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    I wasn't able to play the past few days, but here are my Japanese friend Millfeuille's recent YouTube uploads of the games I didn't stream~

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    4v4 Diorama/Hako RNG POV
    -Edit: Concluded~ Thanks to all who watched!

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    4v4 Diorama/Hako SAM PoV~
    No YouTube reup due to a bad dc;;

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    5v5 Diorama/Hako MNK PoV~
    -Edit: Our reservation has ended, thanks to everyone who watched
    Please don't hesitate to drop me a line about anything balli related, and; as mentioned before, if you'd like to join in the fun!
    YouTube export/re-up coming shortly!

    Thanks! Evv ☆彡

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    5v5 Diorama/Hako PLD PoV~
    -Edit: End, thanks everyone~

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    To commemorate the many Ballistars that have come and gone, and to celebrate the 5th year anniversary of my personal YouTube ballista related video; I present to you something different.

    I am not very good at editing, and the trial watermark is just an obnoxious elephant; however, the video is meant to give a giant high five to every Ballistar who've had the pleasure of sharing a special time with~

    I pieced together any of my own videos that I could download and went to town with the background music of Dearly Beloved.

    Thank you everyone~
    Evv ☆彡

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    5v5 Diorama/Hako WHM PoV~
    -Edit: Concluded~ No YouTube reup this time. I got dc'd and lagged partway through;;

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