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    FFXIV: A Realm Reborn - Articles and [Translated] Interviews

    I think I've compiled enough information to warrant it's own thread, so I will just post it here and update the OP as interviews are posted and/or translated. Below is a comprehensive list of additions that Yoshi-P and co. have planned for the various patches to be implemented in game. These additions have been directly lifted from the various interviews and Live Letters that Yoshi-P holds. As we all know, there is tons of information going around concerning the game, especially now that the fact that Yoshi-P is something of a celebrity now and travels constantly to do Live Letters and interviews. This cycle will go well into 2015 and 2016, so I've called it upon myself to archive all of the blurbs, spoilers, and teases that he and his devs let loose for the coming patches. People can also get a general idea of what has been greenlighted, what has been delayed, what has been canceled, and what is still just ideas and being discussed.

    This will also serve as an archive for all of Slycer's translations as well, for future reference. Due to recent developments with two companies who shall not be named, I will not be deep-linking articles of any kind outside of the Official Forums or Slycer's in-house translations. I will however make mention and credit where the blurbs come from, as well as the date.


    Special Dates:

    * Events in bold red will be in game content.
    * Events in bold orange will be community held events.
    Slycer Archive: (Previously translated material by our own Slycer):

    Click on title for direct link.


    Producer Letter LIVE XX - JP Media Summary Translation (04/13/2015)


    Spoiler: show

    Famitsu PAX East Interview (3/14) - Translation (03/16/2015)

    Heavensward JP Release Information (03/10/2015)

    Patch 2.51 Info Translation (Tokaigi Live Letter) (02/06/2015)

    Dengeki Interview Translation - Patch 2.5 (01/23/2015)

    Game Watch Interview Translation - Patch 2.5 (01/22/2015)

    Famitsu Interview Translation - Patch 2.5 (01/20/2015)

    Patch 2.5 Info Translation (Screenshots, Artwork) (01/13/2015)

    FFXIV Tokyo Fan Festival Translations (01/07/2015)

    TGS 2014 Live Letter Translation - Patch 2.4 (09/22/2014)

    Producer Letter LIVE XVII (Game Watch Translation)

    Yoshida Interview (August 19): Dengeki at Gamescom (08/19/2014)

    Producer Letter LIVE XVI Translation (Game Watch Transcript) (07/22/2014)

    Yoshida Interview with Dengeki Online (July 11): Patch 2.3 (07/15/2014)

    Yoshida Interview with Famitsu (July 11): Patch 2.3 (07/14/2014)

    Yoshida Interview with Game Watch (July 11): Patch 2.3 (07/10/2014)

    Famitsu: Ramuh Media Battle Preview (7/7/14) (07/07/2014)

    Yoshida Interview (June 12): Joint Media Interview (06/23/2014)

    E3 Press Interview Transcript Translation (6/12)/Letter from the Producer LIVE XV (06/19/2014)

    E3 Press Interview Transcript Translation (6/10) (06/19/2014)

    Rogue Traits (06/18/2014)

    F.A.T.E. in Nagoya (5/24) Translations: Patch 2.28/2.3 Details (05/25/2014)

    F.A.T.E. in Tokyo -- Day 2: Chat with Yoshi-P, Part 2 (04/29/2014)

    BGM Discussion with Masayoshi Soken (04/28/2014)

    Minagawa's Secret Information (post F.A.T.E. in Tokyo, Part 1) (04/26/2014)

    F.A.T.E. in Tokyo (4/26-4/27) Translations, Part 2, Day 2: Chat With Yoshi-P (04/26/2014)

    Famitsu Blurb on Zodiac Weapon Upgrading (04/25/2014)

    Personal Housing Blurb in Famitsu (04/07/2014)

    Game Watch LIVE Producer Letter Summary (03/22/2014)

    Yoshida GDC Interview With Dengeki (Combined with Game Watch) (03/20/2014)

    Yoshida GDC Interview With Dengeki (and others) (03/19/2014)

    Dungeon Preview (03/07/2014) (Partial Translation) (03/13/2014)

    Leviathan and More! Yoshida Press Interview With Famitsu (2/20) (03/04/2014)

    Yoshida Press Interview with Dengeki Online (2/20) (03/03/2014)

    Yoshida Press Interview with Game Watch (2/20-2/21) (02/26/2014)

    FFXIV Patch 2.1 Press Interviews with Yoshida (12/04/2013)


    Final Fantasy XIV: HEAVENSWARD (3.0) -- June 23, 2015 (Early Access: June 19, 2015)

    Spoiler: show

    * General Product Information
    ** Coming Spring 2015 (March - May).
    ** Shift to a more classic-themed Final Fantasy logo.
    ** Same amount of content in 2.0 to be released in expansion.
    ** Completion of storyline to 2.55 will be required for entry to expansion area.
    ** Expansion content will be Ishgard-centric storyline wise. (06/19/2014; Slycer)
    ** You will not need to complete The Binding Coil of Bahamut to play 3.0. (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    ** Emphasis being made on making the game "easy to understand" for players who are completely new to FFXIV who will start at 3.0. (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/21/2014)
    ** "Many surprises" to come for 3.0. (Gamescom, Dual Shockers; 08/15/2014)
    ** Support for PS3 continued in expansion.

