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    What was it doing exactly?

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    Quote Originally Posted by dasva View Post
    What was it doing exactly?
    Quote Originally Posted by GTrans
    QuoteOriginally Posted by Amplifier View Post
    If you use + Fast Blades (Twice Attack) Acquired TP444, If you use + Heavy Swing (One Attack) you get TP 680 Because it becomes one hand sword and two handed club (other weapon type unconfirmed) WS The first-stage TP obtained in 4-fold has become. (Since TP obtained with fast blade is almost fixed at 444, it is secret effect only in the first stage

    ) As we confirmed with the shutter soul (4 attacks), the acquired TP can be acquired in increments of +14 in 680 694 708 722 736 764 so multi-stage hits It seems to be 1 time.

    As a reconfirmation fight in combat + ordinary attack When acquired TP627.
    (It seems that the calculation method is probably in order of basic TP 53 x 8 times x store TP 1. 48 = 627, which is not quadrupled)
    If you use WS in + fight
    1 hit 78
    2 hit 156
    3 hit 170
    Because it became it, even if you fight + WS in case of fighting there is no effect on acquisition TP.
    ^ The JP posting that caused SE to declare Boost to be bugged w/ non-H2H WS. (I linked to it here on page 708.)

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