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    Here at Nasomi, we don't b an based on player reports alone. Anti-cheat measures are in place to prevent most cheating. Sometimes, things do slip through. However these things are monitored, and if cheating is discovered, players are removed. However, just because a single LS bands together to try and single out a player where, after no foul play is discovered, doesn't mean they will be banned. There will be no mob mentality ruling here. If closing tickets where 15 people report the same thing is getting triggered like a 5 year old, then so be it. All offenses are equal, and result in permanent removal of character if you break the rules. It has been that way for some time now. If you're caught cheating the offending character is gone. A player report is not being caught.

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    My only criticism is that you are hardly allowed to use any Windower plugin besides Tparty, recast and Distance. Plugins like Gearswap/Spellcast are too good to pass up.

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