    * Dragon Song War -- Collector's Edition
    ** Yoshitaka Amano themed box art.
    ** Accompanying dragon mount figurine included.
    *** The box serves as a display stand for the figurine.
    ** Accompanying Art Book included.
    ** Accompanying disc that depicts class videos.
    ** In-game items include a Cecil-themed (Final Fantasy IV) Baron Helmet & a Wind-Up Kain (also Final Fantasy IV) along with an exclusive Flying Griffin mount.
    ** There will be a Digital Collector's edition as well at a lower price, similar to 2.0 release.
    * Expansion Music
    ** Masayoshi Soken to work with Nobuo Uematsu for 3.0's soundtrack.
    ** Uematsu to compose the main them for 3.0.
    *** Main theme to be slower in tempo and have a different feel from "Answers".
    ** Accompanying Soundtrack planned for Expansion. (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    * Main Storyline
    ** If SE holds a beta test, they will mask storyline content so as to not spoil it before release. (Nova Crystallis; 06/20/2014)
    ** Theme of the Expansion is based around the word "Heavenward" (Towards Heaven).
    ** There will be multiple ways of reaching this "area."
    ** Storyline will take on a darker tone than before.
    ** There will be two main plotlines for the story.
    ** The first plotline will be for the Dragonsong War.
    *** General theme of expansion is that of a "thousand year war" between Ishgard and Dravania.
    *** This is the war between Ishgard and the Dravinian Horde.
    *** The adventurers role will be how he/she interacts within this war as the Warrior(s) of Light.
    *** The 7 Heavenly Dragons will be key to the Ishgard story.
    *** Nizbeck, Bahamut, Tiamat revealed as 3 of the Heavenly Dragons.
    ** The second plotline will be about the Wyrmking.
    *** Thordan and his 12 knights will play a role in this plotline.
    *** Theme of Knights of the Round joked/hinted at. (Final Fantasy VII, Type-0)
    ** Battle with Nidhogg speculated to happen at Ishgard. (Maehiro Blurb)
    ** Airships will play a role in this story.
    ** Bloodlines will play an important role in the story.
    ** Shiva related quests from 2.X series will lead into expansion story.
    ** Major event to end the 2.X series and lead up to the expansion.
    ** Themes on the constellation systems in the night sky to be emphasized in the expansion.
    ** Goblin race scenarios to be added. (Alexander related)
    ** Famous NPCs from A Realm Reborn will move into the new areas.
    *** The Wandering Minstrel (Yoshi-P) is a confirmed character that will leave his post at Revenant's Toll.
    *** Cid and Rowena will also show up in these new areas.
    *** Gerolt will move to the new areas in his quest to create "the ultimate furnace". (see: Patch 3.1 notes)
    ** New Primals will be explained as the story moves on.
    *** They, along with Odin are all placed in a "war god" category, different from the Primals we've faced before.
    ** Omega will be explained in the story.
    * Side Quests
    ** Questlines emphasizing on mixed race children to be added. (Koji Fox Blurb)
    ** Hildibrand coming to 3.0 depends solely on the players.
    ** Bahamut's story on how he was summoned as a Primal, then captured and imprisoned will be revealed.
    * Area & Dungeons
    ** Holy See of Ishgard will be introduced.
    *** Villages and outposts will use names from the 1.X series.
    *** Falcon's Nest will appear.
    *** Grey and eerie cityland.
    *** Germanic influence on the city.
    *** Holy See is ruled by the Arch Bishop & Four noble houses.
    *** Their patron deity is Halone, the Fury.
    *** This nation is very independent.
    *** This nation is trapped in an endless cycle of war and conflict.
    *** Nation is in a constant state of building and repair.
    *** Outsiders are shunned.
    *** Nation is literally divided between the rich and the poor commoners.
    *** Story hints at a Light vs Dark conflict.
    ** The Dravanian Forelands will be introduced.
    ** Dravania and other beastman ruled domains will be introduced.
    ** Previously inaccessible regions of Coerthas will be introduced.
    ** There will be floating landmasses that will be introduced.
    *** These floating landmasses will be reminiscent of Final Fantasy VI.
    ** Mountainous areas will extend to more unexplored regions of Eorzea.
    ** Mock up of quests, FATEs, monsters etc complete. (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    ** Dungeons Names & amount of dungeons complete.
    *** Still doing dungeon checks. (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    ** Level design currently in process.
    ** New town mock-ups done; working on design & details.
    ** Mock-up of the field areas complete. (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    ** More areas to come.
    ** More backstory will come that emphasizes on the Scions of the Seventh Dawn to come.
    ** Open Areas to have more "thrilling" experiences (danger) -- the area mobs will give a bit of a challenge and have the ability to kill you if aggro. It won't be as thrilling as Final Fantasy XI, however.
    ** Koji Fox pushing hard to get a "Library of Eorzea" added into the game by expansion.
    *** This library would be an area which houses stories from throughout Eorzea across the Eras in the form of "books".
    *** Players would be able to go in and read up on the history of Eorzea.
    ** Miqo’te children to appear in these areas.
    ** Music in the new regions in Coerthas will be different from in 2.0 (Letter LIVE XIX; 12/21/2014)
    ** Village where chocobo hunting is a way of life examined.
    * The Chocobo Forest
    ** Will be modeled after a more recent incarnation of the forest instead of much older Final Fantasy games.
    * The Forbidden Land Eureka (?)
    ** To be added, but will not have the same atmosphere as the original in Final Fantasy III. (i.e. collecting legendary weapons) (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/22/2014)
    * Alexander
    ** Content will be locked for 2-3 weeks after expansion's release.
    ** This is the new endgame, high level raid content for the expansion.
    ** It is the titular mechanical fortress that has been made popular in Final Fantasy IX & Final Fantasy XI.
    ** It is the Goblin's Primal that has been summoned.
    ** Alexander will serve as both the dungeon as well as the dungeon's "antagonist".
    *** Alexander will only be accessed with the conclusion of the 3.0 expansion's main scenario. (Similar to completing 2.0 content for Bahamut's Coil).
    *** Completion of Bahamut's Coil not required to journey into Alexander.
    ** Alexander will have a Normal and Hard mode right off the bat.
    *** Normal mode will have a similar difficulty to Coil with Echo implemented.
    *** Hard mode will be more difficult than The Final Coil of Bahamut.
    *** Normal mode and Hard mode drops will have a difference in iLvL.
    *** Drops from Normal and Hard mode will be similar or the same in looks.
    *** There will be a distinguishing look or feel to having the Hard mode drops.
    ** New raids will have a great Final Fantasy feel.
    The Floating Continent
    ** The Floating Continent (Final Fantasy VI) will be introduced as the new content that will succeed The Crystal Tower. (??)
    * The Au Ra
    ** The new race that will be added is called the Au Ra.
    ** They are an all new race that's being added to the Final Fantasy series.
    ** They hail from Othard continent.
    *** Doma rests on the shores of Othard.
    *** Yugiri is of the Au Ra Race.
    *** Othard is currently part of the Garlean Empire.
    ** The Au Ra are a mixed race of Dragonkin and Elezen (??).
    ** The Au Ra males will sport muscular builds.
    *** They will be taller than Elezan males.
    ** The Au Ra females are depicted as being elegant and mysterious.
    ** Au Ra will feature scales on certain parts of their bodies, as well as tails and horns.
    *** The horns, tails and scales will be customizable.
    *** The Au Ra will have the most detailed set of customization yet.
    *** Au Ra tails won't be as long as Miqo'te tails.
    ** Gear from 2.2 and onwards were designed with Au Ra horns in mind.
    * DoW & DoM
    ** Level cap increased to 60.
    ** Fixes to Summoner being discussed/worked on.
    *** Team is looking into adding an ability that regulates MP consumption.
    *** Accompanying Job and Class quests to be added.
    *** Job quests will continue at level 52.
    *** Some enemies/bosses won't be able to be defeated without using new skills and abilities.
    *** Possible additions to 2.0 job/class system. (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    *** Additions to job system as the level cap increases. (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    *** Leviathan-Egi & Ramuh-Egi added to Summoner.
    ** Level 3 Limit Breaks will be changed so that they are now job-specific.
    ** Bard Limit Break will be changed from a healer effect to a DPS effect.
    ** Skill/Spell Speed to take a larger role after the level cap is raised. (06/19/2014; Nova Crystallis)
    *** DoTs will be directly influenced by SS.
    ** Classes not be included in the expansion for new Jobs, meaning only they will need to be leveled. (Gamer Escape; 10/21/2014, confirmed Letter Live XIX; 12/21/2014)
    ** New job quests will be situated in Ishgard.
    ** New jobs will not start at level 1, but won't be level 50. Will be on the higher end, however. (30?)
    ** New jobs are depicted as 'extra jobs' -- as long as you have a level 30 job or class, you will be able to switch to these jobs.
    ** You will have to reach level 30 in a job and do a job quest to unlock the new jobs.
    Dark Knight

    Spoiler: show

    ** Tank Job.
    ** Great Sword Weapon.
    *** Also wields the power of Darkness to assail foes.
    *** MP will be used to create a darkness "aura" that will be used to attack or defend.
    *** Single target and AoE effect spells will be available.
    *** Parrying will play a role with this job.
    *** New style within the dark force above darkness will further strengthen actions situationally.
    *** PIE stat might be relevant to this new style of tanking.
    ** No 2.0 class needed.
    ** Cecil from Final Fantasy IV used as the idea basis for this job. (MMORPG.com; 06/16/2014)


    Spoiler: show

    ** Healing Job.
    ** Star Globe Weapon.
    ** Wields magicks (celestial-based magick) and a Diving Deck as well.
    *** You draw cards to buff your team.
    *** You can choose to either use the card or hold onto it and use it together with your next card.
    ** You will be able to switch between a healing stance and a barrier stance.
    ** Healing stance will be akin to WHM, while barrier stance akin to SCH.
    *** Spells effects will change depending on your stance.
    *** Current stance names are Tsukiyomi (Moon Reader) and Hoshiyomi (Star Reader).
    *** Effective stances would be in tandem with other healer classes (ex: Healer stance with a SCH, Barrier stance with a WHM).
    ** Will be a very involved and busy job.
    ** Astrologer LB3 will be Celestial Stasis (Galaxy Stop).
    *** Time itself won't be able to be stopped like in FFT, but they will let it have a similar visual effect.
    ** No 2.0 class needed.


