Hey everyone!

So I write for a midsize gaming news website (Twinfinite) and because I play too much FFXIV to not write about it I decided to do so! It's called Chocobo Diaries and it's part journal, part current events/news, and part MMORPG theory.

I'm still a new player in FFXIV (just hit 50 on first job) so a lot of the discussion is going to be framed from my perspective of a newer player as I progress through new/more difficult content. This week I talk about new player relations with veterans (such as most of you!) in the midgame and low level dungeon content.

Here's the first episode: Chocobo Diaries - Learning from the Vets

Although I'm still pretty new to FFXIV, I played FFXI for about 10 years (day 1 through a little bit past the end of the 75 era), so I can talk intelligently about MMORPG mechanics. It's not gonna be all why do I care (today I made steel ingots!!!! lolz) personal journal BS.

I hope those of you who check it out find it to be an interesting read!

AND PLEASE if you do read it, leave me feedback either in here or in the comments or via PM. I really really want to hear it (good or bad). Obviously constructive rather than flaming is preferred haha but I'm not a sensitive guy IDGAF.

Thanks everyone!