Rather than leave this littered throughout four separate threads with conflicting information, consider this to be the one stop shop for all rules and regulations pertaining to the FC Recruitment/Seeking section.

Please take the time to read over these rules thoroughly. I've been working on my wrist snap with the banhammer lately and I wouldn't mind a few more people to try it out on.

General Rules

All general rules specific to bluegartr.com are in effect. For those that need a refresher, please visit the linked page in the end of this sentence.

Posting in the Section

In order to create a thread, a user must have 10 or more posts in the system prior to posting. This is because we don't want any random person coming into the forums and thinking they can recruit from people who actively contribute. Make an investment into the community before you think the community owes you something, no?

Post spamming is already an offense in the aforementioned guidelines. Those who spam posts in order to reach the 10 post limit without talking to the Administration staff will find the following:

1. The user's post count will be reset
2. The user will be infracted one or multiple times, depending on how pissed the Moderator/Administrator is at the silly shit you pulled.
3. Your recruitment post will be yanked from the forum into our massively large, yet still incredibly spacious, thread graveyard.

PMing a Moderator or Administrator over your own social incompetence is not a wise option. However, do feel free to PM an Administrator if you want to ask them to raise your post count.

Posting Limitations

If you are one of those people who have 10 or more posts, congratulations - you can post in this section! A few rules to keep in mind during your time here:

1. While we allow you to bump your recruitment thread, we ask that you only do so once every 7 days. We would like to give all people who use this forum the chance to recruit for their own FC. Furthermore, we'd like to avoid putting a strain on the server by people fighting for visibility of their FC. Failure to follow this rule will result in your thread being locked for 7 days. Additional failures to follow this rule will result in your thread being pulled and your FC being blacklisted from recruitment.

2. We ask that you also keep your FC members on a leash in this section. If we catch your FC members causing activity in this forum, whether it is troubling competing FCs or subtly trying to bump threads, we will lock your FC Recruitment thread for 14 days. Additional failures are subject to the same consequences as listed above.

3. Any attempts at circumvention of the above two rules is subject to bans and blacklists.

4. If you had an FC in 1.0, are reopening it for 2.0 and had a recruitment thread here, please get in touch with a Moderator or Admin so that they may reopen it if necessary.

5. In the event that you need a title change, please contact a Moderator so that they can do so. Do not create a new thread. Do not request the closure/deletion of the old thread.

  • As an FC, when posting a new thread, be sure to include the minimum of the company name and server in the title.
  • As someone looking for an FC or static, be sure to include the server and role you're looking to fulfill in the title and/or post.
  • Be sure to specify what your objectives are, whether it is recruiting members or looking for an FC to join.
  • Direct any and all inquiries, join requests, etc. to either the OP's private messages or to a separate website. Our PM system is the only place on this site to facilitate Q&A and potential applications.
  • You're competing for potential candidates for your Free Company. For the love of god, make your thread stand out to people.

FC Recruitment/Seeking is a service brought to you by http://www.bluegartr.com. Rules are subject to change when given notice. By posting in this subforum, you hereby open yourself to scrutiny and may not hold Bluegartr liable for any personal damages you or your FC may incur. I mean, really now. It's your own dumb fault that you may have skeletons in your closet. You may have also sold your soul to Isladar. Check with her.