    Spoiler: show

    ** [Ranged] DPS Job.
    ** Double Barreled Gun Weapon.
    *** You will be able to modify gun during battle with various attachments.
    *** Attaching parts will be instant.
    *** Additional attachments will be learned by leveling up.
    *** Gun actions will require a stacking "gunpowder" buff ("Ammunition") for the shot action ("Reload").
    *** There is a "Quick Reload" action, but this will come at the expense of some lost DPS.
    *** Determining when to time these actions will be a key skill in playing the job.
    *** Learning when to reload will be an important skill.
    *** There will be a charging animation for your shots.
    *** The longer the animation is, the more powerful your shot (akin to Rockman/Mega Man Buster Shots).
    *** If you move during charging, the skill will be canceled, so you'll have to plan to attack immediately after switching attachments.
    ** Machine bot-pets & turrets will be added.
    *** These turrets will provide support on the field.
    *** Turret support can range from attack turrets to damage an enemy to defense mode turrets who will buff your party.
    ** The combination of DPS and buffing with turrets will bring the job close in stature to BRD.
    ** Possibility of attacks that take aim at certain "body parts," ala Mustadio.
    ** No 2.0 class needed.
    ** Mustadio from Final Fantasy Tactics used as the idea basis for this job. (MMORPG.com; 06/16/2014)

    ** Addition of new abilities & traits with level increase.
    ** Debuffer and buffer roles still possible.
    ** Possible revamp of entire Job/Class system. (06/21/2014; Famitsu), (Debunked by Yoshi-P on Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    ** Possible coding of an entirely new job system for hybrid jobs. (06/21/2014; Famitsu), (Debunked by Yoshi-P on Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    ** Working on ways to solve the limitations of the job point allocation system and the cross class system for possible secondary jobs. To be explained in detail at Fan Fest. (Secrets of Eorzea; 07/18/2014, was never explained by Letter Live XIX; 12/21/2014)
    ** Dev team to look into adding more stats to armor with the expansion.
    * DoH & DoL
    ** Level cap increased to 60.
    ** Addition of new abilities and skills.
    ** The theme of crafting in 3.0 is to return to a "relaxed setting" of crafting instead of HQ or bust.
    ** DoH Job-specializations to be added (Specialist system).
    *** You'll be allowed to become a specialist in a craft of your choosing at a certain tier.
    *** You will gain new skills and abilities under your master/meister.
    *** There will be a delay before you can change masters.
    *** New crafter system will revolve around obtaining new crafter scripts.
    ** New weapons and equipment recipes.
    ** Gatherer classes will be allowed to go into "contracts" in Ishgard with different regions to obtain new items.
    *** These contracts will be based on "lores" and "folktales" that you must hear before you can go out and look for the item (reminiscent of FFT).
    *** There will be talismans that can be used to reveal these nodes.
    *** Contracts will give you the space to strategize where you want to have your headquarters.
    * Flying Mounts
    ** Flying Mounts to be introduced with 3.0. (04/11/2014; Siliconera)
    ** Flying mounts will be able to traverse the 3.0 lands fully, as the lands themselves are designed to accompany flight.
    ** Flying mount speed will be approximately 3x the speed of a ground mount.
    *** 2.0 Areas will not be able to allow for flight. All mounts will be grounded or unable to be summoned in a 2.0 area.
    ** Dragon mount to be introduced that will befriend you through the course of the story.
    *** This dragon has a name as well.
    ** Flying Black Chocobos included.
    *** The chocobo shown has a Chocobo Porter hat similar to 2.0, so there might be Flying Chocobo Porters.
    ** Single-rider airships will be introduced.
    ** Flying Griffon Mount included as a CE benefit.
    ** There will be more types of flying mounts introduced as time goes on.
    ** Flying Fat Chocobo Mount (allowing current mount to fly?) being considered.
    * FC Airship Building/FC Crafting (MMORPG.com; 10/24/2014)
    ** FC DoH Workshop to be added.
    ** Players with a FC House will be able to set up this workshop within their basement. (MMORPG.com; 10/24/2014)
    ** Recipes to be added for Airships.
    *** Classified as "large scale" content. (MMORPG.com; 08/23/2014)
    *** Will require lots of manpower and time to complete. (Secrets of Eorzea; 07/18/2014)
    *** Boating and engine must be crafted. (Secrets of Eorzea; 07/18/2014)
    *** Each part will have a different stat.
    *** Airship will have a captain, and other roles to steer the ship. (Secrets of Eorzea; 07/18/2014)
    *** Airship experience will be different from flying around on map. (Secrets of Eorzea; 07/18/2014)
    *** Some content will only be accessible by airships.
    ** Can build other "large" items with FC.
    *** Building your house (the external look) will be a part of this.
    *** You'll be able to convert your house into something like a blacksmith's shop if you wish.
    *** Housing "glamour" will also be introduced through this system.
    ** Process of building items will occur in a magically miniaturized machine, then magnify to it's full size once you bring it out into the field.
    ** Airship content will be expanded upon with patches
    *** This process will be expanded alongside the major 3.X patches.
    *** At first you'll only be able to send your airship out to get items, but will later be expanded to accompany actual boarding.
    *** There will be specific maps to use when sending out your airship.
    *** Battleship elements to be added in the future, allowing for airship battles.
    ** You'll be able to select which players will be able to board the ship and access otherwise inaccessible areas on your ship.
    * FC Content
    ** New Aetherial Wheel stands and effects will be added.
    * The Vanu Vanu & The Gnath; New Primals
    ** Two new Beastman races and their accompanying patron primals to be added.
    ** Extreme versions of these Primal fights will be added later on.
    ** The Vanu Vanu worship the primal Bismarck.
    *** Bismarck in Final Fantasy XIV is unlike older depictions of the summon (whale). This depiction has white feathers and razor teeth.
    *** The battle against Bismarck hinted to be a depiction of an airship-based fight. (similar to FFX's Sin?)
    ** The Gnath worship the all new primal, Ravana.
    *** Ravana is a 4-armed swordsman, reminiscent of the 4-armed void monsters added in Final Fantasy XI's Voidwatch.
    *** You will do battle with Ravana around the halfway mark of HEAVENSWARD.
    * Frontlines & Wolves' Den (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/22/2014), (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    ** PvP Rank to be increased.
    ** New Frontline modes to be added.
    ** Wolves' Den matching system to be upgraded/fixed.
    ** New battlefield to be added to Frontline. (Letter LIVE TGS; 09/21/2014)
    *** Battlefield will have new PvP rules.
    ** New PvE elements and gimmicks to be added.
    *** This will be a two-step ranking system that changes with seasons.
    ** If number of participants increased (ex: 30 v 30 v 30), this will come with an accompanying map. (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/21/2014)
    ** Number of "assists" made in defeating other players with your group to be displayed in future on scoreboard along with other info. (Grekumah, OF; 07/24/2014)
    ** Starting position randomization to be added to Frontlines. (Pushed back from 2.35)
    ** RL PvP Tournaments being considered.
    *** These will be "Seasonal" matches where FCs can compete to take a "World Championship," or get the most points. (MMORPG.com; 10/24/2014)
    ** Addition and changing of PvP rules in Wolves' Den. (Letter LIVE TGS; 09/21/2014)
    *** New map to be added to Wolves' Den. (MMORPG.com 10/24/2014)
    *** Expansion to 8 vs 8 in Wolves' Den. (MMORPG.com 10/24/2014)
    ** Yoshi wants to work on tweaking Wolves' Den before adding new PvP content. (New Ranks & Rewards) (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014) (Implemented with 2.4 and 2.5)
    ** PvP Abilities to vary depending on your GC affiliation in future (this is being carefully considered as time goes on).
    ** "Siege" PvP being considered for addition. It would involve destroying gates, walls and fortifications in order to assault on a base.
    ** Dev team planning for siege weapons that crafters can make to assist in fortifications of a base.
    * The Hunt
    ** Rank higher than S to be added to The Hunt.
    *** Rank will be on the same level as original difficulty of Odin and Behemoth FATEs.
    * Chocobo Content
    ** Companion (Chocobo) stats to be increased to correspond with increasing levels of players and monsters in the future. (Grekumah, OF; 09/10/2014)
    * The Gold Saucer
    ** New element introduced to the Gold Saucer that will be comparable to Triple Triad or Chocobo Racing (hinted to be Snowboarding).
    ** New snowboarding game being heavily considered.
    *** Yoshida was asked what would he do if snowboarding was added -- he responded by explaining that a person would build his board with various specifications.
    * Triple Triad
    ** 20 new cards will be added.
    * Items & Equipment
    ** AF2 is based on Amano's sketches.
    ** The iLvL gap will be much wider than in the 2.X series.
    * Quality of Life
    ** Team discussed adding a housing item that could change the house's background music (Juke-box) by 3.0. (Letter LIVE XIX; 12/21/2014)
    * Misc Additions
    ** Evolve-style PvP (4 vs 1, players vs PC controlled monster) being looked into for post-expansion content. (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/22/2014)
    ** Magitek Ride Armor Companions.
    *** To be worked on after Chocobo companions reaches a specific level of quality met by team.
    *** Ride Armor Companions will use the Gambit System.
    *** Content depicting "fighting against each other" (other players?) being considered.
    ** Expansion on how player data is stored. (Gamer Escape; 10/21/2014)
    * DirectX 11
    ** The graphics checks have been done for the most part for DirectX11. (Gamescom, Dual Shockers; 08/15/2014)
    *** There are some bugs in the code that slow down performance, so those are being ironed out.
    ** Earliest release date is scheduled for end of 2014. (This has a chance to be pushed back further into next year.)
    ** Team is looking into adding graphical expressions into DX11 that's not currently in DX9. (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    ** Team is partnered with Nvidia and is now in the optimization phase. (MMORPG.com; 10/24/2014)

