Hello my friends,

I wanted to give this a shot as I'm finding that I am really enjoying FFXIV, and would like to find a goof mature FC that is willing to take on New players that are still learning the ropes.

A bit about myself, I am not new to MMO's the first I was involved with being Ultima Online. Since then I have played EverQuest, Wow,DC Universe Online, Tera, and a number of others, so while there is much to learn that is specific to FFXIV there is quite a bit that I am already familiar with.

I play on PS4 as my current PC is not capable of running the game in any great fashion, I believe communication is very important for any group to be successful in their goals, and am just looking for a good solid group of people to enjoy the game with as playing with yourself just is not very fun....maybe sometimes but that's beside the point.

If you might still be willing to accept a new but dedicated new player I currently play on Ultros my characters name is Scorpio Eclipse, and I mainly play as Monk at 35/15 Pugilist/Lancer bit am interested in trying other roles after I am competent in my current role.

I mainly play during the evenings weekdays normally from 6 to around 9, and available most of the day and all evening on Tuesdays and Saterdays. If you are interested in getting back to me and have any questions please feel free to ask.

Thanks for your time.