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    TGS 2014 Live Letter Translation - Patch 2.4

    Patch 2.4 TGS Live Letter Translation
    This is a translation of the transcript from Game Watch of Yoshida’s live letter from TGS which took place Saturday night.


    On September 21, the Producer Letter LIVE in Makuhari was held at the Square Enix Booth at Tokyo Game Show 2014. The venue was packed with fans, and I was once again surprised by how popular A Realm Reborn is and how much attention it garners. For this event, the LIVE letter was condensed into a shortened one hour version. The format was Toshio Muroichi from the community team asking questions and Naoki Yoshida, producer and director of A Realm reborn, giving his feedback as usual.

    During the event, we finally began to hear some details about patch 2.4. At the start of the event, Yoshida announced the title of patch 2.4, "Dreams of Ice," the three new instanced dungeons, and the battlefield area for the Shiva primal battle, and showed a video of class and job actions for Rogue and Ninja. There was a lot of new other information discussed beyond that, so here's a detailed account.

    Even the producers don't know what minion emotes have been implemented.

    I can't afford to buy a house! Please do something, Yoshida!

    People have also talked about how there's no land available either. It seems that the price is high for some people. After we took a look at the states of the economies, we decided to make the land be the same as that for the FC housing. One way to look at it is that it will never been any more expensive than it is now, this is the highest. One year has passed now since we started operating, but the establishment of new FCs will gradually keep reducing in the future. Also, I believe that existing plots will be vacated over time as FCs dissolve.

    Since personal gil will continue to accumulate over time, the demand for private homes is expected to increase in the future. If we separated the two, then the personal housing wards might all be filled even though there could be a surplus of empty FC plots and we would have a situation where people couldn't build houses even with empty land area.

    In patch 2.4, we plan on doubling the available land compared to right now. Since we don't know how many people will buy a house in each world, we plan to continue adding land in the future as needed. We've also heard people ask for instanced housing, but even with instanced housing, the data all needs to be saved. The information for character positions, furniture positions and the house layout, etc., all needs to be saved whether we add new land or instanced housing. We've tried to set it up so people can get the complete housing experience including gardens and chocobo stables. Since we'll be adding new land very soon, please hang on a bit longer, and good luck getting one!

    Now that oils and sands of time are more easily available in Syrcus Tower and Second Coil, is there a possibility you'll be adding more opportunities to get these in the future?

    You won't be able to get them in instanced dungeons. However, since many of the weekly restrictions will be lifted in patch 2.4, the number of opportunities will increase. I think the demand for these will also drop since we'll be introducing a new type of Allagan tomestone and people will be aiming for a higher item level.

    Do you plan to let us see the actual numerical values for attunement while working on the Nexus weapons?

    We don't plan to show any numbers for this type of content as it would become very dry.

    In the last update, you added some new available dye colors. When will be able to actually use them?

    We thought that we would add some rare dyes ahead of patch 2.4. It might be something you can obtain rarely from a retainer venture.

    Minions like the Nutkin and Wind-up Succubus can sit on players' heads or shoulders now with certain emotes. Are there any other secrets like this?

    Honestly, I don't really know either (laughs). The minion alliance members of the development team do this implementation on their own, ignoring the implementation cost. They've said they want the players to find these things out for minions so we don't even put them in the patch notes because we want players to be surprised. That said, sometimes even I don't know as the producer. However, any bugs will result in pay cuts.

    The new instanced dungeon is called Snowcloak.

    For patch 2.4, "Dreams of Ice," the logo is a frozen-looking image of Shiva. Yoshida went on, "in this patch, different factions will be striving to achieve certain goals, but whether or not they will achieve them will continue to be depicted."

    Three instanced dungeons will be implemented - the all-new Snowcloak, and hard versions of the existing dungeons Sastasha and Sunken Temple of Qarn. The atmosphere of the dungeons was introduced in a video, and the BGM were a combination of new and renewed tracks.

    Hidden Frozen Cavern - Snowcloak Ice Wall

    The dungeon in Snowcloak Ice Wall is located in Coerthas. The frozen cavern reminds us of the logo for patch 2.4, so it may be involved in the main scenario.

    Fortification Counterattack - Sastasha Seagrot

    Yoshida gave the order to the level design team to change up the gimmicks of this beginner dungeon. The final dungeon which got the go-ahead has a considerably different atmosphere from the original.