    Expansion Legend:

    Sea Green = Confirmed at Fan Fest/Letter Live.
    Orange = Content pushed back from original plan.
    Red = Canceled plans.
    Blue = Content that Yoshi-P wants in game or content currently being discussed.


    Patch 3.1

    Spoiler: show

    * Zodiac Weapon (& Armor?) Quest
    ** Zodiac Weapon quest will be continued.
    ** Overall concept will be the same as in the 2.X series.
    ** If it does continue it will be only after the initial launch of 3.0 (i.e., 3.1).
    ** Team working hard to ensure that players won't feel like their Zodiac Weapons have been a waste of time in 2.X series.
    ** Yoshi-P is unsure of what form or fashion the quest will take, due to some people being exceptionally far in the quest than others. (as of Patch 2.5)
    ** Replica copies of previous Zodiac Weapon stages (for glamour) might be possible if they don't have any battle stats.
    *** Current idea is to set something up with Gerolt (quest?) so that it can be done via glamour system.
    ** Zodiac Quest might also be changed up to include upgradable armor as well. (WaR LegenD; 03/12/2015)
    * FC Airship Building/FC Crafting
    ** Allowance of boarding onto your FC airship to travel to different areas.
    ** Guest-pass system to be added for players who aren't in a specific FC.
    * The Gold Saucer
    ** New attraction added.
    *** This attraction will be on the scale of Triple Triad & Chocobo Racing.
    *** Previous/current speculation is that the event is Snowboarding.
    *** Yoshi-P and team wanted a minigame where you used your flying mount to fly through rings ala Pilotwings, but there was a lack of resources to get it done at the time. They are finalizing it now.
    * Triple Triad
    ** New cards will be added.
    * Beastman Dailies
    ** Might possibly begin with 3.05. If not it will begin in 3.1.
    * Training/Beginner's Hall
    ** "Newbie Guild" addition that will teach players how to DPS. (Secrets of Eorzea; 07/18/2014)
    ** Will have training dummies that display the DPS of party members in some form or function. (Fan Fest Tokyo; 12/20/2014)
    ** Training "challenge" that will work based on maximizing DPS to be added. (Fan Fest Tokyo; 12/20/2014)
    * FFXIV Client Add-Ons
    ** API for developing add-ons nearing completion.


    Patch 4.0 (???)

    Spoiler: show

    * Main Storyline
    ** New storyboard being currently worked on.
    ** Funding for the opening video for 4.0 has been set aside and the team is currently working on rendering the video itself.


    Future Patch(es):

