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    Quote Originally Posted by Twilight Sky View Post
    You can't argue that point on the OF though. You can come up with the regenerative heal combos/ideal times to drop shields/etc that allow for DPS time, and they'll likely make excuses about not doing that.
    There was a person in the thread that vehemently rejected the notion of using Regen or Medica II, for whatever reason.

    They ended up posting a video of their nearly 40 minute Antitower to showcase how they played WHM.

    It was painful.

    Edit: Here's the video if you want to laugh / cry / both.
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    Quote Originally Posted by The Stig View Post
    Maybe if we (pro-DPS healers) keep moaning they'll add a healing effect to our DPS spells lol

    So if we cast Holy, it'll apply a 50/100 potency cure effect to all friendly targets around you.

    Cast Stone, which has an added effect of a splash-heal 50-100 potency around the target it hits.

    Everyone wins!
    We already have WHMs not casting Holy despite it being one of the best mitigation tools around. They look at the dmg aspect only and write it off.
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