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    Guillermo Del Toro - Monster (Anime's Live Adapatation)

    He submitted the script to HBO and waiting for a response.


    Guillermo del Toro shares his aspirations for Urasawa’s ‘Monster’

    May 30, 2013 | 4:26 p.m.

    When “Pacific Rim” reaches theaters July 12, it will be the first film from Guillermo del Toro as a director since 2008′s “Hellboy II: The Golden Army.” Of course, the writer-director has had a hand in numerous other projects and is involved in myriad ways in dozens more.
    Near the top of his list, though, is an adaptation of Naoki Urasawa’s “Monster” manga series for HBO.
    Speaking at the fourth annual Hero Complex Film Festival, Del Toro said he has submitted a pilot script for “Monster” and was waiting to hear from the cable network if the series would go forward.

    “You cannot compress ‘Monster’ into a feature,” Del Toro said, of the project he is co-writing with “Doctor Who” and “Sherlock” writer Steven Thompson. “‘Monster’ is almost like Chekhovian, it has all these little characters that are incredibly smart and delineated. Each of them has an arc and if you follow all of them, at the end of the last book you will be satisfied.”

    – Gina McIntyre

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    Hoping this gets the greenlight. I watched the anime in full just recently, marathon style. It's got a great story with some memorable characters.

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    I'd be happy if they include the song that played in the end credits:

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    I just can't see...
    Spoiler: show
    ...the boy crossdressing really working well. It's one thing with drawing/anime, but they'll need a major effeminate dude for the role and he'd probably have to play the sister, too.

    Plus I always thought it dumb how he could so easily convince people to do things.

    If it goes through, good. Though aside from the spoiler stuff, I feel like there'll be some other changes to either modernize or make it more tolerable to viewers.

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    Very interesting. Maybe there's hope one day, I can see a live action Berserk series.

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    Will Berserk finish first, though?

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    Quote Originally Posted by arus2001 View Post
    Will Berserk finish first, though?
    You and I will both be dead when Berserk finishes. And I'm pretty sure I was born when it started, so we're SOL.

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