    Spoiler: show
    * Job Adjustments
    ** Considering adjustment of magic defense of DRGs.
    * The Binding Coil of Bahamut
    ** Addition of the Bahamut's Coil to be added to the Challenge Log in future.
    ** They are looking into alleviating the 8-man system in place, but haven't found a good method yet. (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    ** Savage version of First Turn Bahamut's Coil (Turns 1-5) to be added. (??) (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/22/2014)
    *** May be pushed back to unknowable future, due to timing with Savage version of the Final Turns of Bahamut & possible lack of original Coil data. (Thanks Theendofallthatis of Reddit!)
    * The Crystal Tower
    ** Addition of the Crystal Tower to the Challenge Log in future.
    ** Changing Labyrinth of the Ancients party composition so that it can be completed by fewer players in the future. (Letter LIVE TGS; 09/21/2014)
    ** Team is looking into making it possible to Vote Dismiss AFK players in special cases where it's not possible. (Grekumah, OF; 09/03/2014)
    * Main Quest Scenario
    ** Story surrounding F'lhaminn and the scenario surrounding Niellefresne to be added.
    ** Plotline explaining how Final Fantasy XIV interacts with other Final Fantasy games to be explained in future. (06/17/2014; Gamer Escape)
    ** Tataru's Song to be implemented. (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/22/2014)
    ** Gaius to return in future. (Finaland JP Expo Interview; 07/02/2014)
    *** To return with an accompanying battle.
    *** Might not return in a way that players want, as he is currently dead in the storyline.
    * New Classes/Jobs
    ** Blue Mage (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    *** Team would like to work on Blue Mage (Yoshi-P is very interested in the job).
    *** Team would need to figure out what role(s) it would fulfill in this iteration of Final Fantasy.
    *** Team would need to figure out how to make it work in party play.
    *** Yoshi-P mused that Blue Mage would have to be different from actually learning abilities like other classes.
    * Side Quests
    **Edda to return in another quest, pending player feedback. (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/21/2014)
    ** More storylines to be added to dungeons in future. (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/22/2014)
    *** More horror-themed quests to be added if players as for it.
    ** More Winebaud Riddles to be added. (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/22/2014)
    ** Storyline depicting "evil people" obtaining white magic might make an appearance in the future.
    * Hildibrand Quests
    ** The Mandragoras to appear in future, pending 2.3 feedback.
    ** Previous Final Fantasy characters possible, but must match world setting of FFXIV.
    ** Hildibrand coming to 3.0 depends solely on the players.
    * Free Company & Housing Changes
    ** New FC ranks. (Content to be added that will allow FC to grow rank.)
    ** Feature where the Housing and land will automatically discarded after 35 days if no FC member accesses it. (Warning message included.)
    ** Gardening related company action being discussed.
    ** Allowance of logging in and out of private chambers within FC house instead of logging back in outside of FC house. (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/21/2012)
    ** Multiple Instruments in FC House will play memorable song.
    ** Possible to set minions loose in FC House.
    ** Content that FC members can work on together to accomplish large goal to be implemented. Details to come before 2.4 patch. (06/19/2014; Slycer)
    ** FC Alliances still in early planning stages. (06/16/2014; FFXIV OF)
    ** Gardening planters to be added to personal housing allowing you to garden within it. (Komoto Blurb, Letter LIVE XVI; 07/21/2014)
    ** Addition of equipment storage "racks" to be looked into and considered as soon as more land is added into the game. (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/22/2014)
    ** Fishtanks (Aquarium) to be added as a furnishing in future. (Grekumah, OF; 07/29/2014)
    ** Guestbook to be added to FC (and Personal?) Housing. (Grekumah, OF; 07/31/2014)
    ** Fish prints from fishing log to be converted into furnishings in the future. (Grekumah, OF; 08/20/2014)
    ** Addition of furnishings that have multiple objects in a set. (Grekumah, OF; 09/26/2014)
    ** More outdoor furnishings. (Grekumah, OF; 09/26/2014)
    ** Increase to the cap of on the amount of outdoor furnishings that can be placed outside. (Grekumah, OF; 09/26/2014)
    ** Multiple furnishings based on other FINAL FANTASY characters being planned for addition. (Grekumah, OF; 09/26/2014)
    * Chocobo Content
    ** Players will now receive a warning message when feeding Thavnairian onion without rank cap. (Pushed back from 2.38) (Grekumah, OF; 08/20/2014)
    ** Chocobo Stables Accessed from Chocobo Porters.
    ** Able to view companions experience points from the chocobo stable menu. (Grekumah, OF; 08/08/2014)
    ** Adjustments to be made to balance out the cost of gardening for chocobo food.
    ** Team looking into addressing the enmity problem with companions with players of much higher iLvls. (Grekumah, OF; 09/10/2014)
    * Chocobo Racing
    ** Chocobo breeding will be expanded, allowing you to breed your chocobo with other player's chocobos.
    ** Breeding multiple chocobo at a time possible if the demand is there.
    * Dungeon/Area Content
    ** 2.1 Extreme Primals (Garuda, Titan, Ifrit) to be added to New section of Duty Roulette to facilitate clears.
    ** Dev team looking to add Ultima Weapon (Hard) to Trial Duty Roulette in future. (Grekumah, OF; 07/31/2014)
    ** Content that will succeed Crystal Tower to be added.
    *** Will be an all-new raid for ARR. Yoshi states it will be something we wouldn't be able to imagine at this point. (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/22/2014)
    ** Light Party content to be added and/or changed (ex: Solo/Duo/Trio Dungeons, Chocobos in Dungeons, 8-man dungeons.)
    ** Primals set in world to be defeated & captured, then used by FC Summoners in battles.
    *** Primals will not appear in FATEs.
    *** Can achieve victory in any dungeon by summoning a primal.
    *** Primal will be "released" back into the world upon summoning and made available for capture again.
    ** Surrounding areas of Coerthas region to be added from 1.X.
    ** Additional housing areas in Coerthas & Ishgard.
    ** Nerfs to instant-death mechanics from 2.0, 2.1 & 2.2 in consideration.
    ** Allowance of summoned companions while seeking a Duty Finder party to be implemented. (Pushed back from 2.3)
    ** Sharlayan-centric mock-up artwork drawn. (Maehiro Blurb)
    ** Future dungeon bosses to have more randomized mechanics. (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/22/2014)
    ** Revival of Hamlet Defense Battle (from ver 1.23) (2p at Chinajoy Blurb; 08/04/2014)
    ** They are still planning on content that allows entire Free Companies to challenge. (Dengeki Online; 08/19/2014)
    ** If they are to add new uninstanced content similar to guildleves, it would be called something new entirely. (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    * The Ultima Weapon: Extreme Mode (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    ** Since there is a lot of demand for EX Mode, they will think about adding this in future.
    ** This will be planned for the future as they are pressed for time (as of Letter LIVE XVII).
    ** Yoshi-P has always be interested in adding a dungeon reminiscent of Deep Dungeon (FFT) where you'd have to go lower and lower and lower into a dark dungeon.
    ** Yoshi-P wants to go to the moon as well (Final Fantasy IV).
    * Quality of Life
    ** Savable UI/HUD interfaces.
    ** Gear preview from item drops in loot pool.
    ** Function to display how many items are stored on retainers (when away from city.)
    ** Lalafells will be able to stand on step stools in future.
    ** Lalafell NPC vendors will have step stools in future so they can be seen. (Grekumah, OF; 09/03/2014)
    ** Expansion into titles will show how titles are obtained. (Secrets of Eorzea; 07/18/2014)
    ** Keeping names above player heads during screenshots is being looked into. (Secrets of Eorzea; 07/18/2014)
    ** Method to increase inventory size being looked into.
    ** Allowing of shifting over eyepatch over both eyes using /visor command. (Grekumah, OF; 07/23/2014)
    ** Looking into finding a way to have a fishing spot that won't fish up maps in future. (Grekumah, OF; 08/20/2014)
    ** Changes to Cast Light that will give varying colors to come in future. (Grekumah, OF; 08/20/2014)
    ** Loading screen tips to be added in future. (Grekumah, OF; 09/03/2014)
    ** Dev team looking into a way to reintroduce the Chocobo Mask and the Star-Spangled Subligar (as well as other old 1.0 items) into ARR. (Grekumah, OF; 09/04/2014)
    ** Dev team will look into adding a /countdown feature, but it's on hold as other tasks take priority. (Grekumah, OF; 09/11/2014)
    ** Dev team looking into updating the job change cooldown feature, so that it applies to safe zones (Sanctuaries).
    ** Music to be added to Sleipnir Mount if Soken "Has the time." (He doesn't and will do what Yoshi-P wants.) (Letter LIVE XIX; 12/21/2014)
    ** Tina's (Terra's) Theme (Final Fantasy VI) finally being discussed to be added to the Magitek Mounts and elsewhere in game. (Letter LIVE XIX; 12/21/2014)
    * DoW & DoM Changes
    ** Skill-specific stat additions to weapons and armor in consideration.
    ** Job cooldown reset in dungeon upon wiping.
    ** More Job point allocation freedom.
    * DoH & DoL Changes
    ** Considering Relic Tools.
    ** "Risky" crafting from 1.0 discussed to be re-added back into DoH crafting system.
    ** Addition of Desynthesis-based equipment to ease the leveling up of the ability. (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/21/2014)
    ** Looking into different ways of obtaining crafting tools in future updates outside of Desynthesis. (Letter LIVE XVI; 07/21/2014)
    ** Allow the "locking" of Desynthesis skills. (Grekumah, OF; 07/24/2014)
    ** Desynthesis Skill Cap to be raised to 400 accompanying the iLevel skill cap increase. (Letter LIVE XVI; 08/11/2014)
    * Misc Addtions
    ** Playable musical instruments & orchestra sessions similar to LotRO possible. (Secrets of Eorzea; 07/18/2014)
    ** Future collaboration with Matsui of Final Fantasy XI in talks. (06/17/2014; Gamer Escape)
    *** Possible return of a much stronger Shantoto, out for revenge.
    ** Team is planning the next collaboration event currently. (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    ** More collaboration events (like FFXI, DQ, FFXIII) possible if they can time it with Japanese game release dates. (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    ** More lore type and riddle type quests in the future. (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    ** Main Programmer Kasuga would like to add field (outdoor) dungeons, but has not thought much about it yet. (Letter LIVE XVII; 08/23/2014)
    *** Field dungeons will be added if Yoshi-P wants it.
    ** Body hair being looked into for addition to the game. Development will take a lot of work however, so hairstyles will be prioritized. (Grekumah, OF; 10/1/2014)** Looking into the reintroduction of version 1.0's Prince-nez Glasses. They must first see if transparency is technically possible first. (Grekumah, OF; 10/1/2014)
    ** Looking into a "Try-On" feature for multiple pieces of gear and gear sets. (Grekumah, OF; 10/1/2014)
    ** Team will allow for Free Company crests to be put on Chocobo Bardings.
    ** Allowing for dyable Allagan gear being hinted.
    ** Team looking into extending Personal Housing features to bonded characters.
    ** Cross over event with Final Fantasy XV possible, but in discussion.
    ** There is a chance that elemental materia might see a utility expansion in the future.

