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Thread: Best uses for cordial?     submit to reddit submit to twitter

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    Best uses for cordial?

    Seeing as everyone else has turned this subforum into everything-about-crafting... I figured this might be appropriate.

    So I currently have 30ish cordial from spamming leves, and not sure what I should save them for. I occasionally mine when nothing is going on etc., but I'm kinda staring at these things and wondering when they are better used. Or should I just pawn them off on the market?

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    D. Ring
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    Nov 2011
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    Raldo Volca
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    Depends on market price. I hold onto mine to chug when I arrive at an unspoiled node at an inopportune time (shortly before it's about to depop, I'm needed elsewhere right now, etc.).

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    Old Odin
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    When I was spamming leves for leveling I would sometimes pop them for the sake of time (really need to have 100+GP right now). Otherwise what Raldo said.

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