses. It has a very Vanillaware feel to the design, which is very nice.

    Any plans on Android?

    Also, add in a loli rogue/thief companion and I'll purchase it day one

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    The video shows content from stage 1 to 5, most being tutorial stages so they may look kinda "slow" - which is intended, of course.

    The game speeds up the better the player performs (completing Quests in Heroic mode (lolWoW), avoid damage), to the point you're pretty much dashing through the second half of the stage. Mistakes make you lose speed so.. you get the idea.

    Any plans on Android?
    Chances are an Android version will follow the iOS one. We're not developing them at the same time, though.

    Also, add in a loli rogue/thief companion and I'll purchase it day one
    We currenly have two Bandits - the female one sporting a punk-ish vibe - so the Thief spot is definitely open!

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    Is tapping fruits or gold a must? I feel if you allow the hero to "walk through" them to obtain them and let the tap (not on an npc or objects) for jumping.

    Tap to jump and talk, swipe to attack. I feel it would give the gameplay more fluidity.

    Edit: I played Battleloot excessively a while back and always liked the art. I hope the weakness chart/circle of classes will make a return in some way or form.

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    Is tapping fruits or gold a must? I feel if you allow the hero to "walk through" them to obtain them
    I see your point, but we wanted to avoid ending in "runner" territory. There really are a hundreds of different runners these days, and for Bravura we aimed for something a little different.

    The quests you get in each stage are short, simplified versions of usual rpg tasks, but they're still "quests".
    Meaning you're required to look around, interact with the environment and solve the task at hand yourself.

    I hope you may get a better idea of the game's overall pace and controls once we show the combat system - then you can see how questing blends with fighting, just like your usual rpg experience does.

    I hope the weakness chart/circle of classes will make a return in some way or form.
    It sure will! Classes and monsters will have "Edges", which will work slightly different than the old Battleloot weakness wheel.
    I'll be glad to discuss that, soon.

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    Hello everyone,

    our second "early gameplay" video is finally up, and it showcases combat and touch controls. And a few hints on the Companion system, too.

    - - -

    - - -

    Earlier during the initial design process, we decided we wanted to avoid having large buttons and d-pads obstructing the game colorful visuals, and that's why every single combat action is accessible with different swipes.

    The basic premise is that the player's finger commands the main character, with the rest of the party following. You swipe upward to jump, or forward for a dashing attack. Only Brave Powers (more on those later) are activated in the good ol' fashion way - by pressing a button.

    The result - I hope - is a vivid, enjoyable visual experience that is not encumbered, at all.

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    Looking great.

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    I can spot a Worms sheep sfx a mile away.

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    I can spot a Worms sheep sfx a mile away.
    You're spot on, sir!

    Thankfully, most of the sound effects are still placeholders. The weirdest being the one that plays when you smash jails open, and they sound like insects.

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    Well - looks like we're almost on track with our schedule, meaning we'd be releasing the game in a couple of weeks or so.
    It'll be iOS online at start, with Android or win8 potential releases shrouded in mistery...

    In the meanwhile, we got our third early gameplay video out. This time it's about Companions and the whole party system that supports the main character.

    Basically, by clearing stages players can unlock additional support characters, each belonging to a certain class (the Hero has its own, unique class). These companions fit into good classic rpg archetypes such as tank, attacker or supporter.

    Party making comes down to picking Companions, based either on their "vibe", their overall stats/actions or their combat edge - like Paladins being stronger against magical enemies, and such.
    In addition, by completing stages alongside Companions, the hero can actually acquire new powers - based on the original class. Once acquired, these powers are the Hero's, and can be used anytime with any party setup.

    The whole rpg tidbit is something I wanted to add over the classical runner concept - guess I'll soon find out if it worked, or not

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    Good news everyone!

    ...Have you access to the Canadian or Finnish Itunes store, by any chance?
    ...And are you still struck with Error 9000, or waiting in queue to enter your FFXIV server?

    Well, now you can download and try "Bravura - QR" for free!
    We just started our open beta, there on the canadian store, and everyone is invited to jump in.

    Here's the link:

    Canada - http://bit.ly/17jsR4v

    Finland - https://itunes.apple.com/fi/app/brav...690536249?mt=8

    Please look forward to it!

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    And... This is it - game is finally out, worldwide.

    * Immersion-proof grass not included

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    Thanks a lot on fixing the jumping thing. I had to drop the tank/support to pass some stages where I had to jump over a fire.

    A question though. What's the difference between, say, Ruba and Baro? It seems a waste leveling one up if you already leveled up the other one.

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    I know, jumping had to be fixed.

    A question though. What's the difference between, say, Ruba and Baro?
    The main difference between male and female characters is how they grow by each upgrade.
    While they both start with the same exact stats, each character has his/her own favorite traits.

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    Bumpety-Bump, as the game is going Free for a few days -

    We added a lot of stuff since the initial release, so it may be worth to check it out.

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