    Any (or all) data posted is subject to change for any reason what-so-ever at any time prior to patch and/or expansion.


    Information that Predates Final Fantasy XIV ARR Release:

    As mentioned, this section is for information that was released before the game was released. Because of this, the information posted here could and will conflict with the above section, which consists of information that was released post release of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn. For this reason, take the information posted here with a grain of salt, as it was information that was posted during vanilla development and will likely be irrelevant in future patches. Only ideas that have not been implemented into 2.0+ will be posted here. I'll also post the links for these much older interviews for your personal perusal.

    Spoiler: show


    The "Letter from the Producer LIVE Part II" Video & Q&A Summary Released! (Official Q&A) (October 11, 2011)

    * Wants a card game, but it must be developed to be a very good game, or he will reject the idea completely.
    * Devs discussed if a dual-wielding job should be an extension of the gladiator class, or an entirely new job.
    * If it's a new job, they would work it into becoming Ninja. (Ninja announced 3 years later).
    * Dagger items would be shifted from Gladiator to scout-type class if implemented. (Confirmed 3 years later).
    * Dev team has been discussing additional classes.
    * Mage job prioritized after looking at then current list of classes. (Scholar and Summoner introduced at ARR).
    * If they were to implement swimming chocobos (and mounts), they would only swim on the surface, and not dive underwater.
    * Enchant system to be added. (Changed into the ARR materia system?)

    Yoshi-P Interview Translation Project (4Gamer Translation, Complete) (October 17, 2011)

    * UI overhaul to allow for add-ons in future. (And optimized for PS3).
    * Server vs Server PvP in place to see who has the best PvPers.

    JPGAMES.DE: Our interview with Naoki Yoshida (October 26, 2011)

    * Specific areas for PvP.
    * Warning messages for entering a PvP area.
    * PvP-based servers a possibility pending player feedback.
    * Special rewards for doing PvP content.
    * Dragoon was geared to be a "critical hit" damage dealer.
    * In-game world weather to change following the summoning of a primal (to cue other players into said summoning).
    * Summon primal once, and then the primal is released back into the world.

    [ChinaJoy 2012] Final Fantasy XIV Online – Interview with Producer (July 28, 2012)

    * Underwater mounts and content was considered before aerial mounts and content.
    * Duel-based PvP system alongside arena-based PvP content.
    * Game once had a cross server function to complete objectives. (This is now the Duty Finder system).

    FFXIV Interview - 2012-08-20 Game Watch - Gamescom (August 21, 2012)

    * Primals planned to be content after their instanced battles.
    * Entire Free Company would have the rights to summon.
    * Everyone in Free Company would have to charge the summoning gauge to summon him/her.
    * Gold Saucer would have poker, do roulettes, and have original games.
    * Gold Saucer planned to be released in Ul'Dah, an area which is plagued by greed.
    * Gold Saucer to be released after PvP content and Housing content was released.
    * If content were to take to the skies, he would like it to be based on Final Fantasy XII.
    * Story would revolve around the 7th Umbral Era and lead into the next expansion.
    * Yoshi-P had the church built into the early ARR project so that he could eventually have players marry in future.

    Starting over: Can Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn set things right? [Interview] (August 21, 2012)

    * Facebook and Twitter integration.
    * App that will allow you to see what your friends are doing in game (This is now FFXIV Libra).
    * Chocobo Raising system that would allow you to raise a chocobo into a fighter type, healer type, or caster type.
    * Chocobo armor that would grant them stats to assist in battle.

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Developer Interview (August 22, 2012)

    * Instanced-based fight for summonable primals.
    * Instances has to be "found," preventing camping of primals.
    * Achievements for "Speed Running" 2.0 content.
    * Yoshida wanted the "perfect mini-game" that was unlike Chocobo Racing & Tetra Master (of FFXI).

    Letter from the Producer LIVE III (Reinhart Translation) (September 14, 2012)

    * Mused about adding Red XIII (XIV) from Final Fantasy VII.
    * Wanted to re-add "Buddy" system at a future point in time. (Re-imaging of FFXI's fellow system.)
    * No set date for Musketeer Release.

    * Devs have been discussing Ninja & Samurai, but unsure which to implement. (Ninja confirmed 2 years later.)
    * Plans to support DirectX 10 & 11.
    * Cannot go to Ishgard or Ala Mhigo yet. (Stated these two areas would take another year post-release of ARR.)
    * Hamlet and Caravan content wasn't included in Alpha, but was promised to be in 2.0.

    4Gamer - FFXIV interview 2/8/2013 - posted 2/22 (JST) (Febuary 21, 2013)

    * Wanted to expand a story that takes you to the Moon. (Later canceled and interpreted as a theory.)
    * Cait Sith-like character to be added.
    * Wanted Ifrit (and other primals) out as F.A.T.E.s after questline was finished. (Gave example from benchmark video. Originally claimed as a misinterpretation by Koji Fox.)

    Final Fantasy XIV's Yoshida on PvP, chocobos, and mobile apps (Febuary 23, 2013)

    * "Reputation system" (akin to FFXI) in cities. (Shifted to Beastman Dailies)
    * Access to auction board from mobile app.
    * Chocobo abilities influenced by armor it wears. (They got rid of this idea by the time of Letter LIVE VI).

    Final Fantasy XIV: Our new interview with Naoki Yoshida (Febuary 26, 2013)

    * Dark Knight, Samurai, Thief, and Ninja was considered (in addition to Blue Mage) as part of their plans. (Ninja confirmed a year later.)
    * Mentioned that Gold Saucer would be very much like Final Fantasy VIIs, very casino-esque.
    * Atomos would be referenced in the ARR storyline. (Ken then states that Atomos might be a focus from within the Labyrinth of Bahamut storyline.)
    * Plans in the works to build your own airship with your guildmates.
    * "Castle conquering" PvP matches.

