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Thread: Diremite webs     submit to reddit submit to twitter submit to tumblr

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    Diremite webs

    Looking for a suggestion on how to efficiently farm diremite webs. My weaver is up to 24 at the moment and all of the good recipes seem to be velveteen (diremite) armors and such. Is it just one of those things you have to grind through murdering diremites?

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    To bump this thread. Is there another spot to farm these? Banemites are being camped to all hell and it'd be stupid if these were the only decent places to get them. I read Tam-Tara Deepcroft as well which I'm kinda eh about but looking for suggestions.

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    Outside of farming Banemites, I believe your only other option is to do the Lv.20-25 Weaver leves at Quarrymill, which can reward ~10 webs. (I think it's the one that asks for Cotton Coifs.)

    It's a waste of effort going into instances to farm trash mob drops unless you find 3 people willing to be dragged along. If you're in a Duty Finder group, the drops will be going to random people whom you cannot trade with.

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    If you are on Gilg, you can buy from me :D

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    Dude, I'm totally all over this shit too, and not for lack of Webs, but HQ Webs for that one gd Weaver quest. I refuse to buy the item from the AH! Need 2 for Undyed Velveteen Cloth (Dew Thread HQ). I Do have a stack or two of NQ Webs, so if you're on Hyperion, hit me up.

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    A good option I've heard of (but haven't tested) is the South Sroud lvl.26 quest "An Apple A Day" You'll have to interact with stuff 6 times which spawns 6 banemites.
    So instead just spawn 5 of them, then abandon the quest and re-start it. Simpler then zone farming I think since you don't have to compete with anyone else, if only I didn't complete the quest before finding out.

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    The above is a good however you get 3 diremites out of 5 attempts.

    Fighting the mites of any kind in general is a pain besides the overcamping(all done by non crafters >_>) because the loot list can be mean and hand you a series of useless diremite sinews :/. I'm at that level now where I need the webs. Saving the 4 HQ ones I have for the quest.

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    Few times I've had the mites to myself for like an hour I've been lucky to walk away with 20 webs. I'll be pushing leves soon to minimize working with them, but I'm still going to want to HQ new craft/gather gear and that's gonna be an outright pain. Really wish they'd add webs to botany or make like a desert banemite to fill some of the giant space in sagoli.

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