We are going to be an Endgame Focused FC. but casuals are welcome to join.

Server- Gilgamesh
Voice Chat- Raidcall
RAIDERS MUST BE PC PLAYERS ONLY (unless you're a DD class)

We are an Endgame focused Free company. If you cannot dedicate a massive amount of time during progression, then we are not the group for you. We are not here to carry anyone. Every member is expected to pull their weight and strive to be better then the players around you.

* This will be a High end progression based group aiming for world/server firsts. We are looking for those wanting to be the best in their chosen spot ( Tank, Healer, Damage Dealer).
* Raid times are yet to be announced and will be announced closer to launch. Open beta most likely.
* Loot will be handled as a Loot Council. Those who put in the most time and are dedicated will be rewarded with the loot first in most situations. (subject to change)
* The ability to communicate verbally with the group is essential. if you cannot talk to us then we will not know if you are doing your job.
* All raiders must be prepared to have multiple max level jobs as well as one max level profession.
* ATM some Council positions are open. If you wish to fill one of these positions, please put this in your application.

* Although we are an Endgame focused Free Company, all who would like to join are welcome.
* Non raiders can contribute in other ways (Crafting and Gathering)
* The more our community grows the more events that will be planned to include everyone.

You can apply by going to the forums and leaving an application under the recruitment section