    Letter from the Producer LIVE VI (Reinhart Translation) (April 8, 2013)

    * Ability to own multiple [FC] houses.
    * Great Swords to accompany new job.
    * The Battle-Team discussed Samurai and Dark Knight as new jobs with a 2-handed weapon.
    * Will be able to go to areas from 1.0. (Was asked if it was possible to go to Paglth'an again). Thinking about adding said areas in successive patches/expansions in future.
    ** Foxclon asked if people should "look forward to it" and Yoshi-P said yes.
    * System to forecast the weather.
    * Plans to remove player-only restriction in dungeons in stages (meaning companions in dungeons). (Stated that it's a "locked" function).
    * Will address lack of Magitek mount footprints in snow in future.
    * Looking for a good way to use Soken's rendition of "Terra's Theme" in future.
    * Coloring magitek mounts to be introduced in future.
    * Magitek mount companion content to be added in future.
    * Function to allow players to view PvP matches as spectators to be implemented.
    * Randomized dungeon elements not out of the question of implementation.

    Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn Beta 3 Slated for Early June, Preorders for Late May, More Info from Nico Nico Chokaigi 2 (UPDATED) (April 28, 2013)

    * Muskets to be useable by players in the future.
    * Lore library to be added to game.


    Official FFXIV ARR Patch Notes:

    2.X Series (A Realm Reborn)

    Spoiler: show
    2.0 -- A Realm Reborn (August 27, 2013)

    2.1 -- A Realm Awoken (December 16, 2013)

    2.2 -- Through the Maelstrom (March 27, 2014)

    2.3 -- Defenders of Eorzea (July 8, 2014)

    2.4 -- Dreams of Ice (October 28, 2014)

    2.5 -- Before the Fall (January 20, 2015)

    3.X Series (HEAVENSWARD)

    Spoiler: show
    3.0 -- HEAVENSWARD (June 23, 2015)

    FFXIV Hotfixes



    Green = Green-lighted for patch on time.
    Orange = Content pushed back from original plan.
    Red = Canceled plans.
    Blue = Content that Yoshi-P wants in game or content currently being discussed.
    (??) = Has not been stated or confirmed, but has partially implemented into the game already and/or has reasonable evidence pointing to fact.
    Italicized Text = Speculation derived from community on specific patch content.


    Final Fantasy XIV Team (Production Credits, as of 08/08/2014):

    Yosuke Matsuda -- Square-Enix President & CEO
    Naoki Yoshida ("Yoshi-P", "The Wandering Minstrel", "The Duck", "YOSHIDAAAAAA") -- Producer/Director
    Shinji Hashimoto -- Promotions Producer for Final Fantasy
    Hiroshi Takai -- Assistant Director
    Nobuaki Komoto -- Lead Game Designer
    Mitsutoshi Gondai -- Senior Battle Designer
    Hideyuki Kasuga -- Main Programmer
    Takeo Suzuki -- Lead Designer
    Akihiko Yoshida -- Senior Concept Artist/Main Character Design
    Kazutoyo Maehiro -- Main Scenario Writer
    Hiroshi Minagawa ("Nigoro") -- Lead UI Designer/Lead Web Designer
    Shintaro Tamai -- Character Animation Direction
    Sage Sundi ("Red like Ferrari", "wut?") -- Global Online Producer/Lead Game Master (He's still alive?)
    Masayoshi Soken ("Masayoshi Kikuchi", "Sorbonne Soken", "Luis Noma") -- Composition/Sound Director
    Naoshi Mizuta -- Composer
    Tsuyoshi Sekito -- Composer
    Nobuo Uematsu -- Composer (Music Re-purposed for ARR)


    Slycer (Various Japanese Translations on BlueGartr)
    Reinhart (Official Forums Translation, 09/2013 to 04/2014)
    Divinemight (Official Forums Translation & Explainations, usually PvP Content)
    Letter from the Producer LIVE XI to XVI
    Tokyo FATE Producer Live Letter
    Sapporo FATE
    Game Watch
    FFXIV Reddit
    Player Attack TV
    Dual Shockers
    Nova Crystallis
    XIVDB.com (by extension ZAM.com)
    Neoseeker (for those cool pics!)
    Revision History:

    Spoiler: show
    12/22/2014 -- Added information from JP Fan Fest Keynote Address and Letter Live XIX. Added 2.41 & 2.45 to official patch notes and removed 2.45 speculation and notes. Also added missing EU Fan Fest information.

    10/19/2014 -- Added information from the Live Letter at NA Fan Fest.

    10/18/2014 -- Revamped the Expansion section. Combined older information with the new information given with the 10/18 Key Note.

    09/21/2014 -- Added preliminary data from Letter LIVE Tokyo Game Show translation.

    09/16/2014 -- Removed 2.38 Patch Notes & Speculation as well as various items from "Future Patches."

    08/23/2014 -- Added preliminary data from Letter LIVE XVII live translation. Will clean it up after a through transcript translation is posted.

    08/20/2014 -- Added information from the new Dengeki Online interview from Gamescom 2014 to patch 2.4 and "Future Patches."

    08/19/2014 -- Removed 2.35 Patch Notes & Speculation.

    08/11/2014 -- Added missing information from Letter LIVE XVI to 2.4 & "Future Patches." Added Pre-FFXIV: ARR section. I'll work on it slowly, however. I might even remove it if it's not enough info after a while.

    08/08/2014 -- Added info to 2.35, 2.38 & "Future Patches". Added Production Credits. Added "Official FFXIV ARR Patch Notes" section. Updated Special Events section.

    07/27/2014 -- Added new information from Japan Expo 2014. Updated with information from Letter LIVE XVI.

    07/06/2014 -- Removed 2.3 Patch Notes & Speculation.

    06/19/2014 -- Updated with Slycer's most recent translation of the special E3 interview. Added a section for Slycer's translations as well, this will serve as an archive of all of his previous translations, as soon as I fish them all out. I also added the translated information of the 2.28 .dat files that covers Rogue abilities under the 2.4 section.

    06/15/2014 -- I currently pulled from the knowledge-base as far back as version 2.1. I'll go back even further if I spot ideas that seem to persist up until today via interviews & Live Letters. Of course, I'll also re-arrange and add additional information as it's released. 2.3 info will be removed a week before patch. Information for the most upcoming patch is 90~95% accurate. This is due to developers having a tendency to have a last minute change just before the patch drops. So don't expect 100% accuracy ever.

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    ** 3 Tank, 9 Healer, 15 DPS Alliance (1 Tank, 3 Healer, 5 DPS Party).

    I assume that's 3/6/15 (1/2/5)?

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    Ahh yep, corrected both, thanks guys. Brain was somewhere else when I posted those numbers, lol. Lemme know if there are any other errors.

    Edit: Also added more information pre-2.2 from Slycer's Game Watch LIVE translation.

    Edit #2: Added even more information from Nova Crystallis' interview with Yoshi-P that was posted today. Yoshi-P let slip that Gamescom will focus on patch 2.4 only, so don't expect Expansion details there, it will all be at Fan Fest.

    Edit #3: Added recent info from Famitsu interview that was released on 06/21/2014.

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    Removed 2.3 information.

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    Thanks Sol. I'll be updating this database later in the evening.

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    Added Production Credits.

    Minus this guy.


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    Update with new Dengeki Online Interview from gamescom.

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    Just an aside. I've found yet another article that predated ARR's release. Of which some very interesting info. It was the 3rd time Yoshi-P name dropped Samurai in his interview (that I've found) and the 2nd time he name dropped Dark Knight as potential classes (jobs) that might be added in game. Here's the except:

    JPGAMES: We also wanted to know, if there will also be former jobs, which we got to know from Final Fantasy XI. For example, the Blue Mage was quite popular amongst the fans. Will there be more job classes in the future?

    YOSHIDA: Of course not only from FF XI, but from the previous Final Fantasy Series as well. There are a lot of unique jobs in the Final Fantasy Series, so you can expect a lot of interesting classes. From Version 1.0 the new one we are implementing to A Realm Reborn to start with, is the Summoner. But also there could be classes like Dark Knight, Samurai, Thief and Ninja.
    It would be very interesting to see if he still interested in those jobs now. He's mentioned the Ninja job almost 4 years ago and now it's being implemented.