    Ruins Salvage - Sunken Temple of Qarn

    When it was initially implemented, this dungeon had a reputation of being very difficult due to the strength of the enemies and bosses. Although it's now receiving the "hard" treatment, Yoshida stated that it's a dungeon that everyone will be able to enjoy.

    It's likely that you'll once again be able to fall from the Shiva arena.

    The Ahk Afah Amphitheatre

    At this point, another video was shown, depicting the new battlefield for the Shiva primal battle. The area looked like a circular amphitheatre where the battle stage was elevated, and there was quite a dropoff between the stage and the audience seating area. In two spots, there were stairs to return to the battlefield from the bottom of the drop. This made it seem possible that players could return to battle after falling, but Yoshida mentioned "the stairs might crumble when the battle begins" and laughed. The possibility remains, though, so we can stay optimistic. How the area is reached and under what circumstances will be something to look forward to in the main scenario.

    Shiva is referred to as a saint, and it seems like this will play an important role in the future story. It's likely that more information about Shiva will be revealed at the North America fan fest, so we should find out more then. Some player questions about Shiva followed.

    Will we be confronting Shiva in the main scenario?


    What kind of equipment will be implemented as a reward from the hard and extreme Shiva battles, and what will the item level be?

    Similarly to Ramuh right now, the main drop will be an accessory. There will also be weapons for every job. The weapons will not be the strongest available in the upcoming patch, but they will be a way to make it easier to obtain a higher item level. The higher item level accessories will be the main attraction, though. For those who want to obtain these, you'll want to try the extreme Shiva primal battle.

    With the implementation of Shiva, there will be three new primals - Leviathan, Ramuh, and Shiva - since the original quest line for the first three. Will you be adding a new weekly quest with a reward?

    We don't have any plans for that right now since we'll be adding new weapons which will just be coming out. Although it's an interesting idea that's worked well in the past, it'll be a bit further off if we decide to implement it.

    Rogue and ninja will have a completely new battle system.

    Next, a video was shown with job actions for the new class, Rogue, and new job, Ninja. We were able to see how the class and job fought with daggers and stealth attacks, and the video concluded with a variety of Ninjutsu marks.

    Please tell us some more about the fight style of Ninja such as DoT management and whether or not specified directional attacks play a role.

    I think because we mentioned poisons in the past, many people thought that rogue poisons would be DoT effects, but the system is very different from current DoTs. I don't want to reveal everything now, but it will be different from Summoner. Regarding specified directions, there will be a new system called the mudra system. The mudra is drawn through the use of Ninjutsu, a new system specific to Ninja, but this makes the job busy so there won't be any further bonus for specific directions. As for rogue, a small number of the abilities have a bonus while attacking from behind, but specified directions are not built in to the combo. The interplay of the different actions and mudra will be different from any job before.

    Will there be any special conditions to change job to Ninja?

    To address the tank and healer shortage, you'll need to have paladin at 50, warrior at 50, white mage at 50, and scholar at 50.... no, not really (laughs). However, you won't be able to immediately choose rogue as your starting class from character creation. You'll need to first get another class level 10, and then speak with a certain NPC.

    Which additional skills can be set to Ninja?

    We've gotten a lot of questions so I have to at least pretend I'm listening, but it's still a secret (laughs). For Ninja specifically, there's an ability called "Hide" which can be used in the middle of PvP. Since there's no PvP ability like "Foresight" to see through an opponent's stealth, you might walk around for a while in Frontline without seeing anyone, and then suddenly be attacked, so you'll have to plan for it.

    In the past Final Fantasy games, throwing has been a repeated element for Ninjas, so will any attack actions consume items?

    In endgame content, for example, someone might say "the Ninja's DPS dropped because they ran out of throwing items, can I ask them to throw their High Allagan?" This would be too harsh, so we don't plan for any of the abilities to consume items - hopefully this puts your mind at ease.

    The official name for the marriage system is "Eternal Bond"

    Will it be possible to battle with Bahamut himself in the final coil dungeons?

    That's a secret. The next coil of bahamut will be quite a challenge since it will be the last. I don't want to give anything away for people who haven't progressed through the coils' storyline yet, but this will be the true final chapter of the Seventh Umbral Era.

