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    Quote Originally Posted by Silenka View Post
    throw a medica2 on the party at the start of the fight?
    Most PuG tanks won't be able to handle the enmity generated by it at the start of the fight.

    Most roulette WHM I see won't bother with anything other than Cure 2 and Cure (in that order) while most story-mode WHM raiders I see won't bother with anything other than Medica 2 every 30 seconds without even bothering to time themselves with the mechanics to be the most MP efficient.

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    It must be nice to find whms who know what medica2 is at least.

    PUG tanks are mostly okay. The big problem with them is actually taking ownership of their role. Oh, you queued as tank? THEN TANK, ffs. But I've never had a problem tossing an a.helios or med2 up at the start of the fight. It's rare when a mob actually comes over to smack me, and since I'm always looking out for #1 anyway, there's no way the mob will kill me even if it gets a little up close and personal. The benefits of the regens on the dps who don't feel like stepping out of ground effects because "muh dps" is worth the risk of having to cast an instant regen on myself.

    I think it's just that more and more people are choosing healer because they see it as a coast job. You aren't constantly pressing buttons to the point of arthritis unless shit is hitting the fan, you've got no rotation to memorize, and yet the party still largely depends on you (for that ego stroke factor). And healer is popular. Most of the time I have to go DPS for PFs because the healer slots are already filled right away. Which means there are a lot of people playing the role, which means there's a big ole pool of people and more chance to run into someone who sucks. And I do. Every damn day.