    Here's to hoping.

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    Digged a bit more for Samurai and Dark Knight, found another another interesting tidbit. Yoshi-P flat out states that Samurai and Ninja would be implemented in a Final Fantasy XIV Special talk session. This session was conducted 2 years ago around this time. It was in reply to an Excalibur & Masamune question that was proposed to him:

    [Yoshida] We are certainly thinking of adding Excalibur with some unique specifications. On the other hand, I believe Masamune will truly prove its worth only when samurai and ninja jobs are implemented.
    Excalibur would be added in some way, but Masamune would require the proper job -- Samurai, to be wielded. He also states the fact that Samurai (and Ninja) are in high demand overseas, so he plans to go with these ideas. He's then asked by Mocchi if sheathes (saya) would also be added in addition to Samurai, to which Yoshi-P states that he would take it into consideration after speaking with the programmers, animators and character designers. He then jokingly states that he knows that a sheath is required to perform a quick draw attack (iaido) to Mocchi, who laughs. This also makes his Producer Live III answer to Musketeer all the more apparent as well:

    Q7: When will musketeer be implemented?
    A7: Including samurai and ninja, we are currently at the stage where we are looking into which we would like to add next, so we haven’t yet decided on the specifics. However, in the future we are imagining dual wield and double barrel guns, so please look forward to it!
    Very interesting that they would flat out announce this, and two years later we see one of the two jobs come to fruition as planned. Samurai might just be one of the new jobs in the coming expansion.


    Going off that Live Letter question and into another one:

    Q27: Will players be able to go to new areas such as Sharlayan, Ala Mhigo, Garlean Empire, and Ishgard? Also, will there be new areas introduced?
    A27: As far as Ala Mhigo and Ishgard goes, they won’t be available immediately at launch. All the areas will be revamped in ARR so you can consider all the areas “new.” You’ll see new settlements, monsters, and dungeons. Also, the dungeons will be three times the size that they are now. If we introduce Ishgard and make further changes to the current nations, it will take another year to launch the game… Furthermore, Ishgard and Ala Mhigo areas will be introduced in order. Stay tuned!
    It seems they've always planned for Ishgard and Ala Mhigo (the ruins of the fallen city, not the settlement in Thanalan) was always in the plans as well.


    Finally back to new jobs, Yoshi-P and team will always adhere to trying to include jobs that have that "Final Fantasy Essence":


    MAC: How has the incorporation of new jobs since the 1.21 patch been working? How are you looking to move forward with new jobs from here? More from FFXI or completely original ones?
    NY: We're trying our best to create jobs while keeping the traditions of the Final Fantasy series in mind. This includes looking into bringing back jobs from previous titles such as summoner, thief, ninja, samurai, and red mage. Rather than obsessing over originality, we want XIV's jobs to evoke a true Final Fantasy feel while remaining balanced within XIV's battle system.

    MAC: Since these are all existing jobs in Final Fantasy XI, how are you looking to make them different? How about the same?
    NY: We aren't setting out to radically change jobs just for the sake of being different. Having said that, the battle systems of XI and XIV are completely different entities. Our focus is on implementing jobs to adequately fit roles in XIV's battle system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sho View Post
    Very interesting that they would flat out announce this, and two years later we see one of the two jobs come to fruition as planned.
    I don't really think that statement constitutes an announcement. It's a little difficult to parse because it's not very good English.
    A7: Including samurai and ninja, we are currently at the stage where we are looking into which we would like to add next, so we haven’t yet decided on the specifics.
    A7: We are currently at the stage where we are looking into which we would like to add next, including samurai and ninja, so we haven’t yet decided on the specifics.
    He's just saying that they're considering Samurai and Ninja, not that they're definitely in.

    But obviously it's definitely in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cutriss View Post
    I don't really think that statement constitutes an announcement. It's a little difficult to parse because it's not very good English.Rephrased:He's just saying that they're considering Samurai and Ninja, not that they're definitely in.

    But obviously it's definitely in.
    I did consider that the translation was bad, however it wouldn't have been so obvious if he didn't go into a couple of details with Mocchi about Samurai on the sheath and all that. He then talks about Samurai in the subsequent Live Letter (that you re-quoted) as if they've already considered Samurai & Ninja (as well as Musketeer), and were simply trying to ascertain which should be put in first. We now know in retrospect that they want to prioritize adding a scout/stealth class before anything else (which is also why Musketeer was subsequently left out) so Ninja got the first up.

    A similar situation happened months ago (2.05~2.1 days) when he mentioned wanting to add Levi, Ramuh, and Shiva into the game, but didn't know the order of which it would happen. The information was left as sparse for a while, right up until Through the Maelstrom dropped (and Leviathan added). What's unfortunate is the fact that we will simply need to wait til this time next month, as Yoshi-P will remain tight lipped til then.

    You guys know I love my speculation, but I wouldn't think Yoshi-P would be so forthright about [unofficially] announcing the addition of Samurai (or any new job) on a public forum like that without being serious. As I've mentioned before (and as you can see from the Predated Information section) he's been planning for some of these jobs for a while now (or at least have kicked around the ideas). Likely no longer a matter of "if?" but a matter of "when?"

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    Why anyone cares about him namedropping jobs like SAM and NIN is beyond me.

    Did anyone actually think they wouldn't be in the game at some point?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Niiro View Post
    Why anyone cares about him namedropping jobs like SAM and NIN is beyond me.

    Did anyone actually think they wouldn't be in the game at some point?
    This is a man who doesn't read OF in his free time. We aren't in a closed knit circle like in FFXI; there's people who have no clue what could possibly happen in 14 (I talk to them a lot in game) or what was spoken about 1-4 years in the past. They can't be as awesome as your or I and have future foresight (or common sense).

    You'd be shocked to see what people believe will and will not happen and all of the hyper crazy speculation that comes from it. Regardless, I'm not about baseless and crazy speculation without reason. I'm more into digging and finding [old] facts and information that happened in the past and bringing them to the fore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sho View Post
    This is a man who doesn't read OF in his free time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edelweiss View Post
    <_< So what, I'm 2 for 3 on bad calls now, huh?

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    Nah, it's more that despite the progression of time (and a new game), things kind of still feel the same in regards to the context of what you were referring to.

    You got >_>'d over the OF; that shit ain't nothing but lulz, keks, and examples of badness. Except maybe the Anonymoose threads; that's probably the only stuff that isn't shit.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edelweiss View Post
    Nah, it's more that despite the progression of time (and a new game), things kind of still feel the same in regards to the context of what you were referring to.

    You got >_>'d over the OF; that shit ain't nothing but lulz, keks, and examples of badness. Except maybe the Anonymoose threads; that's probably the only stuff that isn't shit.
    I think XIV will deviate much from how XI ended up, mainly because they do have that connection to their players now. However, they probably shouldn't go too far in pleasing the fans, lest it becomes another post-Cataclysm WoW game.

    I honestly feel bad for much of OF. Everyone is blinded by their own dreams of how they want the game to be. When in all reality, Yoshi-P & Takai make very predictable choices. The ironic (and equally sad) thing about this however is the fact that devs and the community team pull almost all of their ideas from OF, very rarely from any other forum, Reddit included. I'm likely gonna pare back some of my rhetoric over there, as they aren't believers til the truth stares them in the face anyways.

    Whatever happened to our own SE ambassador?

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    I think we ate 'em.

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