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    [Ragnarok] - Misamissa & Lightt

    I am looking for any references or information regarding the following two players. Both seem relatively well equipped and experienced, but if I could get any confirmation from players on Ragnarok it would be greatly appreciated. They both appear to be in a linkshell called "IIIProfitIII" on Ragnarok.

    Thank you in advance for any potential information.

    1) Misamissa: Gjallarhorn 99, Daudarbla 90, Ukonvasara 90, Twashtar 90

    2) Lightt: Aegis99,Mandau95,Excall95,Ragnarok95,Amano95,Gjall arhorn95,Yoichi95, Ochain99,Vere90,Twash90,Almace90,Calad90,farsha90, Ukkon90,Redemption90,Rhongomiant90,Kannagi90,Masa9 0,Ganban85,Hvergel85,Gandiva85,Armagedon90

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    You wouldn't know that though because you've demonstrably never picked up a book nor educated yourself on the matter. Let me guess, overweight housewife?
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    I used to be in Profit, I can only imagine that's an offshoot. I'll ask some friends to see if they know anything.

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    Thanks, I appreciate it.

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    They was on the first profit that yathatguy made, good peeps.
    Also the "IIIProfitIII" LS showed there(broke already i think) its the new profit that they made a few ago

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    When i was in Ragnarok server i played with them in Profit and in a delve ls, they are good skilled and dedicated players.

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    I've never played with Lisa and Lightt in the same LS, merely bumped into each other here and there in shouts etc. Can't say anything bad about either, I'm not aware of any drama-scams rumours etc pertaining either. As far as I'm aware, they're not hated 'on the street' for any reason.
    Good luck on pastures anew you two, come visit good ‘ol Ragnarok sometime!

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    Hi guys. I saw this thread and i thought that if you had more info on Lightt and Misa i could help you make your decision.
    Ive done alot with these two. We've been officers in profit and officers in reive unity together. For a breif review we have done the following. ADL, AV, many Vw NMs, Misa and lightt were great at arrangeing events that the ls's both made money from and adavanced the players in the ls. We did Skirmish the day it came out and never lost a run, we did several delve runs that were extremely sucessful. We defeated all the reive boss's and did several of the new Nm's for kis with a remarkable sucess rate. Lightt is a great player and versatile with his jobs. His pld is great and ive seen him display all the qualities of one of the better is not one of the bestbon the server. As for Misa she is a great brd with one of the best march's ive had. I loved watching my greatsword turn into a kracken club. Misa was gifted on the admin side of ls's as well as the player side. She designed and made the reive unity ls website and managed the forums well. Every post was awnsered in a timely manner.

    These 2 players are great and i have made gil with them, advanced with them, and lead with them. They are a great asset and im sure that my review is simple at best regarding their abilities.

    I wish these two the best of luck with their future in the game.

    Thank you

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    Misa and Light are great players and even more remarkable players. I could never say a bad word on 'em, a treasure we will all miss a lot.

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