Due to a recent (and likely at least semi-permanent) change in my work schedule, I am seeking a late-night endgame event linkshell. I am available from 11pm EST until ???

I am currently on Bahamut and have been very active in my shell of 2 years. I'm overall quite happy there and consider my LSmates to be like family, but I'm no longer able to do events, so unfortunately, it is time to move on.

I have all jobs at 99 and understand how to play them all. All are geared, though my MNK and GEO still need work before they are playable in endgame content. I have an Aegis and an Annihilator, as well as 5 empy weapons. I consider COR to be my main job and have put a great deal of effort into its gear for all situations (TP, wildfire, last stand, quick draw, rolling). All of my mages have decent idle/refresh sets in addition to casting sets. My SCH has a 500 enhancing set, and my SMN has Alexander and Odin with over 400 base skill (not quite capped though). My heavy DD jobs have pdt sets in addition to TP and WS sets. I have completed all missions in the game up to but not including Seekers content.

Please contact me here, on guildwork, or on xiah if you represent a late-night endgame linkshell on any server that is interested in me. I am sharmarali everywhere. I'm more than happy to chat with you and answer any questions you may have, and I can certainly meet with you on vent or other voice platform if that suits your needs.

Last but not least, please call me Shar.