Hello, fellow adventurers! Neutral Impact is always looking for great players to join our ranks! When you join Neutral Impact, you don't just join another Free Company (FC), you join a great gaming community!

ALL FC Members, regardless of rank also enjoy:
-- Shirogane Mansion
-- Access to All Crafting Specializations! Our crafters can HQ any item in the Game!
-- Free Chocobo Leveling services via our immaculately clean Chocobo Stables!
-- Free Access to Team Speak 3 and Discord servers. (You can bring your friends, too!)
-- Access to our Google Hangouts page for all the latest FC & Community News!
-- Access to an ever expanding Gaming Community!
-- Become part of our YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Steam Groups!
-- Hosted Friday Night Game Nights!
-- A Fully up-to-date Forum for all types of discussions!
-- And Many, MANY more!