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    Lv50 Recipe Difficulty

    So, does anyone have any information about the 1-star / 2-star "difficult" recipes?

    I tried to make some Vanya Silk (2-star) last night, but it said my Crafstmanship was too low. I am stuck with the 3102 limbo, so I can't confirm how much craftsmanship I had, but it wasn't low (but it wasn't high either). If you want to calculate it yourself, I had an HQ electrum needle, NQ Mahogany Spinning Wheel (I didn't have the Cobalt Rivets required to make any better wheels), an NQ Felt Gown, and some food with +8 Craftsmanship (no other old gear appears to have craftsmanship on it). Has anyone been able to attempt any 2-star synths, and if so, how much craftsmanship they had?

    I hate artificial cockblocks like this. I just wanted to make a Wind-up Aldgoat.

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    2 Stars are around 319~ (give or take 10) control, quite hard to achieve and most likely food, HQ gear, and materia will be needed.
    1 Stars are at around 275 craftsmanship.

    Edited for accuracy

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