    Will you have a Savage version of the next Bahamut's coil? Will the progress flag be common between the two again?

    If we do it, it will probably be in patch 2.5. There has been demand from people around the world who are participating in the Savage version of the Second Coil that we make it so that it can be repeated at any time since the people clearing it no longer need the items. When we add the next one, we will think about changing the flag conditions. We might do something where it has a separate progression and you have to go in order through the turns of the Savage version.

    With the Bahamut's coils completing in patch 2.4, do you have any plans for players who are only interested in seeing the storyline?

    I have also been wondering what we can do. With respect to the difficulty, there will be some relaxation, but we also need to consider players who are starting new, so we haven't finalized any specifics yet. I would like it so that at some point everyone could experience the story.

    We're waiting for and looking forward to the implementation of the marriage system, will this happen in patch 2.4?

    The system we are making is a big one. We've decided on the name "Eternal Bond" for the system. It's in development right now, but we've had some challenges developing the system to reserve a wedding date, so we've decided to implement it in patch 2.45. By pushing it to 2.45, we're also going to be able to make it a highly customizable system. We should have some opportunities to show more soon, like the dress.

    Do you plan to have any specific abilities for married partners, for example, an ability to teleport to your partner?

    At first, we're planning to add a special two-seat chocobo that only a bonded couple can ride. I hope that over time we'll add some more functions little by little. Please don't set your expectations too high for this, though.

    The performance of Ehcatl Smithing Gloves isn't much different from other existing equipment, please enhance the effects.

    I think this is perhaps the comment of someone who is already a crafter. The gloves are something you get when you finish the Ixal beast tribe daily quests, but the intent of this content was to get new people involved with crafts, not to further enhance the crafting ability of players who already have the best crafting gear. If you recognize the intent, I think you'll see the reason it was made like it is.

    It's been difficult to gather up members for Labyrinth of the Ancients. Can you add it to a roulette or adjust the rewards to encourage people to participate?

    The battle team has also been talking about this a lot. For crystal Tower, they've been thinking about adjusting some of the gimmicks so that it can be challenged by a smaller group, or make the whole run shorter by removing the smaller battles between the bosses. They thought of this because there may be some players who are just interested in seeing the story. To that end, we're also looking at low level dungeons now and thinking about possibly making them for one person soon.

    Often there's a big difference between the numbers of people in parties at the beginning of Frontline after matchmaking, can you make it so the game doesn't start until each group has the same number of people?

    Since the matchmaking no longer cancels when someone does not accept entry into the game, we don't have any plans to do this for now. The game still monitors the number of players in each of the three alliances. Sometimes it can't always be avoided. Like I've seen a situation where there were only two people in Alliance B. However, instead of making the matchmaking mechanism force an equal number of people and make it less likely to enter, we made it less stringent so that you can participate in more matches.

    Do you plan to increase the drop rate of the Mirror of the Whorl obtained from the extreme primal Leviathan?

    I think it's OK that we relax this a little by now, so I actually wrote an email to relax it yesterday evening.

    Please add more very challenging content like the brutal version of the Second Coil.

    Something like super hard primal battles? Well first off, what would we call them? Very extreme? (laughs) I think rather than fighting old battles like Ifrit again, players would be more interested in new ones, so we're focusing on that as much as possible.

    Please improve the matchmaking accuracy and speed in Wolves' Den.

    Although the number of players who are participating in PvP increased quite significantly in the wake of Frontline, I've heard a lot of people say they aren't able to find matches in Wolves' Den. We want to have a variety of events to please different groups of people. We thought that some players were scared to try it, but now that they've begun to enjoy PvP with Frontline, they would want to try their hand in Wolves' Den. However, because of the skill differences between players in Wolves' Den, people were still afraid to try, so it still can be impossible to find matches.

    So, for future plans, first off we are going to add a map with new rules in Frontline so that even more players can come to enjoy PvP. Then we'll work on adjusting the matchmaking in Wolves' Den. I think we should have something like a two-stage program for rankings, with one that resets periodically with seasons. When we add new PvP ranks in patch 2.4, there will be new rewards as well, so players should aim to get to the top. We have a lot of adjustments planned as well, such as adjusting the recast of Dragoon Jumps a little, to keep people interested.

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