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    Quote Originally Posted by Shaano View Post
    Did you get both of them or just one of them was card singular not plural
    I got both of them. I won the first one on my 13th run, winning with a 97 Lot. The second was on the 72nd Run with the stylish 99 lot for the win.

    I much prefer the drops into inventory if you make the invisible roll way of getting cards. But we deal with what we get. And after some of my farming experiences in FF XI this was still a walk in the park on a sunny day. Silk thread in Liks I'm looking at you! (1300+ fish to get that)

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    I think this thread is borked

    edit: ok now it's good. I couldn't get to the last page for some reason... nevermind me

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    Its a BG issue. You can read the last post by going advanced and reading the latest.

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